Monday, April 03, 2006

Main Events This Week

April's Fool Turns Real

This is basically sad... someone I know has been talking to a person for a year and a half which is obviously long enough to be great pals and more... well folks, after all the lovey dovey talks they've had she calls late at night on the first of April to see how he's doing when she suddenly hears that he's been engaged... Obviously she thought it was a prank and couldn't digest the thought... however after asking around and reassuring this sudden piece of news it turns out to be real...
It doesn't get to my mind how someone could be so cruel to flirt around with a girl for so long and CONTINUES to do so EVEN after his engagement... until finally he decides to tell her which alas was the day of April's fool... but obviously not something to fool about... be warned people... it's just sad.

I Stole The Quiz Paper

For the THIRD time that is... I've managed to get away with it all this time until the last 3 days... my pride in being a great thief sank down... or let's just say a great pretender since the stealing part actually worked and the teacher didn't realize the paper was stolen until he heard us getting a bit too excited in the corner and smiled at me saying "Tee... once you've had your laugh you can give me back the quiz paper" *click*.... a chance wasted... I could've miraculously conjured a full mark once more :p.... however, being figured out was a bummer.... now he's going to be extra careful which'll make my task more difficult.... yet not impossible eh :p

Hopeless Football Players

Another football match with my class today afternoon and last week... I must say I'm not quite that good at it myself... but I'm not that bad either... "Bad" referring to our team's heroines... one's dear SteLLa... who earned the medal of shouting "no, no" and jumping when the ball neared the goal... (I should've known that giving commands might make the ball go away! :rolleyes:) ... and the rest of the medals go for my wonderful team who formed a line inches before the goal!!! ... a barrier to block the ball... now isn't that a strategy?... so basically only I and another girl were left to attack... so another medal goes to me for being so dumb to strain myself and try to make a goal which never got close to the net due to it being taken from me... after all what can two attackers do against a dozen defenders?
The great cup goes to the soccer girls!!! ... girls are just awesome in soccer aren't they? :p


SteLLa said...

c'mon tee.. was i THAT bad? :p

TripleTee said...

... in shooting the ball or cryin out loud? :p

nah hun, I found it quite cute actually :p thanx to you I lost my concentration on the ball and stood there watching and contemplating what the hell you were doing...

libellula said...

lol that football "match" sounds funny. Reminds me of when I used to play football in school. Man, we sucked. I was forced to be a goalie and every time someone kicked the ball, I'd just drop to the floor to avoid being smacked in the face :s

TripleTee said...

loool @ Libby... at least you stayed in one place... I had to run around for 40 mins... got into the restroom and found my face all red... but well... all I thought of that moment was... (that's one kilo down :p)

thanx for passing by hun :)