Saturday, March 03, 2007

Hard Nuts to Crack

Sometimes I really wonder about those who’ve got a heart of steel… nothing you do or say could ever get to them. They don’t take crap from others and tend to be very straight forward.
The person closest to being my role model is like that. Only I’ve always had difficulties mastering it myself. Personally thought such reactions resemble arrogance, over-confidence, selfishness and inaccessible trustworthiness. I saw it as cruelty. Yet somehow through past experiences… I start understanding their egos. I observed how rolled over you get if kindness and sensitivity exceed in you. And perhaps those who refrained from being so may not have been so without a good reason. It acts as a form of barrier.
Does that necessarily mean they’re heartless or self-centered?
Or that they merely care no less?
Guess it simply means they’re hard nuts to crack. Hard people to fool and hard people to get to.
And in a way… I admire that. lol


Nella said...
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Nella said...

i guess i know what you're talking rolled over someone can get if kindness and sensitivity exceeded them..

how hard some nuts are to crack..

or how by being careless you form some sort of a barrier..

I'm not sure i admire those nuts,
but i sure wanna be one...

TripleTee said...

do those hard nuts gain respect from that you think?

do hard nuts only hang out with hard nuts like themselves?


well thanks Nella :p

Nella said...

i don't know..respect? maybe *rolleyes* but i don't think they really care about long as they're protected

and the nuts i know hang with everyone i not a hard nut to tell if i'd rather be with a hard nut like myself or anyone..

and i kinda changed my mind..i don't think i wanna be a hard to crack nut XD i mean..the one i am right now is not a very strong nut, but im comfortable with it ^_^

TripleTee said...

ight... got you... thanks loads Nella... good to see your point of view :p

lioness said...

As kids we are taught to be kind and forgiving. To share and respect. Then as we grow older, we realise that being too much of that makes you a cloth people wipe their feet in. Being too nice attracts the sharks. One day, you'll get fed up of being pushed about and you start thinking, "Well, if they are going to be so abusive, maybe I shouldn't be so nice" - "If they aren't embarassed of asking me akward questions, maybe I should also embarass them instead of curl up in a corner and think about how I'm getting out of this one."

You become one of them, (maybe not as bad)... but atleast you understand that the world makes you tougher, less afraid, less self concious, less of a push over.

TripleTee said...

lioness: you're right by all means...
I am DYING to get to that point where I start kicking back. I am wondering why I didn't get there yet. I think it'll take a big kick from someone to push me.