Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Out of Bed

I am in a pissed mood today... I was not woken up the way I hoped to be... I am supposeto be leaving here 12... I get a call from my stepmum 8 am while I'm fast asleep asking me when I'm leaving (when I already bloody told her yesterday).
Mornings are the wrong time to call me... I couldn't think on the phone... I was like "uhh...I don't know, let me go check".... I go to my laptop.... check the timetable... try to call back from my mobile>> no credit. So I was forced to go all the way down just to call her (while in face she was just in her room)... and when I was done...I planned to go straight to sleep. I come back and find my bed being stripped off naked for cleaning.
Now here I am... and I am pissed :XD:

What's pissing me off even more now... is I couldn't find a decent picture to put in here from my usual deviantart cuz obviously anything to do with the word bed brings out nudity.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Competition Has No Limits... Competition Has No Mercy

Let me explain the situation before I head into anything. I've been living with the students of the foundation year ever since I joined uni... and the foundation year students may well be consideres amatuers. But since this is my first year I had to join them. Now that I passed the tests of the foundation and moved straight to my major... I have the choice to live with the bigger girls.
Except that I was already settled where I was... but I had a problem and still do.

The foundation year girls are loud like any you ever meet. They're LOUD in their talk, loud in the night... loud in the afternoon. there's hardly a time they're not loud... and one day it got to the extent of me marching out of my room and going after them.

Tee: would you most awefully mind being quiet

Girls: (fall silent and turn their backs talking)


Girls: (stop in their tracks and all look at me.... dead silent)

one of the girls: There's no need to shout

Tee: is there not?

Girl: that's very disrespectful

Tee: and you shouting around the corridors is respectful surely.

(The bigger girls walk over to that girl and tell her to stop arguing with me... then they ask me to calm down... and I just walked into my room banging my door shut)

Now in that scenario I was as angry as ever....

I asked for the loud girls' names and told my stepmother I need to change dorms. She told me I've the possibility of moving in the other side of campus where the older girls are. i asked whether any rooms were free there, she answers:

mom: that doesn't matter.

Tee: so you'll kick any girl from there to give me a room? (shocked)

mom: Tee... it's honorable of you to think that way... but seriously... stop worrying about others... this is a competition... people take what they can get, not make way for others... you'll never get anywhere if you're like that.

Guys..... anyone reading this.... I think the title says it all... and I am still startled and confused. Is this the way it should be?