Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Interior needs to make room for education

Just as soon as I reached my destination in Uni for the first day, I asked one of my friends who was at school with me before to check the date just in case we haven't gone back in time? To perhaps the stone age? Cuz most of the students here seemed to live under rocks deeper than mine. What I mean by that is the way they think.

I'm considered a heroine here for passing the TOEFL after I've done the SATs. I've been asked to write a paragraph about something after I've written a book. I've been asked to speak a sentence in English correctly after I've been speaking English most of my life.So what was I supposed to be studying here again?

Next thing I know I start talking to a student in her third year which is probably the year before her last and alas she was also taking English Literature. Why alas?... well... she barely spoke a word of English to be quite frank. She was happy that psychology was in arabic and said that it simplifies matters.... well if she wants subjects to be in arabic then why in the blazes did she choose English Literature as a profession?In the end I spoke to the professor and she told me the English Literature I'm looking for is not available in Oman or perhaps even in the gulf. What I was looking for was classics and analysing... here they teach English Language... well I know the language... it's improving it that I need. She told me as a matter of fact a lot of students lose their English language skills here... I said that may not be possible. She suddenly says: "Oh, so you're from the new generation!"Now that was the ultimate remark that made me feel like I came from the future.

In a way, this is the first time in my life that I actually appreciate having had studied in the school I was in. Cuz from what I see... I feel like only a certain percentage of the population get a decent education... they are learning... yes... but for a University... this is not a standard.well, this is just one thing...

the standard of education needs to be improved.

*edited due to some getting offended*... my bad...

truly yours,

It's Fast, It's Wireless!

I think I can confess I learnt all about computers and wireless connections this year (though english literature is the field I'm there for)
I made a few discoveries that were new to me regarding wireless.
Since it is supposed to be the quickest and easiest net connection upto date, in some places like my uni, it tends to be really slow. Though it's speed is 54 Mbps... the performance is lower and sometimes takes ages just to open one page. A connection supposed to be for the usage of the whole university. The connection I have at home is a zillion times quicker.
Well aside from the speed, I'll tell you what I went through in order to GET the uni connection in the first place. I've been told the wireless in my laptop was not compatible with the university's. A phrase the guy in 1313 referred to as bullshit!
He said there's nothing called types of wireless. So I got back to get the D-Link CD and had the uni install it in order to become (so-called) compatible. And what was the compatibility all about? Security. Meaning I'm not allowed to visit any page I want. I'm not allowed to use messenger... I'm not allowed to enter DeviantArt. It's a lucky thing I'm allowed to visit sabla and my blog.

Well my second discovery was when I was in the car going to the farm. I was so bored I opened my laptop... and on the way I found that over the bridge near Al-Elam street there's a wireless connection. Only I wasn't able to use it cuz I needed a password. The system had that to avoid intruders... but I found that intriguing neverthesless.

Wireless seems to have a type of security in everything now adays which is getting on my last nerve. Perhaps I should go back to modems!

Screenshot of My Desktop

Been tagged by dear Nabs and 3anooda to desplay my desktop background... welll....
it's an illustration by Nabs...

this is pretty much what it looks like at the moment....
(click the pic to view where it came from)

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Words From The Heart

Come Back To Me

Come back to me
For if the world would swallow me I'd dream of you
Come back to me
For if your words would soothen me I'd soothen you
Come back to me
I cannot bear to think of living without you
Come back to me
You don't deserve the treatment others give to you
Come back to me
For if your will would cherish me, I'd cherish you
Come back to me
I am the one who'd risk it all to be with you
Come back to me
You do not see how much my poor heart longs for you
Come back to me
For even if you went away I'd think of you
Come back to me
For nothing swiped the memories of me and you
Come back to me
It's just a bond that intertwines my mind to you
Come back to me
Just look at me, it is my heart that yearns for you
Come back to me
Come back to me, or else let me come back to you