Wednesday, October 19, 2005


We had a small show put up for us in the auditorium today... something to do with the poor and us donating for them in ramadhan... I thought it was going to be a kinda lecture... but it was a powerpoint presentation with videos and music... that was presented so badly!!! Extremely unprofessional... if it weren't for the videos and music which gave the presentors a break, I guess I would've drifted off.... basically what they did was read off papers words that were already written on the screen... and then messed up the whole thing by mixing the slides... aside from that all their talk were things we keep hearing over and over again...
yet what made me feel disgraced was in their translations of a few verses from the Quran... they brought in the miracles that god created... and about how a baby developes.... they said it like this: "The westerners are happy they discovered how a baby grows in its mother's womb, but we have known it since long from the Quran" .... honestly speaking.... whatever it was, I didn't find that phrase too amusing, especially since we had western teachers listening to this presentation... it may've been alright to show how great the Quranic verses are... but what was the motive of putting westerners down??? I've realized most of our muslim brothers and sisters lack a great deal of respect... they don't realize that the computers and TVs they have at home have been made by westerners.... including other daily used products.... and if we've known things better in the past a thought crossed my mind... why are we less developed??? One can brag about what he's got.... but it seems that we haven't put what we know into good use... since so far what we're doing is trying to catch up with the rest of the world rather than being the developed ones.... so what's there to brag about? Honestly.... I was disgusted....


x~nezitiC said...

"The westerners are happy they discovered how a baby grows in its mother's womb, but we have known it since long from the Quran"
Actually that's a wrong statement! We haven't known it since long from the quran. Quran Scientific Miracles are not known until a scientific discovery is found!. in other words any scientific thing in Quran has never been known by any muslim until recently with the westerns' discoveries.
I just wonder who wrote that statement!.

x~nezitiC said...

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TripleTee said...

hi there X,
regarding the first post... good point you made there... and now that makes me despise it even more :os :os... but I guess we r so full of ourselves now adays that we hardly possess any gratitude... thanx for ur comment anyway :D
ohh... really... thanx for the site... I never knew there were LOTR songs before the movie :os... made it up themselves I see.... but many words taken from the book... cool...

Anonymous said...

First of all, I'd like to say that I am truly disappointed in your attitude. The least you should do is respect those girls who worked SO hard on this presentation for months. Appreciating their hard work would have been more than enough, but apparently, their level didn't quite 'satisfy' you. Sorry hon *sarcasm*.
Oh and for your information, the girls are going to have another presentation, probably next month, and you are more than welcome to come ;). We are going to work our butts off, and we 'hope this time you'll be pleased' *another hint of sarcasm*.
SO WHAT if the girls read from pieces of paper? Is that a crime? Or do you expect everyone to be extra smart and memorize the whole thing?
Aren't humans allowed to make mistakes? They mixed up a few slides. Who cares? Is that such a big deal?
The translation of the Holy Quran was taken from a book/program, so you can't say anything about that.
Anyway, please have a better choice of words next time you want to state your opinion, and instead of saying it in such a rude way in your blog, you could've talked to the girls and given them a few pieces of advice.
May Allah bless you and help you in your Thanaweya Ama.

DiJo said...

I’ll add stuff to what anonymous above said: The girls didn't have much time to practice anyway, and they had no idea they were supposed to talk not just show the presentation.
When a person flunks from someone point of view, believe me there’s defiantly a reason.
And these girls did what they did to please god (I don’t really find this disgusting), they tried their best. Besides, neither the teachers nor students were forced to attend. The only English teacher who stayed till the end came form his OWN will, he didn’t even have a class to supervise, e was earlier asking about our religion when some mentioned we did an Islamic project if he wants to come and see.

TripleTee said...

wow... I've just seen these attacks recently... well the both of you... whoever u are... there are just a few things I'm goin to say to ur comments above...
firstly... just as you said english teachers dont need to attend the presentation.. so is it that you don't need to visit my blog and tell me what to write... however as a lesson to you... now u see how it offends you to talk about you with disrespect just as you talked about those english teachers... so whether they chose to come or not... no one has the right to speak in such a manner... and whoever u are who speaks behind that mask can come forward and answer in a more dignified way.... since you just caught urself in a trap with that reply... it was ur presentation la? so is this my blog.. either respect it or get lost... will teach u a lesson to respect others next time...
have a good day :)

P.S. anonymous... whatever i write in my blog is none of your concern... so any further useless attacks will be deleted...