Tuesday, September 07, 2010

To The Idiot

I have many things to say to that idiot who complained about my personal space online to my parents. How low can a person stoop to be bothered with other people's lives. Especially when that person is a stranger who neither knows nor cares about him. To be complained about for having what was deemed culturally inappropriate on FB. If the idiot is reading, he's the best example of Omani Jerks who've nothing better to do than gloat at other people's girls because their lives're full of uselessness.
I may have made the mistake of not privatizing my info to avoid such people which I now managed, but I ask myself what he was doing checking out my space in the first place, and how many things he would have on his own FB probably far worse than I ever thought of doing. But since he's given the freedom to do as he pleases no one's there to lekh him with a khaizaran (whip him with a stick) unlike most unfortunate girls in this country. This is the example of many Arab men who make themselves look like they're worth something over women. And usually the woman would be in a delicate situation if her family were not reasonable. Which is luckily not the case with me. I promise you an ass like that's been messing with the wrong person. Because unlike other women, I will not sit by and cower... I'll put you back to your stinking place whoever the hell you think you are.


Monday, July 19, 2010

Merlin (brief review)

I'm addicted to this newly discovered English series. Thanks to Violet >.>
seems like a retelling of the famous (King Arthur, sword in the stone, Merlin) chain of English folklore. And it's apparently being told in a different way this time.
Well leaving aside the magic and my love for fantasy... I also very much enjoyed the reality of the society it showed which I think is still going on now a days. Society ranks and how a servant's words aren't counted as much as a noble's as well as how they were treated. I could go on.
I just think it reflects many problems going on in real life. I'm curious how the story will carry on. I guess I'd recommend it to anyone. Cuz I luurrv it!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

One of My First Lyrics (Time for You to Rise)

This song was meant for a manga/anime 'Alumni' that I'm trying to make.

I made up the words for 2 songs so far... All that's left is to turn them into ones which my friends and I will be working on. Here are the lyrics of the 2nd.
The first was a love melody 'I'm About to Fly'... I decided to share the second... it's a sort of combat music to which the Lyrics areee...

Do you feel the whisper in the air?
The melodies it sings
Get on your feet it says to you
Get on and spread your wings
These are the days for you to rise
And soar above the skies
It’s time for you to use your strength
And savour all your ties


As far up as mountains reach
You will climb the angles steep
As far down as oceans go
You will dive to bottoms low
It is time for you to rise
Time to savour all your ties
It is time and time won’t stop
Not until you reach the top
Let us wipe out all those lies
It is time for you to rise

Do you see the thunderstorm?
Do you sense the hurricane?
You will have to walk it through
Through the wind and through the rain
Get on your feet they say to you
Get back on and spread your wings


Thought I'd make it simple. Songs should be like that no? well when the music's done will post it here. :p

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Dear Reader

I know I haven't updated my blog in a while. Truth is I've been busy designing it as you can see. (if you're using Internet Explorer you probably won't see what I mean since it for some reason doesn't show the background... I recommend firefox).

I've a few more things to do on this blog such as my music box and Links to My Manga blog.
So I'll be pending till I'm done with all that. Thank you for your patience :p

(Did any of that just sound like a phone operator... )