Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Year's Eve

So another year has come and gone... and here I sit a year later, ever since I accumulated an online addiction. This was the year I learnt most out of, although there were many things I would've wished to turn differently, I do not regret having them as I do now. Who knows what the future holds?... and maybe what seems so disappointing now may be my way to success later.
I'm ready for a new year, with every intention to further develop myself as a person.

I will set no particular resolutions for this year except the fact that I want to complete writing my book and bring together a program to help me create the graphics and music I plan to create. It is not my profession, but merely a dream I plan to make come true. This may take more than a year to accomplish... however, this is the year I plan to start it and hopefully prevail.

So... things never take a strong hold as much as I would've expected them to. That is mainly because the ones involved do not possess the required strength to keep things going....
It seems every beautiful rose dries out one day. But the sun always remains shining...

So Happy New Year everyone. And hope this year'll be as good or even better than the previous one for you. I know it will for me... because with every dead rose sprints a new one. :)

Friday, December 29, 2006

No Humour

People who can't distinguish between someone earnest and someone who's just messing around.
It's not the first time someone mistakes my humour for deliberate offense... is this a lack of understanding? Or a lack of intelligence?
I can name 3 incidents:

1. I was on a grassy field shooting dummies 3 metres away. The bullets ran out and I wanted to open the next packet, only the cover wouldn't turn. So I asked someone to open it in an annoyed way. My joke here was cursing the packet for not opening.
He didn't find it so funny though... he took it like I was ordering him without saying please.

2. I was chatting to my friend on msn who studies abroad. She added a girl who was her new German friend. I said (talking to the German girl about my friend)
me:"How could you stand this girl?"
German Girl: "Because she's my friend" (in a serious tone)
inner me: *rolleyes* idiot!!!

3. I was joking in a forum about the guys who keep playing football every now and then. Inquiring whether they plan to be Oman's next team. I was given a red rep that it was a lame attempt of being wait.... huh?!... what was so insulting in what I said?

I fail to understand people now adays... not everyone tolerates humour. Mostly because they possess none of it themselves. I can't stand people who take everything so seriously or are over sensitive about things that were obviously not meant to be offensive.
But I guess it also gives me a sign whom to joke with and whom not to.

Thursday, December 28, 2006


Was Tagged by Red Dragon... :)
"list every single nickname and its variation that you have EVER been called in your ENTIRE life"

-The Devil

I don’t remember being called anything else before. I guess those about sum it up.

I tag SteLLa, Nabs, AP(Male), BM.... and whoever's in the mood and sees this.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

(Sawadi) Another Go on The Jetski

So I've grown accustomed to that water thing... in the past it's always been my dream and now twice my dear friend and her sisters made it come true. Was the day SteLLa got that huge Toblerone Chocolate as you can see on her blog. :p Sometimes I get the feeling she's addicted to buying them and stopping herself from eating them, and I'm addicted to eating them from her.

Well aside from that, I believe jetskis are the best thing about Sawadi... there was also the Banana Ride but I wasn't so sure what it was all about only that you got a bigger chance of toppling over ......which might not be a pleasant thing.

However, the voyage was really enjoyable and is always something to look forward to doing again and again.

Monday, December 11, 2006

First try in illustrator

"Enjoy what's there today, for it may not be there tomorrow"

I was pretty pleased with my last Illustration on Illustrator CS even though I knew I could've put more effort into blending the colors... but I guess it already took a lot of patience out of me to try a completely new program...
This artwork's taken me ages... and by ages I mean endless hours because I kept deleting and recoloring... I guess I finally got the hang of it in a way... so hope you like this one... :)

Saturday, December 02, 2006

So Tired...

I woke up so tired today even though I slept almost all day yesterday. In the morning on my way to the farm I slept in the car. After I reached the farm I slept for I don't know how many hours and I still felt tired when I woke up. After having lunch and playing cards with family and friends I had to go back to my dorm and there I slept till next morning... I woke up at 8:30 and went to uni. No one came to class... so I went to the library and I've been lazing around here ever since. I wanted to finish my assignments and look for books, I ended up finding books on graphics and hacking and took them instead... well... now I didn't even open these books that interest me... something's seriously wrong!!
I usually smile at girls who pass by but today I almost frowned or made no expression at all. A girl asked me to plug in her laptop for her and I just took the wire placed it in the socket and switched it on without a word.
I think I haven't spoken as much as 10 words today...

... so tired...

......I think it's the beginning of a fever.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Say Hi to my "Shadow"

I just had to take a shot at her when she came sneaking into my room before I went to sleep. That was some time ago. It was a pleasant surprise. She never used to spend the night with me anymore. But I guess that night she decided she wanted to come back.
Isn't she adorable? :p...
that's my Shadow :)

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Just a Dream

Just a Dream

Just a dream, it’s just a dream
Just a phantom of my trance
Visions of an unknown scheme
Cut it short from one long prance

Just a dream, it’s just a phase
Let my silence speak its words
All this time has left no trace
Like a nest left clear of birds

Just a dream, it’s just a thought
Left its owner out of spite
From the joy it could’ve brought
Took its faith out of my sight

Just a dream, that left some hope
That forever shined anew
Only I could never cope
With a weak uncertain view

Just a dream, it’s just a wish
That unlikely could come true
Just a dream, and now I wish
That my dreams dispose of you


Something I felt like writing also inspired by Sarah Brightman's soundtracks...
Hope you like it :)

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Unfinished Sketches (Too scared to color)

I've started a sketch that's taken me almost a whole day to complete... this is a brief shot of how I started out... I wanted to draw a ressemblance image to my second sequel of "The Exes" showing the characters and the main idea of the story... what you see in this pic is what the story's mostly revolved around. Compasses, maps, castles, shores... well... it's complete now... I'm just trying to figure out a good way to color it... I'm just a bit too scared to spoil what took me so long.

Well I guess I can only hope this turns out well...

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Mind Your Own Business & Let Me Mind Mine

It's interesting how some people show interest in other people's lives, so much interest that the gossips follow you right into Uni as well... apparently Grade 12 wasn't enough...
In Uni, you never hang out with one person for the rest of the day... you visit different classes at different times according to your schedule... so you never know who you run into...
I couldn't help but notice that some people who happened to land with me in uni started spreading rumours of me being careless and skipping classes. Apparently they couldn't find anything more offensive to say .... point is, who cares what classes I attend or whether one thinks I'm careless or not. Results always showed me better than the rest. Then again... maybe that's the reason? Jelousy?
Still I wondered. Why's that a matter that interests them?? Why would they even bother keeping an eye on me? I never understood that... They didn't have anything better to do.
although it's not logical since most of them don't even see me throughout the whole day... I don't know on what they based their assumptions...

Nevertheless, I was amused to hear some still asking about my daily routines even after school... how they waste so much time watching me and making me the soul of their conversations. I should be flattered. :p

I hoped the childish and useless habits would've found their way out of them all. But I guess I could dream on before any of that happens.

Bottomline is: I will miss or attend as many and any class I want as long as I want, where and whenever I want. As long's I'm better than you, you're the ones who should be ashamed that despite the classes you attend you couldn't beat me. That's carelessness for you...
and your gossips won't help you get better... sadly. Talk all you want for all I care... any source of amusement will entertain me here after all :p

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

It's Difficult

Difficult to Write

I had a poem in mind to write
About the gift of sight
Though pictures made, can slowly fade
Those thoughts were not yet bright

I had some thoughts in mind to mark
As empty as the dark
Those thoughts were slight, and barely right
To start another spark

I still had thoughts I could inscribe
Though pictures did the bribe
Attractive arts, laid low like darts
Were lost in just one vibe

And until now I could engrave
With marks I still enslave
Their deadliness, no more or less
Would still, my writings crave

Though still I wish those thoughts would stay
The words are hard to play
So throughout time, those words that rhyme
Won’t reach until this day

TripleTee 2006
All rights reserved

That mighta been hard to write all the same :p
Well it's how I constantly feel every now and then... ideas are crammed in my head... it's just so hard to implement them... but they're THERE, I

Ok it's just an update for now... saving time for my next... which will be a bit more intense and'll need me to be in the mood for it... as well as getting my readers to be in the mood to read it...

oh well... hope you liked the above :p

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Is Pencil Enough?

I've taken to drawing sketches now adays... I know I've almost mastered this technique long ago... but going back to it feels good... since I feel like my coloring needs improving still.
Well... it's never been enough for me... I always wanted my drawings colored... but for some odd reason my sketches always turn out better.
I'll need to take coloring courses...seriously... to be able to color the drawings without making them lose their quality.

well... the above's what I've done throughout this month... :) hope you like them.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Interior needs to make room for education

Just as soon as I reached my destination in Uni for the first day, I asked one of my friends who was at school with me before to check the date just in case we haven't gone back in time? To perhaps the stone age? Cuz most of the students here seemed to live under rocks deeper than mine. What I mean by that is the way they think.

I'm considered a heroine here for passing the TOEFL after I've done the SATs. I've been asked to write a paragraph about something after I've written a book. I've been asked to speak a sentence in English correctly after I've been speaking English most of my life.So what was I supposed to be studying here again?

Next thing I know I start talking to a student in her third year which is probably the year before her last and alas she was also taking English Literature. Why alas?... well... she barely spoke a word of English to be quite frank. She was happy that psychology was in arabic and said that it simplifies matters.... well if she wants subjects to be in arabic then why in the blazes did she choose English Literature as a profession?In the end I spoke to the professor and she told me the English Literature I'm looking for is not available in Oman or perhaps even in the gulf. What I was looking for was classics and analysing... here they teach English Language... well I know the language... it's improving it that I need. She told me as a matter of fact a lot of students lose their English language skills here... I said that may not be possible. She suddenly says: "Oh, so you're from the new generation!"Now that was the ultimate remark that made me feel like I came from the future.

In a way, this is the first time in my life that I actually appreciate having had studied in the school I was in. Cuz from what I see... I feel like only a certain percentage of the population get a decent education... they are learning... yes... but for a University... this is not a standard.well, this is just one thing...

the standard of education needs to be improved.

*edited due to some getting offended*... my bad...

truly yours,

It's Fast, It's Wireless!

I think I can confess I learnt all about computers and wireless connections this year (though english literature is the field I'm there for)
I made a few discoveries that were new to me regarding wireless.
Since it is supposed to be the quickest and easiest net connection upto date, in some places like my uni, it tends to be really slow. Though it's speed is 54 Mbps... the performance is lower and sometimes takes ages just to open one page. A connection supposed to be for the usage of the whole university. The connection I have at home is a zillion times quicker.
Well aside from the speed, I'll tell you what I went through in order to GET the uni connection in the first place. I've been told the wireless in my laptop was not compatible with the university's. A phrase the guy in 1313 referred to as bullshit!
He said there's nothing called types of wireless. So I got back to get the D-Link CD and had the uni install it in order to become (so-called) compatible. And what was the compatibility all about? Security. Meaning I'm not allowed to visit any page I want. I'm not allowed to use messenger... I'm not allowed to enter DeviantArt. It's a lucky thing I'm allowed to visit sabla and my blog.

Well my second discovery was when I was in the car going to the farm. I was so bored I opened my laptop... and on the way I found that over the bridge near Al-Elam street there's a wireless connection. Only I wasn't able to use it cuz I needed a password. The system had that to avoid intruders... but I found that intriguing neverthesless.

Wireless seems to have a type of security in everything now adays which is getting on my last nerve. Perhaps I should go back to modems!

Screenshot of My Desktop

Been tagged by dear Nabs and 3anooda to desplay my desktop background... welll....
it's an illustration by Nabs...

this is pretty much what it looks like at the moment....
(click the pic to view where it came from)

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Words From The Heart

Come Back To Me

Come back to me
For if the world would swallow me I'd dream of you
Come back to me
For if your words would soothen me I'd soothen you
Come back to me
I cannot bear to think of living without you
Come back to me
You don't deserve the treatment others give to you
Come back to me
For if your will would cherish me, I'd cherish you
Come back to me
I am the one who'd risk it all to be with you
Come back to me
You do not see how much my poor heart longs for you
Come back to me
For even if you went away I'd think of you
Come back to me
For nothing swiped the memories of me and you
Come back to me
It's just a bond that intertwines my mind to you
Come back to me
Just look at me, it is my heart that yearns for you
Come back to me
Come back to me, or else let me come back to you


Tuesday, September 26, 2006

First Experience

This week was the first I got to know University life in... being away from the house was something that delighted me before... however now that I know how different it is I start to get homesick... I start missing the city life... I am so not a country girl... Nizwa Uni is in the middle of nowhere and the students living there are just different... they're definitely country girls... the only thing I look forward to is the lessons and activities... so far the professors appear to be pretty good...
What I'm looking forward to even more is the new constructions and buildings that'll be built for the future plans of Nizwa Uni. Said to be ready in around a year... the uni will take place in a completely different area.
Another thing that amazed me was the technology. Every student gets an electronic card to be used around for almost anything... from buying things to ordering... what you do is fill the card like you fill up credit in your prepaid Hayyak.
Aside from that is the Library... they have ebooks we could read through the emails we'll get through the university... so we can take and read the books whether we're there or anywhere outside...
The other thing is the wireless connection available all around the area... so you can use your laptop anywhere in the Uni whether it be in or out and still have a connection.
I believe there's more to come... but these things are pretty promising already... ;)

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Just The Beginning

And the story continues... this'll consist of most of what happened so far since I haven't updated for quite a while now...
I've been cherishing every moment I spent in Muscat before moving into Nizwa. NizwaUniversity will be where I'll study this time... I must say I am quite curious... the impression I got was good so far... so I'm not disappointed at all... will see how it turns out to be.

In addition... for the sake of getting it over with, I sent my books to the bookshop of Al-Batra in Markaz Al-Wadi for sale... I guess they were almost rotting in my room I had to do something about them... now they can be found in all Al-Batra's bookstores in Shatti, Al-Khouth, Qurum and Bustan Hotel... so that was a start I guess.

Back to the Uni subject... one part of me is curious and the other part will miss its friends there... being away from them murders... but I guess I'll be able to see them on weekends...

on a third note... I still don't have a laptop of my own and it's starting to annoy me that I can't come online as often as I used to... I might not make more updates for still another week...

For the rest... I'll update further news when I get the chance :)

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Between Dreams & Reality

I've been told by someone before that those who live in dreams were people who weren't happy with reality. These words triggered in my mind and made me look around me to examine whether it was true. I couldn't find an answer but I did think that...
People who enjoyed life wouldn't be found near computer games or fantasy related topics. They would be more into documentaries, news, or things that go on in the real world and what they consider to be worthwhile. Those living in a fantasy tend to block their interest of reality.

I am like that. I dream my days away into creating an unknown fantasy habit I've picked from the endless games I played and how they changed the way I look at life. Later I started wanting this dream to become true. I wanted it to exist.

What would one think of it?... Useless?...
I was a bit let down when someone walked up to me once and saw me working on an artwork he said was useless. He asked how living in a world of my dreams would help me in real life and told me to wake up. So I started thinking of how I could make him see that being an artist or taking interest in fantasy illustrations is not useless... but I couldn't find an argument that would be convincing... it is merely a hobby... something I like doing... how I could make use of it can be listed in many ways...
Only some people may not realize the value of art as much as I or any other artist would... they would ask what IS it's value?...
What do you think?

Sunday, August 13, 2006

What FF character are you?

A small quiz to identify which Final Fantasy Character you fit the most...
my final result's bellow :p didn't expect give it a try.

Quiz Result Provided By:

What FF7: Advent Children Character Are You?

Hosted by Anime. Done right.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Insects!!! Creatures Of The Night?

I just came back a few mins ago from the farm... and I must say I am relieved!!... as much as the farm was made cosy and livable... there's one big issue there...Insects!!!!.... and not any kind mind you... The weirdest kinds I've ever seen!!! I've never seen such creatures before... All I've ever thought of were cocoroaches and beetles... there there were different kinds with different colors!!!
It would be the best place for investigators...
I've also seen two small scorpions so far...

But here's the mystery I figured lately...
Yesterday as I was using the laptop to wait for my acceptance results... I've been in a very weird scene... it was around 12 oclock... and my parents and brother were still awake and the place was free of strange crawling things...
However, when they all went to sleep and I was left alone still on the laptop... momentarily I was too busy typing something... and at around 1-2 oclock after mid-night... I saw them coming! By them I meant (and let me count them): 2 different types of beetles crawling freely on the floor... a spider... another type of insect I've never seen in my life... and a quite large one also crawling around all of a sudden...
You can imagine as I looked away from the laptop and down at the sudden insect park that's been created around me... I sat there watching them and thinking... why now of all times??? Do I look like an insect friend to you??? Is it a habit for insects to appear at night when we're all asleep? I dunno why it surprised me... I see insects everywhere... but they just kinda thrived and gathered in the night even more... and there I wondered... is it what they naturally do?

oh well... It was probably a sign that I should get off the I left the living room to them...

Friday, August 04, 2006

New Fashion?

These two models I used to try some new sketches of how many different girls I can draw to find the perfect look for my story's heroine... I'm still not satisfied...

I'm on the verge of drawing something else... which's taken me around 3 days so far... hopefully I'll finish it on time...

These two I did months ago... they didn't take me long at all... but just a part of my daily routines of practice...

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Seems Like I'm a Millionaire

Dear nicobambi has been researching TripleTee... it was funny what he found... Didn't know I owned that much :p

Meat Shop:

Screen Alarm:

Software Company:

And I thought TripleTee was a rarely found name... geez... I guess anything could be found in the internet now adays...

Monday, July 17, 2006

My First Attempt In Making Pizza!!

It was just one day that the house was empty and I felt bored... that I decided to try my cooking skills.... even after watching my stepmum cook many times and learning a lot from her (she's a fab cook! :p )... I guess I still had my own style... which I was praised for, for my first attempt :p
This was quite a tiring job... but the outcome was much better than I imagined... I left the kitchen proud :p :p ! Lol...
Ofcourse I followed a beginner's book...
I guess the most difficult was making the dough... for the rest it was pretty easy and enjoyable...
well for whoever knows how to do the dough... the topings I put was just random... added whatever I felt would make it good... finally this is what came out of the oven...

I tried some and gave the rest to the others who were quite happy to have it...


I guess I'll visit the kitchen more often :p

Friday, July 14, 2006

Not A Day In My Book

Today was not exactly the best of days to go through...
Too many bad news and rarely a way to express myself... so I decided to write them down here...

There are a number of things that seem to upset me regarding where I am.... where my friend is... what I've missed and what I feel I'm going to miss.
To cut down the riddles I'm now at the farm... trying to avoid what's going on around me since I'm not a farm girl nor am I fond of farms at all... yet I am forced to come here in my holiday which had been almost 3 times a week so far... so that's causing me to lose my nerves gradually.

According to that I'm also not able to join my friend in Muscat after promising her I'd accompany her to her cousin's wedding. Now I'm frustrated about that.

On another notice... regarding the phrase "where my friend is"... I just figured today afternoon that one of my close friends is trapped in Lebanon where the bombings took place... and she's got no way out now... I really pray that she'll be safe...

Lastly, what I feel I'm going to miss or lose more likely... is something I've waited for to happen for long... and now I feel it's just too long that I started having doubts it's ever gonna happen. After noticing some signs that it's probably not gonna work or what I thought was not true... I lost hope... and perhaps am beginning to decide that waiting will bring me nothing and all that I've done for the sake of it has all been done in vain. Though I just don't want to believe that's the way it is as disappointed as I am... by time I think I'll just have to accept and move on. Cuz after all... the outcome's never in my hands alone.

oh... to add to the misery... the scanner in the farm ain't working... so the drawing I was dying to upload here can't be
Plus... TV programmes seem to suck now adays.

Wow... I hope a day like this would never come to pass again...

Thursday, July 13, 2006

What Are You Looking At??

Today we've gone to 7awasna to get some 9awaree'7 (rockets :p)... a name given to huge shawarmas. We basically decided to eat them in the car... we didn't go through a few minutes before we realized all those around us were actually watching!!! Every passer by turned his head to look. It's the first time I experienced something like this being shown so openly. And it didn't seem awkward to them to watch people eating. One of them Indians even pointed at us while talking to his friends...Finally we decided this was too much to be watched and went to park somewhere quiet... when we realized we were followed by an Omani guy who parked right before us in order to watch. Now that was an ultimate shock to me!! Yet my friends said this was nothing... if I go to university here I'll experience many things of this sort coming from guys over here. There my usual thoughts mapassed my mind. Have they nothing better to do? Or is watching girls eating that interesting to them?...I seriously thought how shallow could a mind get?...Maybe I'm beginning to know... cuz honestly... I've never seen anything like this before...interesting

Thursday, July 06, 2006


I've had the same Nokia phone for around 3 years. Even though it was old I never had the guts to ask for a new one. Until one day the phone kept closing and losing its charge pretty quickly. And I kept using it still, charging it more often when finally its time came and it wouldn't work properly any more. By then my parents kept trying to call me and the phone would close on their faces. Getting wind that my phone wasn't working properly my dad promised to get me a new one as soon as possible. So I waited.
When he finally got a new one... he took it for himself and gave me his old phone. There I somehow was a bit disappointed and took it without a word. Until later my dad was somehow told I wasn't too happy about it and he came to me saying that once he gets a newer one he'll give it to me.
Last Night my brother arrived from England... he also confessed that he has lost his phone and sim some time ago during Uni. So as soon as my father got a new phone he gave it to me and gave the old phone he gave me to my brother. There I realized something. My brother was happy... he said..." wow... I lost a phone and now I get a new one"
There I sat and thought...
He appreciated what he got... and I insisted on getting what I was promised...
am I spoiled?

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Driven to Hell

Yes I've been taking driving lessons and yes I'm going through hell just to get a manual license for goodness sake. Everyone keeps asking me why not automatic and I just got tired of explaining. I want manual, that's it, buster!! lol...

Warning: Long Story

Well, so far my cursed driving experience has gone alright except for a few errors and cheating here and there. Cheating from the driving teacher's side that is. Apparently me being kind to her triggered a plan in her head. So she told me on my first driving lesson that she doesn't want me to tell her boss she gave me the lesson. Saying she doesn't have her salary yet and that she needs the money for gas. (I was literally disgusted she had the guts to ask me that unaware that I am not the angel she thinks I am)... so I asked her what I was going to say instead and how will this exactly work?.. she's going to give me lessons and I'm gonna say that she didn't?
She said tell him I gave it to you on Sunday... which is today. So far I've taken six lessons with her..that's 6 hours which costs 30 riyals. And I somehow agreed I wouldn't tell on her as long as I get my lessons and allowance to proceed with the tests.

Yes, I have a problem with refusing requests or saying no to someone who asks me a favour. But I certainly didn't like what was going on and wondered why the hell can't I just take my driving lessons in peace without having to keep up with other people's problems.
Still continuing those lessons, yesterday, her car wouldn't work properly and she asked me if I had money to pay for the gas. Obviously I was in a fix I somehow had to consent... and THAT was her biggest mistake. Her mistake to meddle with my fake kind appearance, cuz after all, triggering my anger can easily switch me... and her guts of expecting me to accept her bullshit has reached its rim. Pondering to teach her a lesson...still I waited to see what would happen next, and I've done nothing about it... until today morning. Her Boss called me when I was asleep... and he said he'd call me after I'm awake. Obviously I knew what his call was for and wondered whether I should tell him about her or not. I went looking for my parents to ask them but they weren't around. And the rest of the people in my house are too dumb to give me the right advice anyway. So I decided to follow my instincts... and I told him.
Yes she's given me the lessons and I paid her 30 riyals... which obviously from the tone of his voice he didn't receive. He then asked me to give him a missed call every time I get a lesson and not to tell her that I told him anything until he finds me another teacher.

I blew it for her... now I'm sure she's in trouble. And as much as anyone would accuse me of being mean. Feel free, cuz YES I am mean to those I believe deserve it. Therefore, my advice would be not to try me.

It's funny how people try to cheat their companies... and to be honest, that was the dumbest way of stealing I've ever seen.

Sincerely yours,

Friday, June 23, 2006

Shabab (New Omani Singers)

Hectic days have passed and now it's hectic that they've passed. A few days ago during the exams I felt more relaxed than I do now. I'm somehow not looking forward to a long holiday.
I'll leave it at that however, let the days surprise me.

I'm usually not a great fan of Arabic songs because they all usually have the same continuous beats and the same style in repeating words that makes them sound worse than nursery rhymes. But recently my friend introduced some Omani singers to me who've created a few albums and I realized they're getting better. I actually liked quite a few songs they had and realized how what they said was so true about Oman :p... and of course I was proud they were Omanies after all.
What I see sometimes from many around... is if they hear a few songs that don't impress them, they suddenly conclude all songs that belong to that language (I say language because gender is a different issue) isn't all that. And I do understand since I was like that myself. However, after listening to a few Arabic songs my friends labelled as their favs. I saw it was a shallow way to judge that such songs are and will always be crap. I decided to give them a chance. And I did turn out to like them after all. I used to hate such songs... cuz the Arabs really did the worst songs some time ago... now they're finally improving... so I hope the improvement goes on :)
I've a lot to say, but I guess it's better I update gradually... after all I've got all the time in the world now.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Been a While...

Sooo I guess I'll have to update after all... somehow I'm too scared to change the template of this blog and lose all my data :os... I'm gonna have to figure out how exactly it's done before I get on with it...

well it's been a while since I uploaded any of my recent artworks...

Nope!... it doesn't end here... dear bro moomad felt like fiddling around with this piece some time ago :p... and I must say he's done quite a good job...

Would you look at that!! I guess I'll leave him to fiddle with whatever he likes then... I really liked the improvement there :p

For the rest it's:

Dunno but I just liked this one!!

annnd lastly... another character...

All of them are just trials I'm going through to improve my character for my next book... The Exes II... I want to take out the anime look somehow and make it look more realistic... that I hope to reach somehow... (I wish JayJay was here to give me her opinion :( :(... I highly value it!!!... so JayJay, if you're out there please show

Well... today I feel ....ok I guess... a bit preoccupied and ignoring it on one side... a bit moody on the other.... perhaps a mixture of feelings there... nothing specific...

well I hope you like what you see above :p...

exams are in a 2 weeks *panics*... (what in the world am I doing here?)

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

So that's it?... It's over?

Yes... Today was the last normal day of school... the last day I'll be carrying my bag full of books into that building again... the last time I'll be having lessons with my friends, the last time I'll be coming in the morning and leaving at 2 pm. The last time I wear this uniform!!!...
The last time I have to abide by certain school rules! ... it's the last breath of youth I have left...
now... I just feel different... and the difference I feel does not provide me with a peaceful state of mind...

Usually in school I knew the way I was to follow... simply cuz my job was to pass classes to reach where I am now!... and now that I've reached this stage... the road suddenly splits into several pathways I find hard to choose from.
I confess I am TERRIBLE in knowing my way... :(... I confess even more, I'm terrible in considering what others have to say about my way. So here I am... and for once, I don't want opinions or advices or lectures... I want information... I want to know where I stand now and what I'm supposed to do exactly... I want this laziness in me to go away and push me to figure out what I need to know to make my decisions and suit myself... I feel like a little chick trying to break off that egg-shell... the chances of it breaking depends on how much force the chick exerts on it... the force here would be reperesented by marks... the more marks I collect the greater the force there would be for me to break that shell... but breaking that shell would also mean a lot more... it would mean more challenging battles to fight regarding more difficult issues... that's when I remember some people saying... "I wish that having to study was the only problem I had"... making known that studying was supposed to be the least of problems... now I understand what they mean... and though I dread the future and the possibility of its outcome... I can just hope for the best and dwell on past memories I can cherish :)...

may all those who pass through the same stage next year find their way with less struggles and more achievements :)... cheers to everyone... and happy end of school day!!...

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Make the Effort

Sometimes I wonder through thoughts far away
About how my life turned out to be
And though I'm not sure what happened today
There're things I would still just like to see
And try to think what I'm meaning to say
About what goes on around the world and me
Try to follow and think what I say
That I feel too much for anyone to see
My thoughts keep coming and then drift away
About the things that most of all bother me
I'm a girl of persistance and yet if you may
You would see that it's not always true to be
That I fret from the worst and I think that I may
Be wrong all along throughout my way

I have played my part and did all that I could
To keep the music playing and keep playing around
Yet sometimes I sit thinking that it could or it would
Stop playing the tunes and just seize that great sound
Just as one part can play like the other part should
But one part alone will just flow underground
Cuz then all the rest of the puzzle's just wood
And the rest of its pieces would hardly be found
It is hard to keep going this way, it's no good
Two players should play if the game is then bound
Otherwise the outcome has not yet stood
The test that was given to pass the first round

Friday, April 14, 2006

This Month

I've a lot to update somehow... will start gradually then...


last week or earlier Stella, me, her sisters and some friends went to Sawadi... it was my first time going there to be honest... but as we entered we saw quite an interesting sight.. namely many people walking around half-naked before the reception area :os :os ... I might've understood if they came from the pool... but this was more like old ladies wearing high-heels with only a T-shirt on and no pants!!... they left the hotel with their luggage and Stella looked dumbstruck wondering if they were actually going out like that...
Next we waited longer than necessary because they didn't want to give us a room we booked previously for 4 people because we were around 6... it was ridiculous since we told the lady we weren't going to sleep there... we just needed the room to leave our things and chill, but the woman rejected giving us quite an impolite scowl... *I thought why the hell was she there if she didn't like her job?*
anyways... after paying a few riyals extra considering the two other girls as guests... though if it was for me I wouldn't have paid :rolleyes:... we took the room and sat a moment trying to plan what we were going to do first... obvious isn't it? Straight to the Jetskis :p (again my first time).... we took two jetskis and the drivers had to sign... so it was Stella, her sis, her sis's friend and I who signed... Stella didn't know I did though, she claimed that she wouldn't trust riding with me because I speed too much... well here we'll see the scardy-cat actually turning wild a few hours later...
So I rode behind Stella who (without doubt) started off as slowly as possible... while her older sis sped up like there was no tomorrow ... one would expect my expression to be like >> :/ ... (I had the urge to take over somehow... but I left her to it and tried to encourage her to go faster...
yet behold, that was only the first try... I rode once with Stella and next with her sis... (and yes, there was a big difference at first)... next after going to the restaurant to eat... we came back again... back with new spirits... -perhaps full tummies make a difference- because there's when I saw Stella's new side!!... When I took control of one Jetski and she took control of the other...
The guy asked whether I knew how to ride and I said no, it's my first time... then he offered to ride with me and I said hell no!!... I'd prefer to go alone... he certainly didn't know me... I had difficulties starting that machine for a while until I realized I had to press slowly on the gas... and BAM!!... the motor worked and this time there was no mercy... lol... I experimented a little bit and changed speeds when I saw Stella speeding next to me asking for a race... a race... with Stella?!!... (you should've seen the grin on my face... thinking that even the slowest turtle could beat her...)... therefore I actually didn't speed as I would've... and there I learnt one should never underestimate!!... her jetski sped up like crazy!! I spent time wondering about what I just saw before I realized I was losing... and yes... I lost the first round...

The second round came soon... and having studied my opponent previously I managed to win this time :p... so that made us quits and engraved a big note on my head... I started wondering about Stella... and thought... perhaps I should be
Well next we went to the restaurant again... NO... not to eat... we don't have THAT much of digestion power... we went to play snooker before they closed... with one of Stella's sis's friends...
once more I lose in the first round and win in the next... it was like a pattern...

a few minutes later we just called it a day and went back home... yet... it is a day to remember :D... and it still remains a record in my mind... the first day I saw Stella show her wild side :p... bless you all :)...

Monday, April 03, 2006

Main Events This Week

April's Fool Turns Real

This is basically sad... someone I know has been talking to a person for a year and a half which is obviously long enough to be great pals and more... well folks, after all the lovey dovey talks they've had she calls late at night on the first of April to see how he's doing when she suddenly hears that he's been engaged... Obviously she thought it was a prank and couldn't digest the thought... however after asking around and reassuring this sudden piece of news it turns out to be real...
It doesn't get to my mind how someone could be so cruel to flirt around with a girl for so long and CONTINUES to do so EVEN after his engagement... until finally he decides to tell her which alas was the day of April's fool... but obviously not something to fool about... be warned people... it's just sad.

I Stole The Quiz Paper

For the THIRD time that is... I've managed to get away with it all this time until the last 3 days... my pride in being a great thief sank down... or let's just say a great pretender since the stealing part actually worked and the teacher didn't realize the paper was stolen until he heard us getting a bit too excited in the corner and smiled at me saying "Tee... once you've had your laugh you can give me back the quiz paper" *click*.... a chance wasted... I could've miraculously conjured a full mark once more :p.... however, being figured out was a bummer.... now he's going to be extra careful which'll make my task more difficult.... yet not impossible eh :p

Hopeless Football Players

Another football match with my class today afternoon and last week... I must say I'm not quite that good at it myself... but I'm not that bad either... "Bad" referring to our team's heroines... one's dear SteLLa... who earned the medal of shouting "no, no" and jumping when the ball neared the goal... (I should've known that giving commands might make the ball go away! :rolleyes:) ... and the rest of the medals go for my wonderful team who formed a line inches before the goal!!! ... a barrier to block the ball... now isn't that a strategy?... so basically only I and another girl were left to attack... so another medal goes to me for being so dumb to strain myself and try to make a goal which never got close to the net due to it being taken from me... after all what can two attackers do against a dozen defenders?
The great cup goes to the soccer girls!!! ... girls are just awesome in soccer aren't they? :p

Thursday, March 30, 2006

The sk8er_girl :p

Alright... so it is that my friend's younger sister's crazy about skating boards... she's just offered to show me a few stunts someone captured (which looks quite difficult to do)... but the positions are amazing... as you see bellow :p

A bit above the ground... god knows where she jumped from!

Now that's a fine stunt innit? :p... (wonder how you did that!)

I'm curious to know what happened after this was taken... fell over? :p

Alright, the show's over... go back home!

That's sk8er girl for you... till the next show....

Friday, March 24, 2006

Bandar Rowtha

So it is that I haven't updated this blog for a while... my apologies to all... my computer broke down and I had to go use a different one every time I wanted to go online... nevertheless, back to business..

It was only yesterday that my class and I went on a yacht trip... that was a whole new experience to most of us... an experience I personally would love to try again which others rather not... that is because almost half of the class threw up on our way to sea... (sea sick is it?) ... I do admit the ride was quite bumpy... but to me that was the fun of it all :p... you see the yacht going unsteady and everyone trying to hold on tight to avoid falling over...
One of them however described me as a show-off just cuz I felt like standing and didn't throw up :p... now I wondered whether I should have play pretended to be sick just to please them :rolleyes: ...
although aside from that... since we were actually going to see dolphins, none showed up... or perhaps we were all too busy keeping steady to realize... it was sunny but there was a cold wind always blowing... so good weather all in all... and I did manage to take some pics that I could share here down below:

This was a different yacht... ours was a bit smaller (by the name of "Lubna")... however with the same kind of architecture as this one :D... (I just remembered I should've taken a pic of the yacht itself... argh... *smack* )

A rock that fascinated me... erosion has its effects :D... that shape's something...

Aboard the ship... meditating

That's just three out of a collection... but you get the picture anyway... after all it was fun and I did enjoy it all the way... I consider it the best trip we ever had :D... best and last I'm afraid... but all worth it :)

Friday, March 03, 2006

This Week's Work

Some are random and some are from my book... They're just simple ones I'm not exactly concentrating on especially when it comes to the coloring... I'm always concerned about getting their positions right instead... so far the progress isn't bad really... I was pretty happy with how the third one turned out to be... proportions are always a problem when you take nothing as an example... however, the overall result is close to the correct measurements I hope...

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Last Thursday's Party

It was only yesterday that I had this notion... a completely new experience. It was a friend's party where all my classmates would be present. I had no particular plans and wasn't even sure if I was going to go. As it is, I wasn't prepared and it wasn't usual for me to go to parties like that.That is when my friend Stella called and asked me to come over to her house in order to conjur her magic on me. That is a whole make over... I said: what should I wear? She goes like: just come and I'll take care of that. Being a bit curious I did as I was told.
It has always been the case when she would ask me to enter the house and go up to her room straight away as soon as I arrive. Even though I've been to her house a zillion times before I could never get used to just bursting in like that as if I already owned it. I always felt like an intruder... I remember coming into the house and seeing her brother sitting in the hallway reading a newspaper. He just looked up at me and said hi as if it's just another person walking around. This is one of the few times that surprised me when I saw that my intrusion was not taken as such, nor was it surprising to anyone that I was there... but well that's not the point... the point is... she did it :os.... she changed the way I looked from top to bottom and for the first time I actually felt really feminine. That would probably hint that I'm not the type who's over crazy about the way I look. I usually just dress casually as long as I'm presentable... but last Thursday was a whole different prospective. She found something that fit me perfectly and made me wear high-heeled shoes I've never worn before...
in case anyone was wondering...I had to practice walking in them before actually wearing them to the party... it was insane, I know!
Now I know how girls suffer in order to look perfect... I came back with my feet almost forming blisters... But after all I felt it was worth it ... Seeing the surprise on my friends' faces was amusing... I was sure they weren't expecting me to turn up... It's all Stella's fault... How I love that girl! :p...

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Tagged :)

Been tagged by Arabian Prince !
Those questions are a bit challenging... however, here goes:

Eight weird things about me:
1. That I could either eat endlessly or not eat at all when I set my mind to it.
2. That I could draw something for 5 minutes that'll turn out better than something I've been busy with for hours.
3. That I laugh or sing whenever I'm nervous or scared...
4. That I laugh at lameness BECAUSE it's lame...
5. That I could play an RPG game I like for days, non-stop... (and I'm not kidding) ... the longest I played was 3 days, only taking breaks for meals...
6. That I could read a book non-stop... the longest was a whole day, only reading...
7. That I could listen to music I like over and over a zillion times until I have enough. Then I wouldn't want to listen to it again.
8. That I could be extremely rude to people I dislike...

Eight attributes of my perfect other significant:
1. Someone I can interact with...
2. Someone caring and understanding...
3. Someone with the same or higher intellegance level. :p
4. Has to be open-minded... and open for discussions...
5. Someone who respects me as much as I respect him...
6. Someone responsible and mature...
7. Someone who doesn't get influenced by what others tell him but rather thinks for himself.
8. Someone who trusts and is trustworthy.
(I guess those are the essential attributes... too demanding? :p ... well, course no one's perfect... anyone close to that will do :p)

I tag:
- Nabs
- Kazablanka
- Violet
- SteLLa
- X-nezitic

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

I met her.... Finally!!

Yesterday was as usual a day as always, I woke up without the slightest clue what I was going to do for the rest of the day. However after lunchtime I just couldn't stand sitting around especially since the net over here wasn't all that efficient... so I went over to my friends Jay and Violet.
After spending some time there we finally decided to go for a cruise in the car and pick up a girl. Yeah, a girl I was eager to meet some time ago... I guess the thought of my eagerness probably freaked the hell out of her I must say, she went extra home to get ready for me :os...however, if you ask me even without all the preparations she would've looked just fine. Sorry? Who was it?...Welll...Behold!! It was the one and only "Kazablanka!!"
Oh no, if some would've imagined I was awaiting a green monster with orange hair, you are by all means mistaken. It was actually a pretty girl that got in the car right next to me... yet within that girl was the humour of the Kaza you all know! :D ...
Seriously speaking.... who would come in a car and request all at once for the driver to play her new cassette? :p... oh you don't want to know what it played... never mind that.

All in all it was a lovely night I enjoyed! I'm quite happy now, after having almost killed Violet with my continuous demmands to bring her. Violet and Jay? Yeah, they were the audience in the back of the car...
It turned out well though and I'm glad to have met her at last :D... cheers to Kaza... and hope we'll meet again soon inshalla...

Thursday, February 02, 2006

More Drawings

As much as I may bore you with this there are two more drawings I made I'd like to share...

pencil, pen, then water colors... hope you like them...

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Listen To Your Heart

I was just in the mood to draw something new in paint again... the results were as follows:

This was edited in photoshop...

was trying out different effects... :

Somehow this one didn't seem too bad :p

Oh well... just the beginning I guess.... hope it serves anyway... :)

Sunday, January 15, 2006


This was done 2 days ago... despite the relaxed atmosphere I was actually a bit stressed when I drew it... cuz I was supposed to be studying instead... but I know that under stress the only thing I could do is work on something I'm good at to get rid of it... once I'm satisfied and the stress is gone I'll complete what I started out with...
It may seem strange to some that the best drawings and sketches I've made were done in times of exams... or between finals... I've showed none here so far... until I find them in my computer I'll upload them here... as for now, I completed this and am pretty relaxed at the moment :p...
hope ya like it....

Relaxed's Steps... altered by Nabs..

Final result:

Much improved innit? :D... guess the added effects make all the difference, my thanks to dear Nabs once again ... quite the designer!... :)

Saturday, January 14, 2006

You'll Pay/ Insanity

Yes, I made two drawings this week... the first was for practice and the second to express myself :p...
Although the first one took me much longer I somehow like the second one better...
Hope y' all like at least one of them anyway :p

Saturday, January 07, 2006

I wish I were...

I wish I were a shining star
Emerging through the dark of space
I wish I were a burning light
Just shooting forms in lines of rays
I wish I were in lands so far
Where time would stop its timeless race
And yet I wish to live a life
Of harmony where music plays

I wish I were a heartless fool
Where deep emotions have no place
For if I were as she is now
I'd feel remorse from what she says
Of sorrows that arouse her pain
Or from tomorrow's evil case
Nothing will remain the same
Nothing goes and nothing stays


I don't even know what I'm trying to say here... it's as random as can be... came out of the blue... so i guess I'll figure out later :os :os ...

Not alone...

Yes, I was bored out of my mind and not exactly in the best of moods due to two things...

1. I still can't scan my drawings & 2. My photoshop program just won't work...

so I ended up drawing this image in paint... yeah, the normal paint -outlining with the mouse... I must say it took me quite a while for the guy sitting in the corner... but the rest was pretty easy, nothin much to it... excuse the funky colors... hope you like it anyway....

Sunday, January 01, 2006

No Fear

There goes another attempt on my old style :p... only I changed the way i used to color them... first by pencil then by ink and last by watercolors... I'm guessing it looks better than the previous ones only took me much longer to decide on the shadings... 'course some tips from dear nabs helped :D.... hope it serves....