Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Past is Not History.....Yet

Back to the dorms.... back to Uni. Back to the books. Back to isolation and alienation< word exists?

Yes I'm updating again after a long silence of either not knowing what to post or feeling whatever I have to say is not important enough. Those few weeks were pretty interesting however, it's got all the pros and cons... but it was all worthwhile in the end. Just to give a brief idea of the holidays before that...

I went to UK for the first time... yeah I've never been there before... let's just say I kinda felt like I finally saw the culture I was reading in many books displayed in real life finally. I kinda like that country. I like their humor.
so far I haven't come across the rudeness I was told

BTW... we went to carefour in France... it was AWESOME... they sold anything and everything there... then I started comparing that to carefour in Oman... different... it's as typical as any of Oman's centres... I think they just took the name :XD:

I've been back from all that since a month now... got back to a double-life between the net and reality...

If you ask me about the net...well... I'm a moderator in 2 forums so far... joined an extra one a few days ago... (it's interesting to see the difference because this one's a different type of community)

On an extra note, I made my peace with old friends whom I eventually realized were not worth my while, but no worries, because god has blessed me with new ones... and I confess I am forever grateful. lol

This is all generally speaking... never ask a writer to go in details... for mind you... I will.

PS. not feeling ready for Ramadhan........ but fasting's kinda beginning to simplify my diet. May that be of use to me.


Big Phat Phella said...


Looks like some naughty girls had fun in the summer huh, well it is good to have a piece of mind.. I guess.

Now that you are back, .. wait did I just read diet, oh you girls are complicated... just accept that you are ugly ;P. Kiddin, But don't push.. I've been known that you aren't Fat though. goodluck with Uni wa.. bas. I have nothing to say, about your friends.. hmm.. I actually can't say nothing..

c j00.

TripleTee said... least you said something phella...

phat...what's ur new nick mean?XD

thanks for passing by.

yea... not being fat is just another road to being toned.

Degoat said...

Get into details.. :)

A read enjoys reading deatiled stuff much more then general stuff.


TripleTee said...

^ that true?

.... I was always thinkin it;s better to keep it nice and short...but hey

with pleasure

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