Friday, December 25, 2009

The Novelist's Tohru- coloured

This image was sketched by the Non-crowned Princess (here) in her blog and I felt like coloring it in since I liked the simple lines.

For the record Princess... the sketch itself was traced and I slightly changed a few angles and measurements for accuracy. I hope you don't mind.

Original Sketch



BG Added

Of course the BG could be a lot better but I'm not fond of spending too much time on one thing.

What say you? Look anything like Tohru? :p
Hope you like it :)

Monday, December 21, 2009

I Will Get There...

An example of a heroine with stern eyes. One who never shed a tear in her endeavors. She still reaches out to her intended goal though it appears far out of her reach. Her torn clothes and worn out state of mind do not seem to affect her determination. Though she doubts she will get there, she still has a longing to do so. And this hand gesture and gaze mean that even though the chances are not in her favor, for some reason, the candle of hope still burns in her chest, making her determined not to give up.
"I will eventually reach you... One way or another..."

I was lucky to draw this expression... the sketch probably portrays her personality better because the coloring of the finished artwork is simple.
But it's the look on her face that I wanted to pass. They say actions speak louder than words...
This girl represented all the words I had in mind.