Tuesday, October 25, 2005

7 things

Am back again.... and been tagged by dear vio & Nabs ...
so here goes:

Seven things I plan to do:
1.Get my characters animated using MediaMania.
2.buy a laptop
3.buy an MP3 player or an ipod... one of the 2...
4.finish thanawiya with a high average... (this should've been first,la?)
5.write my next book
6.burn my diary... lol... (it's embarrassing)
7.learn how to play the flute.... (I love it for some reason)

Seven things I can do:
1.get angry when provoked
2.do anything to get what I want
3.daydream for hours on end...
4.be very stubborn
5.play with the playstation for days without moving...
6.surf the net just as much
7.lead small conversations with strangers... (became a habit) :os

Seven things I can't do:
1.spoil someone's good mood...
2.keep insisting I'm right when I know I'm wrong
3.respect people I don't like
4.forget past experiences
5.forgive someone easily
6.quit being sensitive
7.stop my doubts about anything I can't prove

Seven things I say most often:
7.laish... (could list down more)

Seven people I would like to tag: (oof... hmmm... I ain't too sure who's left...oh well)
7.X (no one else in particular)

Thursday, October 20, 2005

A Promise

Hmmm... something I felt like drawing a few days ago... I had no idea what I was doing or where it was leading to... but I did want to give it a kind of feeling.... hmm romantic perhaps?... hmph... no idea... you be the judges....

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


We had a small show put up for us in the auditorium today... something to do with the poor and us donating for them in ramadhan... I thought it was going to be a kinda lecture... but it was a powerpoint presentation with videos and music... that was presented so badly!!! Extremely unprofessional... if it weren't for the videos and music which gave the presentors a break, I guess I would've drifted off.... basically what they did was read off papers words that were already written on the screen... and then messed up the whole thing by mixing the slides... aside from that all their talk were things we keep hearing over and over again...
yet what made me feel disgraced was in their translations of a few verses from the Quran... they brought in the miracles that god created... and about how a baby developes.... they said it like this: "The westerners are happy they discovered how a baby grows in its mother's womb, but we have known it since long from the Quran" .... honestly speaking.... whatever it was, I didn't find that phrase too amusing, especially since we had western teachers listening to this presentation... it may've been alright to show how great the Quranic verses are... but what was the motive of putting westerners down??? I've realized most of our muslim brothers and sisters lack a great deal of respect... they don't realize that the computers and TVs they have at home have been made by westerners.... including other daily used products.... and if we've known things better in the past a thought crossed my mind... why are we less developed??? One can brag about what he's got.... but it seems that we haven't put what we know into good use... since so far what we're doing is trying to catch up with the rest of the world rather than being the developed ones.... so what's there to brag about? Honestly.... I was disgusted....

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

20 minute Poem!

As I was sitting on my desk one night my friend rings me up with a small request. I was to write her a poem consisting of 20 lines that had to do with a certain topic she chose for me. Thinking about it for a while I asked what day she was expectin it and she answered tonight... being in a strange mood that night and having been seated on my desk already I took the challenge... I asked her to give me 20 minutes before calling back... by then I was supposed to write 20 lines of a topic : "Lost in the Desert"... all had to rhyme! ..... as soon as she set up her stopwatch and put down the phone, I started....
being 20 mins for 20 lines gave me a minute for each ... and so this was the outcome a few seconds before she called :os.

~Lost in the Desert~
Days pass by as hot as fire
Nights just pass out cold
Temperatures keep going higher
Here my tales unfold
Long's it been since last I felt
The wind of a morning breeze
It's where ice would slowly melt
Or else would slowly freeze
Here I am, in the endless heat
Under the burning sun
I walk on sand with two bare feet
Where distance grows as I run
The mounting dunes keep coming on
No signs of life appear
My walking strength has almost gone
And yet I had no fear
Though burning days and freezing nights
Could mean my end is near
It's always hope and countless fights
That make my ways turn clear
Don't ask for every meaning :os ..... I've written this in haste with absolutely no clue what I was getting to in the end... however as it turned out to be... hope it makes sense.. :o)