Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Luck Does Not Exist?

So apparently I hear luck does not exist. I'm curious to hear people's opinions on this. There was a discussion in the girl's dorm on whether there was such a thing as luck or not. I was completely with the fact that a person could get lucky and a friend retaliated with the fact that whatever happens happens due to coincidence, not luck. It was a very confusing discussion. Then another suggested for the word luck to be defined and I defined it as.

*Something good that happens that does not usually happen or that has a small chance of happening*

So what about the lottery? If I won a car tomorrow... I'd be considered lucky... others did not agree... they said it was coincidence... not luck. Because if a person bought 10 tickets and another bought 1 it's not necessary that the one who got 10 would win. He just has a higher chance of winning. I did not understand how that statement negates the existence of luck exactly. Cuz to me the person who gets the ticket in the end is the one who got lucky no matter how many tickets he bought.

I got torn in between and wasn't able to decide yesterday though.

However, I decided today that I still believe in luck. I believe luck exists because I am not the only one living on earth. There are other people as well. Which means I do not have power over everything... and the things I don't have power over... could either go with or against me according to how lucky I would get. (which means how many things would go with or against me) Luck does not label a person as a fortunate or unfortunate fellow. It's not a supernatural power... it's merely the definition above. And to me, the definition above DOES exist. If something good happens to you that does not usually happen it means you got lucky.
I believe yesterday's confusion was due to the wrong definition or interpretation of luck.
So I'll just agree to disagree.

What do you think?

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Come for Auditions

So we're setting up a poster to announce the timings of auditions for several plays. My friend came up with Sam says... I want you. All that came up in my mind after that was a witch pointing and staring. So I drew the adorable lady down here.


^The sketch is up there if you're interested.

She says, 'we'll be waiting for you'...

so what do you think?
would she make you want to come for auditions? :p