Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Interior needs to make room for education

Just as soon as I reached my destination in Uni for the first day, I asked one of my friends who was at school with me before to check the date just in case we haven't gone back in time? To perhaps the stone age? Cuz most of the students here seemed to live under rocks deeper than mine. What I mean by that is the way they think.

I'm considered a heroine here for passing the TOEFL after I've done the SATs. I've been asked to write a paragraph about something after I've written a book. I've been asked to speak a sentence in English correctly after I've been speaking English most of my life.So what was I supposed to be studying here again?

Next thing I know I start talking to a student in her third year which is probably the year before her last and alas she was also taking English Literature. Why alas?... well... she barely spoke a word of English to be quite frank. She was happy that psychology was in arabic and said that it simplifies matters.... well if she wants subjects to be in arabic then why in the blazes did she choose English Literature as a profession?In the end I spoke to the professor and she told me the English Literature I'm looking for is not available in Oman or perhaps even in the gulf. What I was looking for was classics and analysing... here they teach English Language... well I know the language... it's improving it that I need. She told me as a matter of fact a lot of students lose their English language skills here... I said that may not be possible. She suddenly says: "Oh, so you're from the new generation!"Now that was the ultimate remark that made me feel like I came from the future.

In a way, this is the first time in my life that I actually appreciate having had studied in the school I was in. Cuz from what I see... I feel like only a certain percentage of the population get a decent education... they are learning... yes... but for a University... this is not a standard.well, this is just one thing...

the standard of education needs to be improved.

*edited due to some getting offended*... my bad...

truly yours,


Anonymous said...

ok this is my first visit to your blog and to be honest i didn't like you before i visited this blog and after i read this post i started disliking you even more
you have a huge lack of Intelligence if you think that educated people means people who speak english because there are lot of people who don't speak english and yet they've achieved alot in their lives and there are people who speak english so fluently but haven't done anything useful in their lives except laughing at others for not being able to speak one word in english

10% of educated people in Oman?! please! what kind of ideas do you want to give to people through your blog?
the way you're looking down at people as if you're better than anybody else is so conceited of you

TripleTee said...

it's not only about speaking english... it's also about their mentality... and the fear to be introduced to anything new. They're living in the stone ages and that's something that can be seen. I'm not arrogant... but I have studied in a higher level and no offense but for a University... this is no standard.
so before you come here throwing words... perhaps you should understand what's going on.

besides... if you didn't like me from the beginning and you don't like what I say... you can just as easily close the page.
wonder why you visited in the first place. i'm not writing to please you... just to express myself.... end of story

TripleTee said...

I just think Oman should have a better education for everyone and it dissapoints me to see this... that's all.
someone has to talk.

Anonymous said...

First of all, no one asked to know ur feelings towards TrippleTee and I think she has enough people around her to love her, so u hating her wouldn't make any difference.

Second, I think u've misunderstood the point we're trying to make here.. She was talking about people's mentality in this decade Vs people who really want to learn something, whatever it was, english, french, business, football, or even the way they eat.. English language was JUST an example, so people who read this would know that there is a point behind the subject.. Obviuosly, ur not the target audiance she's looking for so, please back off.. this is for people who really wanna learn something in their lives not for people who are just more than ready to attack whether it is worth it or not..
TrippleTee.. Go Baby! Everyone's supporting u ummmmwaaa77

Degoat said...

i knw ppl that studied in SQU that nviroustudied in good schools before that..

I think the same school u studied in :P

anyways they graduated with a degree el7amdulilah, but they ask me how do u spell FUEL or CONGRATULATIONS now. they make the dumbest mistakes n i swear its from being around the environment u are in now


Anonymous said...

We Italians sAx in English
but is ok the same :p