Thursday, March 30, 2006

The sk8er_girl :p

Alright... so it is that my friend's younger sister's crazy about skating boards... she's just offered to show me a few stunts someone captured (which looks quite difficult to do)... but the positions are amazing... as you see bellow :p

A bit above the ground... god knows where she jumped from!

Now that's a fine stunt innit? :p... (wonder how you did that!)

I'm curious to know what happened after this was taken... fell over? :p

Alright, the show's over... go back home!

That's sk8er girl for you... till the next show....

Friday, March 24, 2006

Bandar Rowtha

So it is that I haven't updated this blog for a while... my apologies to all... my computer broke down and I had to go use a different one every time I wanted to go online... nevertheless, back to business..

It was only yesterday that my class and I went on a yacht trip... that was a whole new experience to most of us... an experience I personally would love to try again which others rather not... that is because almost half of the class threw up on our way to sea... (sea sick is it?) ... I do admit the ride was quite bumpy... but to me that was the fun of it all :p... you see the yacht going unsteady and everyone trying to hold on tight to avoid falling over...
One of them however described me as a show-off just cuz I felt like standing and didn't throw up :p... now I wondered whether I should have play pretended to be sick just to please them :rolleyes: ...
although aside from that... since we were actually going to see dolphins, none showed up... or perhaps we were all too busy keeping steady to realize... it was sunny but there was a cold wind always blowing... so good weather all in all... and I did manage to take some pics that I could share here down below:

This was a different yacht... ours was a bit smaller (by the name of "Lubna")... however with the same kind of architecture as this one :D... (I just remembered I should've taken a pic of the yacht itself... argh... *smack* )

A rock that fascinated me... erosion has its effects :D... that shape's something...

Aboard the ship... meditating

That's just three out of a collection... but you get the picture anyway... after all it was fun and I did enjoy it all the way... I consider it the best trip we ever had :D... best and last I'm afraid... but all worth it :)

Friday, March 03, 2006

This Week's Work

Some are random and some are from my book... They're just simple ones I'm not exactly concentrating on especially when it comes to the coloring... I'm always concerned about getting their positions right instead... so far the progress isn't bad really... I was pretty happy with how the third one turned out to be... proportions are always a problem when you take nothing as an example... however, the overall result is close to the correct measurements I hope...