Wednesday, March 04, 2009

This is where reality sucks

I guess that's why I like playing games and rpgs... they help escape life's miseries for a while. But once you feel you live in a dream no more... there's this sudden reality strike... and it becomes clear that you can't really escape them... but what if you can't escape and don't have it in you to face them either? You're in a fix eh?

I met two people in an online game... one of them was a maltese who was sick of life and hated not being able to move on. And the other one was from Virginia who was left by his parents at a young age. But his approach to life was different. He had an ambition and wanted to show them who they left behind... the other one had no will to live. I guess everyone's going through a struggle at some point... and the more you know about these things the more thankful you are for what you have in the end... but the more you also see how they don't realize their advantages, they're so down and focused on the closed door that they don't realize there's an open door right next to it... the door to freedom... they're free to choose what sort of life to lead... something many people in my place don't easily have... I found their freedom a virtue they should make use of... cuz for a person who doesn't have it... I realize a value in it that they don't...

It's not reality that sucks but the fact that you can't do anything about me... as long's you have the freedom and the will... you have the ability.

But you realize the reason those players are on that game all the time...
don't ask me why I was on XD


Anonymous said...

Sometimes, people go through a lot Tee. =)
So they give up hope and just do whatever they can to forget it or not think about it.

Everyone has a choice. Some have to fight for it and some already have it and all they have to do is through that opportunity that is given to them.

I usually play RPG to not think about life as well. In the end, we can never escape it. =)

TripleTee said...

yeah but to see people going through something similar in the other end of the world... (playing a game to escape)
it's just interesting.

however, i also play it cuz i'm crazy abt games :p

if you like RPGs you'll like it... it's called Perfect World International.
Maybe you should try it :p

Anonymous said...

I wanted to try it! XD
Might do if I keep getting a hard time with the other games.

RPG games are really nice and gives you a lot of choices on what you want to do.

I usually enjoy it more because I love leading my life and dealing with the consequences of my actions. but in real life no one lets me do that because they want me happy... =)