Friday, December 29, 2006

No Humour

People who can't distinguish between someone earnest and someone who's just messing around.
It's not the first time someone mistakes my humour for deliberate offense... is this a lack of understanding? Or a lack of intelligence?
I can name 3 incidents:

1. I was on a grassy field shooting dummies 3 metres away. The bullets ran out and I wanted to open the next packet, only the cover wouldn't turn. So I asked someone to open it in an annoyed way. My joke here was cursing the packet for not opening.
He didn't find it so funny though... he took it like I was ordering him without saying please.

2. I was chatting to my friend on msn who studies abroad. She added a girl who was her new German friend. I said (talking to the German girl about my friend)
me:"How could you stand this girl?"
German Girl: "Because she's my friend" (in a serious tone)
inner me: *rolleyes* idiot!!!

3. I was joking in a forum about the guys who keep playing football every now and then. Inquiring whether they plan to be Oman's next team. I was given a red rep that it was a lame attempt of being wait.... huh?!... what was so insulting in what I said?

I fail to understand people now adays... not everyone tolerates humour. Mostly because they possess none of it themselves. I can't stand people who take everything so seriously or are over sensitive about things that were obviously not meant to be offensive.
But I guess it also gives me a sign whom to joke with and whom not to.


The lioness said...

Yes I KNOW!!! I've realised though that you're more likely to be able to get your joke understood by a western person sooner than by an arab. Sorry, but from my own experience, that's how I find it.

For some reason, arabs get offended over the silliest of things. So when joking around, I REALLY have to be careful... :(

You can tell me anything. I'm always laughing. I sleep with a coat hanger in my mouth. That way, I wake up with a smile every morning. :D

Red Dragon said...

You just found out about that right now!!!

Most Arabs these days dont understand humor even if it hits them on the face...

and most of them r stupid & un knowledgeable & they think they own the world with there mighty attitude!!!

oh well I tend to ignore this and do things my way and not care what do they think about it... since they dont deserve keeping my mind occupied for this matter!!!

my advice to you do what you feel is right and ignore wht do others think about your joke!!!

TripleTee said...

the lioness: thanks for passing by...
mostly arabs??...really??? howcome?
oh well... the last one here was an arab...yeah...

RD: yess... that's the only solution... no point in saying anything to them... they'll keep getting offended and it's just ridiculous. Thanks for the tip anyway ;)... I'll by all means ignore.

jack said...

I know what you mean. Sometimes no one gets my humor! Like my latest post ... think they will get it?

More dangerous than sunni triangle

TripleTee said...

oh I get your humor :p...
but usually for that type... a common arab would never see it that way.

Phat said...

Blah.. Tee as I always tell you .. no matter what people think, don't change for them.. be yourself.. no humor then no humor.. don't care because after all its you, and if you think its funny .. than its cool.

ya ba2arra,
Phat :)

TripleTee said...

ya thor...
thanks for the clue.