Saturday, December 13, 2008


Heyz... here I've been tagged by the one and only Diablo!! :D
This was quite a thinker... here goes...
  1. List down 5 things people probably didn't know about you
  2. Tag atleast three people

5 things people probably didn't know about me:
1. I'm a lot more shy than I appear to be
2. I do not complain about bothersome things unless they were worth mentioning or they build up.
3. I go through a stage of mind blockage in the most critical situations... you are going to find me very calm even if my insides were twirling.
4. I laugh when I'm nervous.
5. I'm very bad at tolerating pressure.

I tag:
-Red Dragon

Friday, November 14, 2008

Find Me Back a Millenium

I wonder what to rant about this time. I'd consider this blog to be updated every once in a blue moon... and this time I just forced myself to bring it back to life once again...
so yeah... to update you on myself

- My next driving exam's on the 18th (national day...yeah... that better mean good luck)... actually come to think of it...wouldn't the policeman be pissed cuz he doesn't have a holiday like the rest???...I feel screwed.

- I keep hearing this dog bark outside... and it sounds damned annoying. (which has nothing to do with anything except that I felt like mentioning it)

- I feel a lot has changed in me... and in a way I like the changes... I've a dear friend to thank for that. Though I know I've undergone some times where I would experience changes in myself but this one was like from the bottom of the sea right up to the mountain top in a few months. That insecure me is gone... she simply disappeared XD... sorry? ..where to?... a black hole... who knows where she'll pop up in the other end.

-I know I kind of have less contact with some of my friends now a days... and I'm really sorry about that... but I will catch up with you guys some time soon. Do not think that you're forgotten. But I know you know that.

- I'm working on a surprise for The Exes fans out there... I'll say no more :p

- I am a moderator in EnglishSabla no longer... for those who were still wondering. Circumstances over there have not suited me and I decided leaving's the best thing to do. So yeah...being a mod is great and you're a star and wtever... but it about stops there... cuz anything behind the scenes is no big miracle I can assure you. Although patience and tolerance is required, even in that there's a limit. With uni and all, it was just not convenient. So good luck to all you future mods, do not be disheartened... it is fun while it lasts. (though between me and you... make sure your boss does not hold favours to others over others) cuz once that happens to you, working for someone like that would not be worth your efforts anymore) (and make sure you kick asses of those who deserve it... that's always fun :p )

- we have a new baby cat who's about as big as my fist. a black hairy ball. They called her Black Princess... I can't think of any worse name people come up with.

-Lastly, this is my last sketch... this girl here has a purpose mind you... you'll see her somewhere else sometime soon.

Hope you like it :)

Friday, August 29, 2008

So it comes and so it goes... and so it comes back again


These were the fastest artworks I ever made that were colored in photoshop. I must say they look a lot better than many of my traditional drawings but I am not satisfied with the outcome.
Thought I'd post it here nevertheless.

So hey...I was inspired to post again...

Uni is starting soon... I don't know if I'm looking forward to that... last time it started I was quite depressed. Now I'm trying to type this msg and am being disturbed by a being I came to hate so much... that I can't stand being around him anymore. A certain sibling...

anyway... I'm also on the verge of getting my driving license... exam is tomorrow....wish me luck and no comments on me being late on the license... situation was a bit more complicated than that ... it's when you get picky...
You have a good chance to go on a train to god knows where...but it's a business class train... You didn't want that... you wanted the first class... therefore you banned the business class and ended up waiting for the first class that never came... therefore you lost your chances all in all ....something similar happened to me regarding my license... I wanted manual instead of automatic cuz I found it better... but as a girl in an arab country... it's hard to find a woman that teaches manual...they all drive automatic those good for offense... but seriously when it comes to the real things women are backwards because they're not ambitious enough... why do they choose automatic and not manual??...cuz it's easy... so take the easy way out and then complain about your rights...ahh... never mind.
Point is... I didn't find a teacher...only difference with this and the train story is not that I wanted something better for luxury but for necessity...or so I would consider it be able to drive anything... to at least be able to call my license a real one...
oh well when I gave up hope of finding any manual teacher I went for automatic in th e end cuz I was not ready to wait another year till my next holiday...

Now I'll finally simply get the bloody license and be done with it.... Lol
That'll be my entry for now.. lol...I'm ok... no worries XD

Saturday, March 08, 2008

You Think You Know

Random Art (Princess Elizabeth in Disguise)

Just wanted to share it.


I don't have much to say now a days... pretty much waited till everyone left the planet. I'm expecting no one to check this now. So maybe I can write whatever I want? :p...
What's there to write... what would I wanna keep to myself?... I'm 21 now... and I'm apparently updating my blog on my birthday... why... I don't know. But perhaps thinking back at what this year brought for me... I consider it a year I achieved the most in. I've gained confidence... I've gained loved ones... I've gained ambitions and determination. I've gained secret techniques :p... I've gained skills... I've gained a better understanding... now I feel it's almost the time to use it all. But I feel there is still a lot more to gain. And perhaps... that's what this coming year will hold for me.

I've been so careless in the past few years... there's no place for failure now. But I was told ... that every downfall has something good coming out of it... and when you think again... you think... thank god I fell this year... otherwise I wouldn't have gotten that in return. That's pretty much what I feel now. Just another way to reach my goal... and though not intended... it's just a different way... with apparently better results.
I'd like to believe there's a reason for everything... not cuz it's obvious... but cuz it's an encouraging thought, a comforting notion... to think that all is meant to be.

It seems I write a lot when I think no one reads... and yet I'm referring or narrating unknown people XD
I was wondering....

long before I saw visitors in my blog from different countries... at first I thought most of them come from sabla or other forums... but there were many from countries that don't exist in those forums... I wonder who's bothered to google blogs??? well... whoever you guys are... way's open for everyone XD

You know there are a few people in your lives that make you feel special... they're the reason you feel like life's worth living... because they acknowledge you. They value your existence. You live by them... you live for them. I wonder how many feel that way. Or who would think: it doesn't matter who acknowledges you... life goes on.
To me... life's not life if you can't experience its beauties. And having a circle of people you care about is one of those things, that once you have, is just beautiful and can't live without.

So there's been progress since the first day I opened this blog?.... it's been 3 years... and I don't intend to close it... what're you crazy?? Look at the archives XDXDXD... close all that?... no
I hope whoever read this enjoyed it...
yours truly,

Felix Diablus

I consider it my best yet. Felix Diablus... Main Character of The Exes. I've many other characters to illustrate almost in the same way... but this one took me around 12 hours to muster. The others will not appear to be any easier.

Btw... for some reason DeviantArt seems to be down with me... this sucks. My gallery's there... it better get back to normal soon.

Friday, February 01, 2008


Watch it, or be in it. Which is better in your opinion?
I'm the watch it type... barely meddle in unless called for. Hate being between things. But then again... that counts for everything else. I'm an observer in class just as I am an observer in life. Hardly socialize unless I had a specific task to do, then I socialize with those related. But if you leave me in the middle of a huge party with 100 people I don't know... I'll find it difficult to meddle in. But I won't mind observing, until someone actually walks up to me.
In class, once I just listened to the teacher explaining and asking the students to write down certain things and what not. I dunno why I just sat there listening and didn't take out my pen or do what the rest were doing. Most of the times I'm content just listening. I barely write unless it was something I don't count on myself to remember. Well... I was told off for acting like a guest rather than a part of the class. And well today nothing changed.

Behold my last digital coloring attempt:

quite proud of it if you ask me... but still have a loong way to go.

That's it for today. I've nothing more to add yet.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Behind The Screen

Friend: what're you doing?
Tee: updating my blog.
Friend: blog?.... that's such an old-timer.
Tee: tell me what's new.
Friend: facebook.
Tee: you realize facebook and blogging are two different concepts mate?
Friend:... not really.
Tee: don't worry, tyt. Difficult as it is to realize. *updates away*

Since I've been wanting to write about many things (which I forgot half of, and wasn't sure of a quarter of, and now have a quarter remaining)... wellll...

It seems some old comrades are back on the scene. Funny thing is, not mentioning them was due to a speculation that they were not likely to return. But it seems there are a lot more viewers behind those screens than I thought. That's an encouraging thought. Pretty darn good to know about it ...
note: welcome back 3anood, Red Dragon and Nella.

I know about other viewers...but I expect not to be viewed after so long a time of not updating. Then again, who knows... I always end up being taken by surprise. lol

welll welll... what've I got in mind for this post?

my last artwork for one...
I haven't colored traditionally for ages... for one reason... to develop digital coloring skills because the outcome's more effective.

Look at this digital coloring... colored in photoshop...

Come To Me by ~TripleTee on deviantART

and take a look at this traditional way of coloring... using water colors.

Samurai Warrior by ~TripleTee on deviantART

one could see the difference... I happen to be more skilled in traditional coloring... but which one would you consider better quality?the better outcome?.... happens to be the first, the digital one... now if you imagine my 2nd one to have been done the digital way (which I plan to reach)...if I can color it digitally the same way I color it traditionally (samurai warrior)...
then the outcome will be unbeatable... that's how I imagine it. Can you?
well... that's my plan, that's my current goal.

Other than that... moving to another topic...
I do have a few annoying thoughts to note down such as:

I've been to one before yesterday.... and this is what I observed.

the mother of the one who passed away was pretty sad... but didn't show or shed that many tears... what was surprising was how many other women came out of nowhere (who were not even related or acquainted with the one who passed away)...and they came crying like hell and making a scene.
somehow... it made me feel this is a matter of show. all those crying or pretending to be sad... one may say they're not pretending and they really are pretty sad... but I cannot grasp the idea of feeling that much of a remorse for someone you barely know... one may be sad... but to make a scene more than the mother herself... it just seemed so wrong... so.........fake.
moreover, all funerals here seem to be like this. listen... I have respect for the culture and believe it's good to share this sadness amongst everyone... but I'm against the pretending...

Oh well... more to come soon inshalla... I may have a thing or two to say after so long a time...

and a word of thanks once again to the all the unexpected viewers... it's a pleasure to have you back. I'll hopefully be more active in the coming weeks.
Yours truly.