Monday, October 08, 2007

As Time Goes By... Thoughts Follow

I know... it seems my blog's layout is messed up from what I see... previously it appeared fine with me when I was told it wasn't... now... I see a white background as well...
I'm no expert in HTML... or XML... or whatever it is designers use now a days... and I know it takes ages for a template to be created and placed and so on... it's a whole language on its own... I have the book..." creating websites for dummies"... but I also have loved ones who know such things better than me. I will use a default or keep it this way till I get what I need.
No I'm not closing this down... I've written too much since 2 or more years on this blog... it's full of past memories... and if you think about it... the person I was when I started writing here flipped into someone who thinks and acts a lot different than she used to.

Can't tell why or how I got here... I don't even know why you guys who are reading this even read it XD...I can almost assure you I will not pop up a secret hacking technique or give any tutorials to anything that might be of use to you... but I can also assure you I'm grateful to all the readers.
But hey... those of you who flip through the archives and read the whole thing... yes you...I know you...I've been told about what do you think you're doing?

Let me not bore you out with non-sense... I'll update certain thoughts here... just to have a record...

randomly speaking... dear blog XD

-I only write when I'm mad or need to organize my thoughts now a days.... this entry's for the second reason. .. no worries XD

-I'm missing the bloggers that used to Oblivious, Stella, Violet, Solidus and Blind_Melon... they decided to stop once upon a time...

-it's 6:18 am and I haven't slept yet... in fact... I plan not to sleep this morning until I'm back from my lecture... cuz yesterday I slept through all my lectures and didn't wake up and now I feel terrible.

-you know usually when it comes to universities... people are always on the lookout for friends to get along with especially when they're away from home. I guess not all are as lucky as I am in the sense that friends simply come and approach me out of the blue... but then again... I never asked for them since most undergraduates here differ in mentality that I never thought I'd get along with... why's it always a fact that people never get what they want, but always want what others have?

-I've seen a dozen falling stars these 2 weeks... one would think they're lucky omens XD... but if they appear ever so often... maybe they're just lucky cuz people never bother to look up to see that they actually appear every now and then... I still hope those wishes I made come true

-pride.... prejudice... how many of you manage to admit you're wrong when you are??
is it a shame to be wrong?... I've seen this a lot in forums even... people figure out through the discussions that their comments proved false... and still insist they're right... just so as not to be embarrassed?
what do you think's gonna happen when you say:
Oh...really? that's how it is?... Then I musta been mistaken... my bad.
expect to get a reply saying... you?!! ???
Do discussions have to be a challenge? XD it's like you tend to discuss for the sake of winning rather than coming to an actual conclusion... na2a...nope... that won't work.

-I think I fire back quite a lot... people gave up tryina win discussions with me... heeey... they learnt their lesson :p... but somehow... the lack of challenge is boring me out XD

-Tell me... I feel like there are only a few people I would consider like me .. the way they think and so on. I was wondering... does everyone say that through their own perspectives? Does everyone feel inferior in comparison to other people? Does everyone see a few others like themselves?... and are they always just a few?
Does this mean... what makes you special is who sees you as someone special... but in reality no one exceeds the other? So we are all individually defined by those we know? .

-do you know how it feels to go against the tide?...I'll tell you.... it's bloody difficult.

That's it so far...


Beautiful Stranger said...

Welcome back! Nice post.

The music you have here is very soothing and inspiring. It's helping me write :)

TripleTee said...

hello beautiful stranger, wherever you hail from. Thanks for passing by :)

jack said...

When you are going against the tide ... make it work FOR YOU.

Example: when diving you swim against the tide 1st half of the dive and then let the tide take you gently back to the boat.

Things will not always be so difficult ... someday.

TripleTee said...

this is a case where I have to keep on diving till I reach the boat myself. Cuz if I do nothing... The tide will simply take me somewhere else I don't wanna be.

or perhaps things are easier than they seem... but so far I just don't see it yet.

so far... i'll keep swimming XD

lol...thanks nevertheless jack :p...i hope what you say is true.

Degoat said...

after reading y'all comments i came to notice that I am a more with the wave guy.

Swimming against it troublesome and i dont think i have the energy to fight for a long time.

Its much easier to let the wave move you and i will do my best where ever it takes me.

Plus i can never see the big deal in change..


TripleTee said...

degoat: that must mean you're happy with where the wave is taking you :p

3anooda said...

hey - i guess u not posting means that life is treating u well. its a good thing but i guess its our loss.

PS. how come i never got mentioned in the "missing bloggers that i miss" list??

anywho - im baaaaack

Red Dragon said...

Apparently I am not missed :'(,,,

ohhhh my heart acks from sadness,,,