Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Seems Like I'm a Millionaire

Dear nicobambi has been researching TripleTee... it was funny what he found... Didn't know I owned that much :p

Meat Shop:

Screen Alarm:

Software Company:

And I thought TripleTee was a rarely found name... geez... I guess anything could be found in the internet now adays...

Monday, July 17, 2006

My First Attempt In Making Pizza!!

It was just one day that the house was empty and I felt bored... that I decided to try my cooking skills.... even after watching my stepmum cook many times and learning a lot from her (she's a fab cook! :p )... I guess I still had my own style... which I was praised for, for my first attempt :p
This was quite a tiring job... but the outcome was much better than I imagined... I left the kitchen proud :p :p ! Lol...
Ofcourse I followed a beginner's book...
I guess the most difficult was making the dough... for the rest it was pretty easy and enjoyable...
well for whoever knows how to do the dough... the topings I put was just random... added whatever I felt would make it good... finally this is what came out of the oven...

I tried some and gave the rest to the others who were quite happy to have it...


I guess I'll visit the kitchen more often :p

Friday, July 14, 2006

Not A Day In My Book

Today was not exactly the best of days to go through...
Too many bad news and rarely a way to express myself... so I decided to write them down here...

There are a number of things that seem to upset me regarding where I am.... where my friend is... what I've missed and what I feel I'm going to miss.
To cut down the riddles I'm now at the farm... trying to avoid what's going on around me since I'm not a farm girl nor am I fond of farms at all... yet I am forced to come here in my holiday which had been almost 3 times a week so far... so that's causing me to lose my nerves gradually.

According to that I'm also not able to join my friend in Muscat after promising her I'd accompany her to her cousin's wedding. Now I'm frustrated about that.

On another notice... regarding the phrase "where my friend is"... I just figured today afternoon that one of my close friends is trapped in Lebanon where the bombings took place... and she's got no way out now... I really pray that she'll be safe...

Lastly, what I feel I'm going to miss or lose more likely... is something I've waited for to happen for long... and now I feel it's just too long that I started having doubts it's ever gonna happen. After noticing some signs that it's probably not gonna work or what I thought was not true... I lost hope... and perhaps am beginning to decide that waiting will bring me nothing and all that I've done for the sake of it has all been done in vain. Though I just don't want to believe that's the way it is as disappointed as I am... by time I think I'll just have to accept and move on. Cuz after all... the outcome's never in my hands alone.

oh... to add to the misery... the scanner in the farm ain't working... so the drawing I was dying to upload here can't be
Plus... TV programmes seem to suck now adays.

Wow... I hope a day like this would never come to pass again...

Thursday, July 13, 2006

What Are You Looking At??

Today we've gone to 7awasna to get some 9awaree'7 (rockets :p)... a name given to huge shawarmas. We basically decided to eat them in the car... we didn't go through a few minutes before we realized all those around us were actually watching!!! Every passer by turned his head to look. It's the first time I experienced something like this being shown so openly. And it didn't seem awkward to them to watch people eating. One of them Indians even pointed at us while talking to his friends...Finally we decided this was too much to be watched and went to park somewhere quiet... when we realized we were followed by an Omani guy who parked right before us in order to watch. Now that was an ultimate shock to me!! Yet my friends said this was nothing... if I go to university here I'll experience many things of this sort coming from guys over here. There my usual thoughts mapassed my mind. Have they nothing better to do? Or is watching girls eating that interesting to them?...I seriously thought how shallow could a mind get?...Maybe I'm beginning to know... cuz honestly... I've never seen anything like this before...interesting

Thursday, July 06, 2006


I've had the same Nokia phone for around 3 years. Even though it was old I never had the guts to ask for a new one. Until one day the phone kept closing and losing its charge pretty quickly. And I kept using it still, charging it more often when finally its time came and it wouldn't work properly any more. By then my parents kept trying to call me and the phone would close on their faces. Getting wind that my phone wasn't working properly my dad promised to get me a new one as soon as possible. So I waited.
When he finally got a new one... he took it for himself and gave me his old phone. There I somehow was a bit disappointed and took it without a word. Until later my dad was somehow told I wasn't too happy about it and he came to me saying that once he gets a newer one he'll give it to me.
Last Night my brother arrived from England... he also confessed that he has lost his phone and sim some time ago during Uni. So as soon as my father got a new phone he gave it to me and gave the old phone he gave me to my brother. There I realized something. My brother was happy... he said..." wow... I lost a phone and now I get a new one"
There I sat and thought...
He appreciated what he got... and I insisted on getting what I was promised...
am I spoiled?

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Driven to Hell

Yes I've been taking driving lessons and yes I'm going through hell just to get a manual license for goodness sake. Everyone keeps asking me why not automatic and I just got tired of explaining. I want manual, that's it, buster!! lol...

Warning: Long Story

Well, so far my cursed driving experience has gone alright except for a few errors and cheating here and there. Cheating from the driving teacher's side that is. Apparently me being kind to her triggered a plan in her head. So she told me on my first driving lesson that she doesn't want me to tell her boss she gave me the lesson. Saying she doesn't have her salary yet and that she needs the money for gas. (I was literally disgusted she had the guts to ask me that unaware that I am not the angel she thinks I am)... so I asked her what I was going to say instead and how will this exactly work?.. she's going to give me lessons and I'm gonna say that she didn't?
She said tell him I gave it to you on Sunday... which is today. So far I've taken six lessons with her..that's 6 hours which costs 30 riyals. And I somehow agreed I wouldn't tell on her as long as I get my lessons and allowance to proceed with the tests.

Yes, I have a problem with refusing requests or saying no to someone who asks me a favour. But I certainly didn't like what was going on and wondered why the hell can't I just take my driving lessons in peace without having to keep up with other people's problems.
Still continuing those lessons, yesterday, her car wouldn't work properly and she asked me if I had money to pay for the gas. Obviously I was in a fix I somehow had to consent... and THAT was her biggest mistake. Her mistake to meddle with my fake kind appearance, cuz after all, triggering my anger can easily switch me... and her guts of expecting me to accept her bullshit has reached its rim. Pondering to teach her a lesson...still I waited to see what would happen next, and I've done nothing about it... until today morning. Her Boss called me when I was asleep... and he said he'd call me after I'm awake. Obviously I knew what his call was for and wondered whether I should tell him about her or not. I went looking for my parents to ask them but they weren't around. And the rest of the people in my house are too dumb to give me the right advice anyway. So I decided to follow my instincts... and I told him.
Yes she's given me the lessons and I paid her 30 riyals... which obviously from the tone of his voice he didn't receive. He then asked me to give him a missed call every time I get a lesson and not to tell her that I told him anything until he finds me another teacher.

I blew it for her... now I'm sure she's in trouble. And as much as anyone would accuse me of being mean. Feel free, cuz YES I am mean to those I believe deserve it. Therefore, my advice would be not to try me.

It's funny how people try to cheat their companies... and to be honest, that was the dumbest way of stealing I've ever seen.

Sincerely yours,