Friday, June 23, 2006

Shabab (New Omani Singers)

Hectic days have passed and now it's hectic that they've passed. A few days ago during the exams I felt more relaxed than I do now. I'm somehow not looking forward to a long holiday.
I'll leave it at that however, let the days surprise me.

I'm usually not a great fan of Arabic songs because they all usually have the same continuous beats and the same style in repeating words that makes them sound worse than nursery rhymes. But recently my friend introduced some Omani singers to me who've created a few albums and I realized they're getting better. I actually liked quite a few songs they had and realized how what they said was so true about Oman :p... and of course I was proud they were Omanies after all.
What I see sometimes from many around... is if they hear a few songs that don't impress them, they suddenly conclude all songs that belong to that language (I say language because gender is a different issue) isn't all that. And I do understand since I was like that myself. However, after listening to a few Arabic songs my friends labelled as their favs. I saw it was a shallow way to judge that such songs are and will always be crap. I decided to give them a chance. And I did turn out to like them after all. I used to hate such songs... cuz the Arabs really did the worst songs some time ago... now they're finally improving... so I hope the improvement goes on :)
I've a lot to say, but I guess it's better I update gradually... after all I've got all the time in the world now.