Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Nizwa Word Inventions

"With ignorance comes creativity"

That's a lesson one of the professors was trying to teach us in Linguistics.
And he Proved it!!! It was Hilarious... what happened was as follows:

Prof: Another way of having new words added into a language is backwards inventions.
Backwards inventions is when one derives a word from another language instead of deriving it from the root. Like "Editor"
Editor was a word in itself... it was derived from another language... people were ignorant about that fact and thought editor had a root word "Edit". And that's how the new word "edit" was brought into the language.

Students: *laugh*

Prof: see how ignorance can be useful?... let's take a live example then shall we?... Give me the root word of "assumption"

Students: *uncertainly shout out* "Assump"!!!

Prof: Assump??... really??... Do you know you've just come up with a word I never heard... nor does it even exist in the english language. The root word for assumption is assume.


Prof: but who knows... perhaps assump would become a new word in the English language invented by 7atharatkum, Nizwa students!!...

After all even though it's ignorance... some use can come out of it.

Me: tssssk.... ignorance indeed.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Can't Seem To Pull It Off Right!

Alright!!! That's it!!!... I'm gonna have to let this out somehow...
I'm starting to HATE giving presentations cuz NOTHING I say turns out right!!!

1st presentation was about the reformation period. I said almost ALL there was to say about it and the professor said he would consider it a 4/10 because I didn't mention it's impact on the Renaissance Period.

He could've said write about the reformation's impact on the renaissance and not simply the reformation then, surely?

2nd presentaion he told me to talk about Percy Shelley, so that's who I talked about... Percy Shelley!!... but nooo, I did equally bad because I talked about the person.... not his impact on the Romantic Period.
well isn't Percy Shelley the bloody person??!!!

is this my daftness or his English failure in passing the message?

I'm really pissed this will start affecting my marks!!!

Next time, if EVER he asked me to talk about let's say "Satan" I won't. I'll talk about his bloody IMPACT on my bloody thoughts, this very bloody Period!!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Words Unspoken

Words Unspoken

From far within the widest seas
In waters cold and oceans deep
There will be times, when heedless rhymes
Will throw in words for minds to keep

Those words that form one's true concern
With which those eyes would start to weep
One's pointless aim, to give the blame
To minor numbers down the heap

Yet nameless folk would neither care
Nor try to see how things would be
If those who play, would stop their way
And leave their place in history

Then times will come and leave its age
To where its age decides to be
And those who claim, to know the game
Know naught of its adversary


This was a poem I wrote at a moment when my nerves were almost at an end from a forum I partly moderate together with a number of admins and moderators. That would be English Sabla.
That day I started realizing and understanding how certain moderators used to feel and what they had to deal with.
Some started dictating to me that I was wrong in my judgements and perhaps I was, the team themselves responded little, yet showed support in public.
Certain things can be hectic and you can't always please everyone. You try and get snapped at in return.
This poem was just something I happened to feel like writing at a blink of an eye.
Everything has its ups and downs. However, there will be a time when I'll decide to move on and inshalla find myself a better successor.
But ofcourse only when my nerves can't support it anymore... which is a difficult level to reach.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

20 Years Later

So I've outlived 20 years now... my last birthday was no doubt amongst the ones I enjoyed the most. I got well wishes from some I never thought would actually remember, so it made me pretty happy, not to mention having 2 cakes made for me.
I just wanted to thank my dear friend SteLLa and her family for granting me that day. I feel like nothing I do could possibly repay that.
In addition to my Blind_Melon :p and her friend whom I had the pleasure of meeting that day.

If anyone wondered how I feel... well.. I feel not ready... somehow 20 means entering the age of adulthood.... no more teen in the picture. I feel like I have no choice but to go through it and face what the coming years hold for me. In a way the thought scares me. And despite me having a fortune teller << not exactly... just someone who studied my zodiac sign and the exact day and time I was born to tell me about myself.... well despite of her telling me I have a prosperous future due to my personality. Knowing how much I distrust predictions I don't feel any more confident.
Well... who knows... I'll just cross my fingers and try climbing those stairs once again. Perhaps start a new page.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

An Old Tree

Through my days I've grown deep roots
Going down to ancient mines
Arrows, armors, scripts and flutes
Dating from beyond the times

Through those times I've lived to see
Streaks of endless history
I have seen what used to be
Secrets kept a mystery

I'm an old unheeded tree
Yet my age goes far beyond
Every day some pass by me
Unaware of times I bond

All the time such natures form
Full of signs and tracks of old
All this time those days once norm
Have become long tales untold

all rights reserved

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Hard Nuts to Crack

Sometimes I really wonder about those who’ve got a heart of steel… nothing you do or say could ever get to them. They don’t take crap from others and tend to be very straight forward.
The person closest to being my role model is like that. Only I’ve always had difficulties mastering it myself. Personally thought such reactions resemble arrogance, over-confidence, selfishness and inaccessible trustworthiness. I saw it as cruelty. Yet somehow through past experiences… I start understanding their egos. I observed how rolled over you get if kindness and sensitivity exceed in you. And perhaps those who refrained from being so may not have been so without a good reason. It acts as a form of barrier.
Does that necessarily mean they’re heartless or self-centered?
Or that they merely care no less?
Guess it simply means they’re hard nuts to crack. Hard people to fool and hard people to get to.
And in a way… I admire that. lol