Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Mind Your Own Business & Let Me Mind Mine

It's interesting how some people show interest in other people's lives, so much interest that the gossips follow you right into Uni as well... apparently Grade 12 wasn't enough...
In Uni, you never hang out with one person for the rest of the day... you visit different classes at different times according to your schedule... so you never know who you run into...
I couldn't help but notice that some people who happened to land with me in uni started spreading rumours of me being careless and skipping classes. Apparently they couldn't find anything more offensive to say .... point is, who cares what classes I attend or whether one thinks I'm careless or not. Results always showed me better than the rest. Then again... maybe that's the reason? Jelousy?
Still I wondered. Why's that a matter that interests them?? Why would they even bother keeping an eye on me? I never understood that... They didn't have anything better to do.
although it's not logical since most of them don't even see me throughout the whole day... I don't know on what they based their assumptions...

Nevertheless, I was amused to hear some still asking about my daily routines even after school... how they waste so much time watching me and making me the soul of their conversations. I should be flattered. :p

I hoped the childish and useless habits would've found their way out of them all. But I guess I could dream on before any of that happens.

Bottomline is: I will miss or attend as many and any class I want as long as I want, where and whenever I want. As long's I'm better than you, you're the ones who should be ashamed that despite the classes you attend you couldn't beat me. That's carelessness for you...
and your gossips won't help you get better... sadly. Talk all you want for all I care... any source of amusement will entertain me here after all :p


Anonymous said...

Doesn’t this whole blogging matter hold the same concept behind your post? Peoples who are madly, deeply getting involved within your life’s routine. Being all so curious to know that much about you, driven by the enthusiasm, they might even gossip about it ‘about your posts too’.

In real life they might tend to ask you questions. Internet-wise they’ll end up reading your blog. Thus, the story goes…

I don’t get it? Leaving a public diary and then complaining about your private life. It’s all here lol. Though, am not blogging my life online. It’s just a mere of intellects; poetry.

Keep it flowing Triple T, will pass by again *Smiles*

TripleTee said...

mate... I'm only talking about how I feel. this was written after the gossips spread already... so frankly there's nothing to hide... and there has been nothing to hide before... it's the rumours I'm wondering about.
you talk as if I'm exposing myself on purpose for these rumours to spread. but you see the difference with a blog is... you expose what you WANT people to see of you... they can't spread rumours through written statements.

so yes... they will read my post and they will talk... that's not what I'm wondering about... what I AM wondering about is why anyone would care to look out for me all the way in uni??... there's a difference from following me to uni than just reading my blog. In here I share what I feel like sharing... in Uni it's no matter how they see me... they'll find things to say whether it was true or not.

so writing here in order to correct an on-going rumour shouldn't be negative, unless you decide to take it that way as I see from your post above.

I'll keep them coming... don't worry about that. thanx for passing by anyway

Anonymous said...

Naah, you didn’t get me. All I said is that peoples tend to grasp your words to what they want to believe. They might misdirect your intellects into their prospects. Therefore, they’ll spread the word around regarding to your actions.

Talking about your blog; I meant that whatever you reflect is whatever they’d track. Your actions are the key to their rumors, whether oral or written, a behavior or an action being taken. It’s their paraphrase to something you probably didn’t intend to show!

Bottom line, they’re just pathetic. Ignorance is a bliss, try it out!

jack said...


Hang in there and be true to yourself. This time will pass much faster than you think. Do the best you can to learn all you can at your Uni even though you think it is ... well not so good. When you get out it won't matter so much what Uni you went to but what you can offer an employer. I know you have thick skin but the constant CRAP can wear on you.

Hang in there ... it will go fast and who knows ... I'm going to bet that you won't live in Oman or in the ME at all.

TripleTee said...

Jack: oh don't worry, I'll manage... I'm sure that when I reach a level of independance roads will open before me one way or another... even though it's a crappy uni... it's after all a uni that'll enable the independance I seek. I was just hoping it'd be in a higher level... but well, it doesn't matter, I can do that myself.

I was just so alarmed to see people of my area so shallow, closed-minded,extreme racists and far behind in everything. I almost want to have nothing to do with them... luckily I found friends who're in the same situation, it's just a matter of time as you said.
so thanx for the encouragement Jack, I'm coping :D

mysterious: ahha... now I got your point... lol... will do. thanx.

Conjugater said...

So I Was Wrong When I Said Normal People Cannot Comment Hmm.. Lets See..Do You Actually Give A Crap Of What People Think You Are :) ? (By People I Mean Random Ones, Not Friends Or Whatso)
Always Remember, Never Change Anything Regarding Yourself So People Can Smile... I Will Tell You.. Make Your World Coloured By Your Own Colours, Dont Let Others Bullcrap Distract You From Painting.. Some Could May Try .. But If Wasted Much Concern.. Then You Will Be The Immature One, Not Them.
Basically, Humans Are Different.. Sometimes They Have Something In Common .. Maybe They Can Be Exact Match, So Rumors Cannot Be Said By Everyone, Not Mentionning That Its Not Actually A Rumor.. I Mean .. Do You Really Care If Some Random One Skipped Class ? (Yourself) Sick No .. Always say It Like.. Why Do They Care, Who Is Going To Fail/Success You Or Them ? At The End.. Some People Sure Dont Think The Same Way.. I Mean .. Gossiping And Wasting Time Blurting On Crap Is A Sinful Habit Created In A Personna Because Of Side Influnces, The Top Is.. Nothing To Do Mind.. Other Word, Bullcraping Over The Nothing Because They Have Nothing In Their Skulls, So Yes Dont Let Such Lousy Girls Crap Effect You That You Think/Behave Their Way, Never :) .. Just Be You.. People Dont Have Same Eyes, Let Them See Whatever They "Can" See..

TripleTee said...

you're absolutely right Conj.
true I don't give a crap... I just find it sad. I was trying to understand what's going on through their minds...
but yes... a human to a human's different...

so jolly thanx for the comment :)