Saturday, March 08, 2008

You Think You Know

Random Art (Princess Elizabeth in Disguise)

Just wanted to share it.


I don't have much to say now a days... pretty much waited till everyone left the planet. I'm expecting no one to check this now. So maybe I can write whatever I want? :p...
What's there to write... what would I wanna keep to myself?... I'm 21 now... and I'm apparently updating my blog on my birthday... why... I don't know. But perhaps thinking back at what this year brought for me... I consider it a year I achieved the most in. I've gained confidence... I've gained loved ones... I've gained ambitions and determination. I've gained secret techniques :p... I've gained skills... I've gained a better understanding... now I feel it's almost the time to use it all. But I feel there is still a lot more to gain. And perhaps... that's what this coming year will hold for me.

I've been so careless in the past few years... there's no place for failure now. But I was told ... that every downfall has something good coming out of it... and when you think again... you think... thank god I fell this year... otherwise I wouldn't have gotten that in return. That's pretty much what I feel now. Just another way to reach my goal... and though not intended... it's just a different way... with apparently better results.
I'd like to believe there's a reason for everything... not cuz it's obvious... but cuz it's an encouraging thought, a comforting notion... to think that all is meant to be.

It seems I write a lot when I think no one reads... and yet I'm referring or narrating unknown people XD
I was wondering....

long before I saw visitors in my blog from different countries... at first I thought most of them come from sabla or other forums... but there were many from countries that don't exist in those forums... I wonder who's bothered to google blogs??? well... whoever you guys are... way's open for everyone XD

You know there are a few people in your lives that make you feel special... they're the reason you feel like life's worth living... because they acknowledge you. They value your existence. You live by them... you live for them. I wonder how many feel that way. Or who would think: it doesn't matter who acknowledges you... life goes on.
To me... life's not life if you can't experience its beauties. And having a circle of people you care about is one of those things, that once you have, is just beautiful and can't live without.

So there's been progress since the first day I opened this blog?.... it's been 3 years... and I don't intend to close it... what're you crazy?? Look at the archives XDXDXD... close all that?... no
I hope whoever read this enjoyed it...
yours truly,

Felix Diablus

I consider it my best yet. Felix Diablus... Main Character of The Exes. I've many other characters to illustrate almost in the same way... but this one took me around 12 hours to muster. The others will not appear to be any easier.

Btw... for some reason DeviantArt seems to be down with me... this sucks. My gallery's there... it better get back to normal soon.