Friday, November 25, 2005


I don't quite know how to put this in words... nor do I know what impression I give most of those who read this blog... but I start despising the fact that I've been judged so shallowly by what people see rather than know. ... clearly I've lost my patience in accepting impudence... there are a very few who believe in you and a very few who're smart enough not to judge out of the blue... but there are some who doubt you... and try to show you the way as if you were a baby who can't stand on your own feet... being made small before their eyes... and underestimated so much that later you start doubting yourself...
Now that I've realized how much this lack of trust would affect my performance... one is to keep his/her distance from those who doubt him/her no matter what intentions they had and focus on those who believe in you... after all they know you best and motivate you to do better rather than make you feel dumb and out of place....

oh well, just felt like letting that out... :p

I'm fine :)

Blogging Personality

Your Blogging Type Is Thoughtful and Considerate
You're a well liked, though underrated, blogger.
You have a heart of gold, and are likely to blog for a cause.
You're a peaceful blogger - no drama for you!
A good listener and friend, you tend to leave thoughtful comments for others.

okayyyy..... that's what it said about me :os :os.... hmm... underrated...heart of gold? :os... there must've been an error somewhere....

no idea how true this is... but well... you can judge...

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

"My Shadow"

Some might think I bought this cat for a very high price. But she was actually quite cheap... in fact she costed me nothing since she followed me into the house as a little kitten on her own accord when I was around 12 years old. ... from the street? Yes... she's been vaccinated, and ever since accepted as part of the family :p... I called her "Shadow"... everyone else called her My Shadow cuz she had the habit of following me around everywhere... I found that quite amusing though...
Well now that I'm 18 it's been around 6 years... I haven't always been fond of animals , however, this one proved worthy since she developed a character unlike any cat I've seen...
True she's just a cat, but one I grew up with...

Well....what to say....she grows prettier and more arrogant by the day :p... as most cats I guess... though cats are described as loners, Shadow is one who always likes company... She hates to see anyone fight and would attack the one who starts it.... is aggressive to strangers and a very wild cat who likes playing a lot... even in her recent age...

Some pics taken a few years back:

Don't let cute looks fool you... why?

That's why...

So yeah.... as my friends know her... that's my Shadow!! :D :D.... A cat I'm more than happy to have!!

A recent picture.... may've lost her cuteness... but I guess gained more beauty

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Google Earth!!

Take a look at this AWESOME system :D... I'm not sure how many of you heard of it already, but through it you can see anything anywhere in the world by using the satellite through your computer.....

Has anyone tried it yet?... seems like the world is getting ever smaller... by using this now adays no matter how far people are apart they can see eachother... :D... surely the quality will improve by time... makes me wonder what the future holds for us!! :p

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Couldn't Care Less?

I'm not so sure how to start this... but I'm wondering about something recently... something to do with how one deals with certain situations.. to get to the point, for some reason my surprise level has gone down... that is to say that hardly anything takes me by surprise as much as it used to before. I think surprises used to frighten me... especially when I'm awaiting something bad to happen... so I make an effort to block it out.... and now I think I achieved that to the extreme... so much that I barely care for anything unusual that happens now... to give an idea of what I'm talking about... I'll share them under:

*Yesterday we got our one month school report that shows how we were doing for the first month... a report that basically reflects nothing but how we are in class... in other words most of the marks weren't counted and it was just to keep us awake. Knowing that... I received my report in class and saw that the average was unusually low compared to the marks shown above... I got As in most subjects and the average showed somethin bellow 70... I look around and see all the girls gasping... clearly mine was not the only one that had a mistake... to some it was so shocking that they actually cried... to others it was very worrying... to me!!!! I just sat there staring at it for a while completely expressionless... without any particular feeling... ofcourse I knew the mistake afterwards... instead of counting the average they divided by ten... some teachers must've been daydreaming while typing this... there I see the relief it gave everyone... and the empty effect it gave me... everyone else went ballistic about marks that didn't even COUNT!!!... and that had no effect on me... and I must say i didn't exactly get the best of marks... and seeing some worried about marks they got BETTER made me really wonder and kinda feel bad... seemed like I was the only one not taking matters seriously for now... and still it is the same case.. so anyone who comes whining to me kinda gets on my nerves once in a while... cuz to me what's not counted won't hurt.... yet seeing everyone else I started feeling a bit inferior... not like that wasn't always the case... but I start feeling worried about this carelessness I have...

Now I feel weird... I don't know whether it's good or bad to be this way... but it's a sudden switch ... I can't help to think it might have a negative effect... not to care less.... I do hate being worried... but not being worried at all is something I wish I could change especially when it comes to my studies... it's there and I know it... what confuses me is I'm speaking of being worried of NOT being worried :os :os.... and now somehow I get the impression I'm not making any sense... oh well

just mixed feelings I guess.... when do they ever make sense?

Thursday, November 10, 2005

The Farm (Garwa)

I've uploaded some pics that have been taken in our farm previously... didn't find as many as I would've liked to but these were the best shots I could get. Speaking of the farm, well... it's located in the interior... has a big number of ostriches, camels, goats, and abnormal cows and chicken. I say abnormal because the cows are unusually small in size you would easily mistake them for goats if they were among the herd... only after looking a bit closer did I realize they were somewhat different from the rest of the group. And regarding the chicken... well... they're not exactly chicken since they're birds I've never seen before... so far I can tell you nothing about them except that they only lay eggs after nine months and taste pretty good...(that's what I heard from others)... well I might've forgotten to mention the peacocks... they're pretty... as for the rest I guess the pics will show...

It's funny how dumb I find these birds... they really have comical figures :p

The leader of the Ostrich clan... you don't wanna mess with this guy... leave the ridiculously comical face and instead look down at his claws....

Oo... I dunno what joke I heard my maid make about camels... Why are camels dumb? cuz they don't speak arabic knowing that they've lived in an arab country for so long... I found that lame in some way and funny in another watching her attempting to make a joke :p :p ... but apart from that, quite the contrary is true... they are one of the smartest animals who know how to love you so much they don't let you leave... which is why I think twice before paying them a visit :os

our precious meat providers.... nothin to say about them... an arab necessity perhaps...

I guess that gives a main idea about the type of farm I'm talking about...
my thanks to dear AP(male) who has suggested this post previously :p... there ya go as promised :p ... what say you?

Sounded like a treeless jungle to me... but hope you all like it anyway :) cheers

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

I'm Sorry

I'm sorry... for having hurt the trust you had for me

I'm sorry... I had no clue nor heart to feel or see

I'm sorry... you don't deserve to hear these words from me

Now I know... that after all it is what's meant to be


More Creatures

In case anyone was wondering, I have absolutely no idea what those creatures are... just a phantom of my imagination...

And "N".... both have been colored with acrylic as you suggested previously ... so yes!!! The colors DID serve well... :)

I'm quite satisfied with the image on the right... I guess it's a mixture of a horse, dog and snake :os ...

In the images to follow are: a dragon and a dinosaur... also randomly drawn with acrylic.

P.S. I've an inkling with what to do to the image on the right. JayJay? You thinkin what I'm thinkin? :p

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Randomly Speaking

In one way I'm just updating this boring blog, in another I want to share some thoughts I'm having

To give a general idea:

What once was green just blowed away
What once was good went bad
What once was pure is gone today
And now who's sane's gone mad

.....Nah! :p... just kiddin... though there's a bit of truth in it...
for translation... I am pretty amazed by the way people act around others now adays and there are a few things I learnt after joining an english forum this year. Discussions were led quite interestingly... yet some aspects got me thinking... are those people really what they claim to be?? or is it all just for show?
Today we had a few guests for lunch who sat there talking about different cultures in this country. Now sitting there and listening to one of them gave me the impression he was quite liberal and open-minded. Yet as we went along later I heard something which hinted at once that some do not exactly practice what they preach... it turns out to be, the person speaking was the complete opposite of what he was trying to show.
Then again I thought: If you were really satisfied with your own personality why would you try to show another?
That clears out the fact that people know what's right and yet act differently. It is not the first time one sees such things... but until now it still confuses me...
Apart from that I've tried not to be too judgemental... assumptions and ideas may keep you on your guard... but completely believing in them by words without actually witnessing or experiencing them yourself is complete foolishness...

well....just thoughts of the day :p... the rest'll follow