Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Been Tagged..

Hmm... been tagged by dear Nabs... :)
Here goes:

-Last book you read: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. (Didn't get to read anythin after that yet)

-Last phone number you called: My parents.

-Last show you watched on TV: ahh... Haven't been watchin TV shows for a very long time... don't remember but I believe it was Oprah.

-Last thing you had to drink: Water

-Last thing you ate: Rice with maraq :p ... typical Omani...

-Last time you cried: ehh, for an honest answer.... Yesterday....:os ...

-Last time you smiled: A few seconds ago....

-Last person you hugged: SuGaR :) my friend.....

-Last person you talked to on the phone: My dad....

-Last thing you smelled: Perfume.... dunno which brand... but was nice!

-Last CD that you bought: Don't remember, lol.... was long ago.

-Last song you sang: Beatiful Soul by.... oh gosh.... ahhh... u know who :p

.-Last thing you laughed at: Hearing my maids argue....

-What's in your cd player: Celtic Moods.... they've got great soundtracks.

.-What time did you wake up today: 6:30.... was supposed to wake up 6 o'clock.... but the 30 mins somehow served me right.

-Current favorite article of clothing: ahh... none

.-Favorite place to be: Before the computer.... :D

.-Least favorite place: Can't think of any right now....

-Do you believe in an afterlife? Yah

.-In Heaven or Hell: most probably.....

.-How tall are you: 170 cm

.-Current favorite word: idiot.... dunno why.....

.-Favorite Book: Hmm... there are many.... countless.....

.-Random lyric: "u don't miss your water till the well runs dry".... still listen to it sometimes.... Craig David.

.-If I could be doing anything right now, I would be: Drawing

-Are you a daredevil? If I have to be

.-Have you ever told a secret you swore you'd never tell? Yes!!....Felt terrible :os ... never wanna have that feeling again....

-Do looks matter? Truly.... yup... they do!

.-How do you release your anger? Turnin the music loud/ pacing around the room/ or hitting a boxing sack

.-My second home is: English sabla.... believe it? :os

-One thing I have that I wish I didn't is: Lazinesss... it's pretty much a problem.

.-All you need is:
Physically: ehhhh.....Nutrition :os
Spiritually: Passion :p

-Something I want but I don't really need is: an ipod...

.-Something I need but I don't really want is: guess I got all I need so far

.-drink? nothin.... not thirsty

.-have a boyfriend/girlfriend? Nope

.-have a dream that keeps coming back? Yes.... all the time
.-believe there is life on other planets? Yes.... cuz I believe that if there are more than a million suns out in the universe... the probability of having another planet like earth is huge.... so yes....

.-read the newspaper? If I had nothin else to do... then maybe

.-consider yourself tolerant of others?. sometimes....

I tag Violet

Friday, August 26, 2005

~Deep Thoughts~

Here's a piece o' my mind for being advised to write poems again. I don't know if one could make any sense out of it but is my first since I've last written any... well... enjoy...

Time goes on and never waits for any tribe or race
Some have gone and said that they had times to be retraced
Some regreted doing things they hoped to be erased
Yet as hard as they have tried, their deeds were hard to face

So I sat just reminiscing words I heard before
Wise ones said one's true existance counts for what they bore
Wise ones said that nothing else is counted anymore
So it was that values made were less or else were more

Now I saw that backgrounds have completely disappeared
Now I saw that some high ways were not what they appeared
Goin on the hardest way was not the thing I feared
Just as long as getting there would mean my triumph neared


Thursday, August 25, 2005

The Past! (Ages ago)

As I was pacing around my room I found my old book lying around on the shelf. A story I never completed writing until today. I started writing it when I was about 13-14.... around 4-5 years ago. And since then I never set an eye on it after being busy with school and my recent book which is a completely simple story compared to this one. Yes, it may sound crazy that I wrote a more complex story when I was younger, however, as complicated as it was I needed some time off, and as school started getting more serious I had no time to think things through. But now that I got back to it, some things I wrote were more of a child's writing since I believe my writing improved and I realized that it needed to be completely renewed for it to be read. All in all my memories came back as to how much I loved writing it and how much I was so into the story that as a young girl I actually scared myself at night with the wild imagination and found it hard to sleep afterwards.
It's title was: "From Deep Within The Flow of Time (The Shadow)"
What I found were a group of pictures I made while writing the story. I was pretty amazed to see how I used to draw. Pretty similar to the way I draw now... except that it took me more time and somehow held a greater meaning.
I sadly haven't had Jay's assistance in this one... but as u know the story Jay Jay... if u suggest it's good and I should complete it, then I would. For the rest I hope u all enjoy watching my endless (and perhaps boring) drawings!

Elazul- Smokin in the Inn

In the forest

The Meeting

End of the fight

An old friend


In the hall

Healing House

Just a sketch

(Book Cover)

This is one of my fav. work. True it might've not been exactly the way I wanted it to be but it's what I could conjur for the sake of "The Exes". It has taken me a few hours with the coloring and all... using the same colors you see below which I could've made smoother with a brush... but after all I'm still quite happy with it...
Despite me being advised to use the covers from BookSurge, I still wanted something different that would reflect the storyline. Well this is what came to my mind in the end. Hope you like it!

Front cover:

Back Cover:

Another go!

I just felt like drawing anything today and kept looking back and forth at the differences... not sure what the picture's about or what made me draw it... probably just wanted to experiment with the colors again... well there u can judge what's better :p ... it's a good thing it didn't take me long to draw... maybe 20 mins... I'm not sure what I find disturbing though... hope it looks ok anyway....

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

My illusion!

Has any of you ever had it? An illusion? Well, I did...
I was about 16 or less when I had a high fever. Usually with me, a fever gets me at least once every year. I was told it was a good thing since it strengthens the immune system and as your body gets used to it, it could fight it off the next time... yes yes... these were advantages, but with THIS fever... what happened was frightening and went as follows:
I was spending most of my time in bed that day... and as night fell I was pretty tired of lying down... nevertheless I got up took my medicine and got ready to go to bed again... I was feeling alright except for the little body heat I had that was kinda disturbing. For the rest I was sleeping soundly until somethin suddenly woke me up in the middle of the night and I lifted my head looking around me... (my room was arranged in a way that my bed was facing the window in which also my sofa was placed facing me) and there I saw the shadow of a man sitting with his arms spread and legs crossed. At first I didn't take it seriously and ignored trying to go back to sleep... but when I opened my eyes the second time the figure was still there. A little surprised I thought it was my brother and looked at the time being around 1 oclock. I gave him a look and said: "What are you doing here? Do you know what time it is? get out!"
There was no response and the figure remained still... looking back at it I sat straight on my bed almost about to shout when I realized the figure looked nothing like my brother! My heart leaped and I actually had the guts to ask: "Who are you?"
The shadow just looked back at me without responding and suddenly I started seeing images of what looked like his family approaching me with knives. I tried so hard to make the images go saying it was only a dream... but it didn't work, I was fully awake and the images were still there. Ofcourse you could imagine I ran to my door and unlocked running to my parents.
I banged on their door and they opened seeing me in a miserable state saying: "Baba, there's someone in my room! Please help!"
My dad ofcourse walked before me to my room and switched on the lights. The room was empty. And the sofa the person was sitting on was also empty. My eyes widened and I told my dad I could've sworn someone was sitting there. In the end my dad spent the night sleeping in my room since I was too scared to sleep alone. Next morning they asked me what happened and I told them. Later they said what I saw was not real but simply an illusion you get when your fever goes over 40 degrees. You start seeing things that aren't really there and they looked damned real! That was it... and later my brother said I was lucky to have experienced something like that... what a dope! If only he knew how terrifying it was... worse than any nightmare!

Monday, August 22, 2005

Music software

Lately I was looking for a software for composing music... I was looking for something where you would have all the instruments there is and simply create the notes and play them according to your fancy. With the help of Jay before, I made eleven notes I'd like to save... all almost completed. But the software I got was useless... it seemed to be new to sellers and buyers here... they hardly knew what I was talking about... what would anyone recommend which would enable such things? All I could do so far is play it on the piano and save it...
what the person gave me was somethin one would use to create sound and movieclips... which was not of my interest.. I guess I could just hope my notes won't be lost ....until I find a solution...

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Panic attacks?

Interesting but freaky... I wouldn't know which name to give it... but it happened at least twice! It's when you breathe in too much oxygen and suddenly your air tube gets smaller making it hard for you to breathe... yes, it happened to me once when I was exercising and once when I was upset for some reason. The first time it happened I was goin too fast on the treadmill early in the morning... something did upset me the night before but I was jogging in a normal pace... only I was told to make it quicker to get better results... however, unfortunately that was a mistake... I suddenly couldn't control my breathing or couldn't breath in enough air... almost lost balance... my mom stared at me wondering what was wrong... luckily being a doctor she knew what to do... but for my part... people would think I was freaked out... on the contrary, I was actually amazed by the uncontrolable breathing and simply asked my mom: "what's happening?" as if I was a student with her teacher. I thought it was asthma but she told me it's nothin of that sort... asthma would be if you couldn't breathe out... but the problem here was I couldn't breath in... well the solution was a plastic bag or any type of bag which could block the air for some time until the oxygen I was taking in got reduced. The cause? Lack of training as they say... but i believe there was another reason since the second time it happened, I wasn't training! I dunno how many of you get this... and I dunno what it would be called... but it was quite a strange experience... I guess I need to exercise more :os

This is it!

Another less serious look... I guess change is good....
First time I tried using water on those oil pencils... it's sooo great and easy to use... all I had to do was color in the shades I wanted without much effort of trying to fill in gaps , and the paint brush did the job.... *smacks her forhead*... I think those colors were supposed to be used that way in the first place and I never knew!!! pfff....oh well... this is the result... what say you? Vio? Nabs? ... does it look any better than the rest? Or is it pretty much the same?

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Past tries

Pencil-colored drawings, some were even colored by my friend Jay, like the hooded person and probably the scared girl... well I was pretty happy with them when it came to their positions and some shadings... that's how I draw and color most of my drawings... only now I've been trying to use others since pencil-colors didn't give a realistic enough effect. I wanted to look for something more smooth where u can't tell it was actually colored and most importantly... without much effort!! Otherwise my drawings'll last hours.. I've tried doing that with water colors... like some down there... but again there's a problem... now I have a different idea which I will try soon. Somethin I should've thought of before.... lol... if you knew "Jay Jay" you'll kill me! I'm pretty positive! Well.... keep a look out... and hope u liked these :)

Friday, August 19, 2005

An Experiment!

Who's he? who's she? hmmm... simply poses I wanted to try putting in an image...Left: to me it looked like someone walking away from something he seemed to be unhappy with... yes it looks serious, but never mind that... I just drew it to test my new colors...
Right: someone wondering if it was going to rain any time soon... again just a pose for the colors :p (waterpencils)
ones u use as normal pencil colors then simply go over with a wet brush... it didn't seem to give a dark enough result... but it blended in quite well... what I was dying to find was a brand named Prisma Colors which after a long lasting search I figured it hardly existed anywhere except for the USA.... quite a far away land for me to go looking for colors... so I used these instead... just to have my shades blend in a little more.... might've done a messy job there.

Monday, August 01, 2005


First created by Picasso. Cuz after the invention of cameras and photos there was really no need for people to create real drawings... one button click would've given a better and more realistic result. Artists' wages went down. But Picasso decided that he wanted to do something different. Something unrealistic... something that a camera is not likely to capture in real life... so he came up with human features that had their body parts in different areas. Or simply unusual dimensions... after learning the story behind Picasso's work which I was not quite fond of previously, I came to understand it better and admire his way of thinking... despite the fact that I didn't exactly prefer abstract to realism. Yet, admired the idea :D ... this art class was most interesting to me... and learning how to think as an artist, we've been told to go with the flow when drawing and not aim for perfection. A real meaning behind art didn't have to be something real... even a small sign could hold a lot of meaning... very intriguing indeed... I don't know how many of you like his work... but these are a few examples... what I've done in class was something similar... course luckily I always get an acceptional mark and the teacher's always been satisfied...

Picasso 1

Picasso 2

No Idea

... There's absolutely no story behind this character... I drew him by chance... I've a feeling the colors are crap though, but it was a quick thing just for the sake of it.... well... hmmm... I wonder....