Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy New Year

I was playing around with photoshop... until I spoiled the whole design I made for new year :os... nevertheless I'd like to wish everyone a Happy New Year...

This year has been the most interesting for me... it is the year I first got back to drawing and writing poems... the year I performed my final play and the year I first joined an english forum. Also the year I received the first copy of my book... and what else?... The year I met a number of interesting and intelligent people I am more than happy to have come across...

it may've also been a pain in the a**... but my gain outweighs my loss and I would not have had it otherwise... so happy new year to everyone and inshalla next year'll be a better one...

Best wishes,

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Tagged! (Desktop Image)

Been tagged by dear Nabs and Violet :

I've had this wallpaper for quite a while now... I just love the graphics... oh well...

I tag:

SteLLa (if she sees it :p)

Below My Expectations...

No... I won't complain... lol.. I know I may've made loads of mistakes along the way, but I also know myself well enough to conclude that even without those mistakes the results would've been the same... I've been through four mock exams now and I must say so far I am not satisfied... I know many would say it is simply because I don't study... but unfortunately I figured lately that it is more than just that since I spent more than 7 hours yesterday studying only one subject and yet today I feel my performance did not meet up to my expectations... so at the moment I am very dissapointed with myself and feel kind of lost... it is the effect of expecting something to be difficult when it's supposed to be easy... the look of all the things I have to catch up with made me lose confidance in believing that I'll manage to go through it all... I guess I do need tutors after all... lol

Sunday, December 25, 2005

The Night

A little girl holdin a teddy bear looking out of the window before going to bed... Jay... reminds me a lot of Marlene in "The Exes"... whatcha think?... I half- had her in mind... oh well...

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Deep Under

To trapped creatures, ignorance is bliss...
somethin I've done a few days ago... had difficulties with it... not that satisfied but well... hope it serves anyway :)

Friday, December 16, 2005

Can it be??

When I was surfing the net I decided to look for a better blog address with tripletee only... knowing it didn't work previously that must've suggested that someone already had a blog with that address... and when I checked it... this is what I found : :os..

... I must admit it shocked me a bit... I don't really know what to make of it or if it's just coincidence...Jay was also mentioned there... I was thinkin how many tripletees know Jays??... nevertheless I found it interesting and quite clear someone was bored out of his/her mind and had nothin better to do... though it cracked me and Jay up a bit and got me quite curious, but oh well... no big deal I guess...

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Don't Cry...

This is a bit more simple... does resemble something :p... however, regarding the drawing, it was only the positioning of the characters that I always found a bit challenging... the rest just went with the flow... somehow goin back to my familliar style :os...

Friday, December 09, 2005


ok... I decided to experiment a little... this drawing took me around 20 mins...

The original... scanned, only I didn't exactly know how to take the scanning effect out ...oh well....

Used Threshold in photoshop for this one... well it looked interesting to me... reminded me of the comics i see in newspapers....

Inverted the colors and liked the outcome...

It was all practice... guess I've still much to learn...:p

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Lost Memories

A moment of sadness inspired this poem... I dedicate it's morals to my friend (Princess) at this present situation... (I hope you're doing well and in good health... ) ...
It says:

There's been a time when I would walk
Concealing thoughts I've held along
Then hearing voices tell and talk
Of memories, and talk for long

Recalling days of lasting youth
Or laughing faces singing songs
If one would try to see the truth
That day would fade where it belongs

The past it goes and here remains
The fragments of a lasting thought
Of memories that cause restrains
Or tears to flow for times I sought

Moments that would not return
Nor stay the same throughout our lives
Times will change and cause concern
No matter how a person strives

So still I walk not looking back
Or thinking of what happened last
I know I can't retrace my track
It's all just stories of the past

It is what either of us wish to do, though we know it's not as easy as it sounds... yet remember this... it was never your fault Princess... and I hope you get over it one day...

If ever there was a friend to recall, I wouldn't think twice... if it weren't for the present situation I'd fight every chance to see you again... let others scream before they know the true meaning of friendship... but never has anyone gone through what you have for me... and I thank you all the more for it... sorry to have been such a pain in the ass :D... you know me even more than myself...

on an extra notice: I am very proud to hear your ambitions in life and how much we have in common... wherever you got that inspiration from, I would be more than delighted to watch you follow it up to success... your ideas prove you capable and I believe every bit in you. Despite all the ordeals you encounter your persistance amazes me... you deserve every merit for being the friend you are... and I hope that one day I could give it to you...thanx

Love, Tee

Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Finally!!! My 59 copies of "The Exes" arrived early this morning! :D... It takes BookSurge ages to send them for some reason... but that doesn't matter now...

I can finally carry on with the next step, after making a pat with them owners the book'll be available in Oman's bookshops soon enough insha2 allah! :) :)

( The pic was taken through my webcam... Excuse the low resolution.. )

Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Result of a bad mood... I just had to put the image I had in mind on the paper... I wish it were easier though, lol... well this one took me quite a while... approx. 2 hours... drawn by pencil, outlined by ink then colored using watercolors... it might not be the exact image I wished for... but it comes close enough.... hope you like it :)

Friday, December 02, 2005

A Question Of Life

I've had the urge to post this for a while and decided to do so just as a matter of thought... I've had a question in mind... A topic that might turn your brains in circles... but I will try to bring it together as much as I can...
a discussion with an athiest (someone who doesn't believe in god's existance)... yet someone I was willing to learn more about seeing that he/she has lived in a believer's environment most of his/her life, and yet chose to follow their own ways. I've been faced with questions here and there which I trust no religious believer ever had the guts to discuss... yet I found it extremely vital to take their doubts into consideration if one is to look at life from a different prospective... look at what you see rather than what you're told to see...
So to begin with... I'll write it as it was said...

3T: so what's your belief?

?: I have none,

3T: howcome?

?: nothing has been proven, for me to believe in...

3T: What exactly has not been proven?

?: any belief you're referring to.

3T: What of the Holy Books?

?: what of them?

3T: do they prove nothing to you?

?: what do they prove to you?

3T: Perhaps that god exists...

?: and how exactly did you come to that conclusion?

3T: due to the truthfulness of what they reveal...

?: ...what is it u're referring to as true??

3T: about life... certain things that's not likely for a human to know in the time it was written.

?: yes, that is if it was indeed written during that time and if it was somethin that could never have been known as u presume...

3T: what do you mean to say? ... that you believe it may've been written later or changed? Or that such things that require modern knowledge could've been known previously?

?: I believe in neither 3t, I am merely claiming that either one is possible... and whatever is written whether changed or not is written words by human hand... all these doubts pile up and lead to the other... ofcourse not all that is written is false... nor all that is written I would take for granted...

3T: so saying what u said.... what do you make of life exactly? ...elaborate....

?: I may give you reasons ... but one will have to look at life more realisticly to understand what I'm talking about... you cannot simply make up reasons of why we exist just for the sake of having a reason...
science was made to give us facts of how things happen and religion was made to explain why things happen... all no doubt have a purpose... they're related... but one is more valid than the other... beliefs in religion differ in one region to the other... science is only one and factual... religion was no doubt made to help people during their time because people long ago didn't live the life we're living now... through the hardships they've gone through they needed something to believe in... something to keep them going.... something to hold on to... thus different religions were made to serve their own purposes...
if I had lived during these days I might've believed in them...
Do not get me wrong... u've no idea how much I would love for someone to come up to me and prove that certain beliefs are true, whether it was Islam, Christianity or any other...
there are a very few who would open their eyes and see life for what it is rather than follow what they're told without the slightest clue despite all their doubts. It is a question of life itself... I may've had a bit of thought in it... and if I said I believed in god it wouldn't be in the same way you do... since I do not take god as a person. I would refer to him as the essence of life if I were to relate to science... it is what life started with... presumably energy... since it could never be made nor broken... but if you refer to him as a person who wants to be worshiped by his creations and sends them to either hell or heaven... I do not see the reason nor the purpose behind it...
but I am sure none of what I doubt could be answered by any human in this lifetime... and the answer "god knows" would be empty to me...
so there you know my views... u are free to believe in what u will... nothing you say can convince me... nor prove your theories right... it will more likely cause confliction and where due to differences as it has been goin on for years...
But this is how I see it.. all to his own...

(I do not know what argument would change the person's mind nor convince him/her that he/she's wrong.. but it is interesting to see how people think and how others would answer to it... )

it is but a question of life and a doubt that is difficult to answer... may anyone who is able to clarify do so... I highly regard such people who struggle to find the true meaning of life rather than follow blindly... they would be the true believers since they are waiting to be convinced and don't simply pretend to believe in what they don't...

Thursday, December 01, 2005


I was in the mood to draw something more relaxing... it always has to be a woman in the end :p... don't ask why... it's just a random outcome... nothing special to say about it... drawn by pencil and outlined by ink... well, hope you like it anyway :)...

Friday, November 25, 2005


I don't quite know how to put this in words... nor do I know what impression I give most of those who read this blog... but I start despising the fact that I've been judged so shallowly by what people see rather than know. ... clearly I've lost my patience in accepting impudence... there are a very few who believe in you and a very few who're smart enough not to judge out of the blue... but there are some who doubt you... and try to show you the way as if you were a baby who can't stand on your own feet... being made small before their eyes... and underestimated so much that later you start doubting yourself...
Now that I've realized how much this lack of trust would affect my performance... one is to keep his/her distance from those who doubt him/her no matter what intentions they had and focus on those who believe in you... after all they know you best and motivate you to do better rather than make you feel dumb and out of place....

oh well, just felt like letting that out... :p

I'm fine :)

Blogging Personality

Your Blogging Type Is Thoughtful and Considerate
You're a well liked, though underrated, blogger.
You have a heart of gold, and are likely to blog for a cause.
You're a peaceful blogger - no drama for you!
A good listener and friend, you tend to leave thoughtful comments for others.

okayyyy..... that's what it said about me :os :os.... hmm... underrated...heart of gold? :os... there must've been an error somewhere....

no idea how true this is... but well... you can judge...

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

"My Shadow"

Some might think I bought this cat for a very high price. But she was actually quite cheap... in fact she costed me nothing since she followed me into the house as a little kitten on her own accord when I was around 12 years old. ... from the street? Yes... she's been vaccinated, and ever since accepted as part of the family :p... I called her "Shadow"... everyone else called her My Shadow cuz she had the habit of following me around everywhere... I found that quite amusing though...
Well now that I'm 18 it's been around 6 years... I haven't always been fond of animals , however, this one proved worthy since she developed a character unlike any cat I've seen...
True she's just a cat, but one I grew up with...

Well....what to say....she grows prettier and more arrogant by the day :p... as most cats I guess... though cats are described as loners, Shadow is one who always likes company... She hates to see anyone fight and would attack the one who starts it.... is aggressive to strangers and a very wild cat who likes playing a lot... even in her recent age...

Some pics taken a few years back:

Don't let cute looks fool you... why?

That's why...

So yeah.... as my friends know her... that's my Shadow!! :D :D.... A cat I'm more than happy to have!!

A recent picture.... may've lost her cuteness... but I guess gained more beauty

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Google Earth!!

Take a look at this AWESOME system :D... I'm not sure how many of you heard of it already, but through it you can see anything anywhere in the world by using the satellite through your computer.....

Has anyone tried it yet?... seems like the world is getting ever smaller... by using this now adays no matter how far people are apart they can see eachother... :D... surely the quality will improve by time... makes me wonder what the future holds for us!! :p

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Couldn't Care Less?

I'm not so sure how to start this... but I'm wondering about something recently... something to do with how one deals with certain situations.. to get to the point, for some reason my surprise level has gone down... that is to say that hardly anything takes me by surprise as much as it used to before. I think surprises used to frighten me... especially when I'm awaiting something bad to happen... so I make an effort to block it out.... and now I think I achieved that to the extreme... so much that I barely care for anything unusual that happens now... to give an idea of what I'm talking about... I'll share them under:

*Yesterday we got our one month school report that shows how we were doing for the first month... a report that basically reflects nothing but how we are in class... in other words most of the marks weren't counted and it was just to keep us awake. Knowing that... I received my report in class and saw that the average was unusually low compared to the marks shown above... I got As in most subjects and the average showed somethin bellow 70... I look around and see all the girls gasping... clearly mine was not the only one that had a mistake... to some it was so shocking that they actually cried... to others it was very worrying... to me!!!! I just sat there staring at it for a while completely expressionless... without any particular feeling... ofcourse I knew the mistake afterwards... instead of counting the average they divided by ten... some teachers must've been daydreaming while typing this... there I see the relief it gave everyone... and the empty effect it gave me... everyone else went ballistic about marks that didn't even COUNT!!!... and that had no effect on me... and I must say i didn't exactly get the best of marks... and seeing some worried about marks they got BETTER made me really wonder and kinda feel bad... seemed like I was the only one not taking matters seriously for now... and still it is the same case.. so anyone who comes whining to me kinda gets on my nerves once in a while... cuz to me what's not counted won't hurt.... yet seeing everyone else I started feeling a bit inferior... not like that wasn't always the case... but I start feeling worried about this carelessness I have...

Now I feel weird... I don't know whether it's good or bad to be this way... but it's a sudden switch ... I can't help to think it might have a negative effect... not to care less.... I do hate being worried... but not being worried at all is something I wish I could change especially when it comes to my studies... it's there and I know it... what confuses me is I'm speaking of being worried of NOT being worried :os :os.... and now somehow I get the impression I'm not making any sense... oh well

just mixed feelings I guess.... when do they ever make sense?

Thursday, November 10, 2005

The Farm (Garwa)

I've uploaded some pics that have been taken in our farm previously... didn't find as many as I would've liked to but these were the best shots I could get. Speaking of the farm, well... it's located in the interior... has a big number of ostriches, camels, goats, and abnormal cows and chicken. I say abnormal because the cows are unusually small in size you would easily mistake them for goats if they were among the herd... only after looking a bit closer did I realize they were somewhat different from the rest of the group. And regarding the chicken... well... they're not exactly chicken since they're birds I've never seen before... so far I can tell you nothing about them except that they only lay eggs after nine months and taste pretty good...(that's what I heard from others)... well I might've forgotten to mention the peacocks... they're pretty... as for the rest I guess the pics will show...

It's funny how dumb I find these birds... they really have comical figures :p

The leader of the Ostrich clan... you don't wanna mess with this guy... leave the ridiculously comical face and instead look down at his claws....

Oo... I dunno what joke I heard my maid make about camels... Why are camels dumb? cuz they don't speak arabic knowing that they've lived in an arab country for so long... I found that lame in some way and funny in another watching her attempting to make a joke :p :p ... but apart from that, quite the contrary is true... they are one of the smartest animals who know how to love you so much they don't let you leave... which is why I think twice before paying them a visit :os

our precious meat providers.... nothin to say about them... an arab necessity perhaps...

I guess that gives a main idea about the type of farm I'm talking about...
my thanks to dear AP(male) who has suggested this post previously :p... there ya go as promised :p ... what say you?

Sounded like a treeless jungle to me... but hope you all like it anyway :) cheers

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

I'm Sorry

I'm sorry... for having hurt the trust you had for me

I'm sorry... I had no clue nor heart to feel or see

I'm sorry... you don't deserve to hear these words from me

Now I know... that after all it is what's meant to be


More Creatures

In case anyone was wondering, I have absolutely no idea what those creatures are... just a phantom of my imagination...

And "N".... both have been colored with acrylic as you suggested previously ... so yes!!! The colors DID serve well... :)

I'm quite satisfied with the image on the right... I guess it's a mixture of a horse, dog and snake :os ...

In the images to follow are: a dragon and a dinosaur... also randomly drawn with acrylic.

P.S. I've an inkling with what to do to the image on the right. JayJay? You thinkin what I'm thinkin? :p

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Randomly Speaking

In one way I'm just updating this boring blog, in another I want to share some thoughts I'm having

To give a general idea:

What once was green just blowed away
What once was good went bad
What once was pure is gone today
And now who's sane's gone mad

.....Nah! :p... just kiddin... though there's a bit of truth in it...
for translation... I am pretty amazed by the way people act around others now adays and there are a few things I learnt after joining an english forum this year. Discussions were led quite interestingly... yet some aspects got me thinking... are those people really what they claim to be?? or is it all just for show?
Today we had a few guests for lunch who sat there talking about different cultures in this country. Now sitting there and listening to one of them gave me the impression he was quite liberal and open-minded. Yet as we went along later I heard something which hinted at once that some do not exactly practice what they preach... it turns out to be, the person speaking was the complete opposite of what he was trying to show.
Then again I thought: If you were really satisfied with your own personality why would you try to show another?
That clears out the fact that people know what's right and yet act differently. It is not the first time one sees such things... but until now it still confuses me...
Apart from that I've tried not to be too judgemental... assumptions and ideas may keep you on your guard... but completely believing in them by words without actually witnessing or experiencing them yourself is complete foolishness...

well....just thoughts of the day :p... the rest'll follow

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

7 things

Am back again.... and been tagged by dear vio & Nabs ...
so here goes:

Seven things I plan to do:
1.Get my characters animated using MediaMania. a laptop an MP3 player or an ipod... one of the 2...
4.finish thanawiya with a high average... (this should've been first,la?)
5.write my next book
6.burn my diary... lol... (it's embarrassing)
7.learn how to play the flute.... (I love it for some reason)

Seven things I can do:
1.get angry when provoked anything to get what I want
3.daydream for hours on end... very stubborn with the playstation for days without moving... the net just as much
7.lead small conversations with strangers... (became a habit) :os

Seven things I can't do:
1.spoil someone's good mood...
2.keep insisting I'm right when I know I'm wrong
3.respect people I don't like
4.forget past experiences
5.forgive someone easily
6.quit being sensitive
7.stop my doubts about anything I can't prove

Seven things I say most often:
7.laish... (could list down more)

Seven people I would like to tag: (oof... hmmm... I ain't too sure who's left...oh well)
7.X (no one else in particular)

Thursday, October 20, 2005

A Promise

Hmmm... something I felt like drawing a few days ago... I had no idea what I was doing or where it was leading to... but I did want to give it a kind of feeling.... hmm romantic perhaps?... hmph... no idea... you be the judges....

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


We had a small show put up for us in the auditorium today... something to do with the poor and us donating for them in ramadhan... I thought it was going to be a kinda lecture... but it was a powerpoint presentation with videos and music... that was presented so badly!!! Extremely unprofessional... if it weren't for the videos and music which gave the presentors a break, I guess I would've drifted off.... basically what they did was read off papers words that were already written on the screen... and then messed up the whole thing by mixing the slides... aside from that all their talk were things we keep hearing over and over again...
yet what made me feel disgraced was in their translations of a few verses from the Quran... they brought in the miracles that god created... and about how a baby developes.... they said it like this: "The westerners are happy they discovered how a baby grows in its mother's womb, but we have known it since long from the Quran" .... honestly speaking.... whatever it was, I didn't find that phrase too amusing, especially since we had western teachers listening to this presentation... it may've been alright to show how great the Quranic verses are... but what was the motive of putting westerners down??? I've realized most of our muslim brothers and sisters lack a great deal of respect... they don't realize that the computers and TVs they have at home have been made by westerners.... including other daily used products.... and if we've known things better in the past a thought crossed my mind... why are we less developed??? One can brag about what he's got.... but it seems that we haven't put what we know into good use... since so far what we're doing is trying to catch up with the rest of the world rather than being the developed ones.... so what's there to brag about? Honestly.... I was disgusted....

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

20 minute Poem!

As I was sitting on my desk one night my friend rings me up with a small request. I was to write her a poem consisting of 20 lines that had to do with a certain topic she chose for me. Thinking about it for a while I asked what day she was expectin it and she answered tonight... being in a strange mood that night and having been seated on my desk already I took the challenge... I asked her to give me 20 minutes before calling back... by then I was supposed to write 20 lines of a topic : "Lost in the Desert"... all had to rhyme! ..... as soon as she set up her stopwatch and put down the phone, I started....
being 20 mins for 20 lines gave me a minute for each ... and so this was the outcome a few seconds before she called :os.

~Lost in the Desert~
Days pass by as hot as fire
Nights just pass out cold
Temperatures keep going higher
Here my tales unfold
Long's it been since last I felt
The wind of a morning breeze
It's where ice would slowly melt
Or else would slowly freeze
Here I am, in the endless heat
Under the burning sun
I walk on sand with two bare feet
Where distance grows as I run
The mounting dunes keep coming on
No signs of life appear
My walking strength has almost gone
And yet I had no fear
Though burning days and freezing nights
Could mean my end is near
It's always hope and countless fights
That make my ways turn clear
Don't ask for every meaning :os ..... I've written this in haste with absolutely no clue what I was getting to in the end... however as it turned out to be... hope it makes sense.. :o)

Friday, September 30, 2005

The Battle Between Light And Darkness(1)


My first (complete) written play when I was around grade 8... 4 years ago... so yes I was 14 and I remember it being great fun despite me having to run after all my classmates and push them a little to do their jobs... again I had assistance from Jay Jay, and other girls... yup... it was girls and only girls in all the scenes... (so it was the vise versa of shakespearean plays).... here the girls played the parts of boys.... and I must say they were brilliant! could've sworn the roles suited them :p.... nevertheless.... throughout this experience I learnt a lot... even how to act like a devil as shown bellow...:p... since it is vital not to reveal close shots I've chosen far pictures just to give an idea of what it was like.... yes I miss those days... it has by all means strengthened the bond between my classmates since everyone had to work together in teams to have this as the outcome... I admit it was not an easy task seeing that they weren't exactly trained to follow orders... yet despite that I believe what moved them was their natural talent... in the end I was pretty satisfied that I left them to act in whatever way they wished... and just as we were about to perform a few days earlier they got serious... it was pretty funny to watch the scared and nervous faces on the day of the performance... all eyes on me with the message: "You! It's all your fault!!!" lol...

The battlefield scene...


As you may be able to take a glimpse of the costumes... all the different characters from clowns to fairies... the (baddies) dressed up with all the evil looks they could possess... and I was actually told later that as I passed the dressing room to go behind the scenes and prepare for my part one of the junior girls who saw me walk in started crying at the sight of me :os :os.... I had no idea I looked that terrifying... but secretly I was amazed! :p aside from the devil there was the witch who acted as his assistant and the two jokers who played the parts of his loyal spies... then came the angel and her fairies with the wizard as their head... as u could presume it is as fantasy-like as the title implies...

Monday, September 26, 2005


I don't know what made me draw these figures... it was a random story I had in mind about a boy who had an evil witch for a mother. He himself was not as evil... but the assumption of others makes him act so... someone who doesn't like what he is nevertheless.... I know, it's pretty weird... but it creates a certain mood when you look at the two characters.... u see a certain resemblance and yet a difference in personalities... one could tell he's her son for some reason... but he's not as ugly... so... I guess that sums it up... hope u like it.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

2 Lessons Learnt

Today was expected to be a hard-working day since the weekend would be over... but later I figured that I would be home alone for a further day and had the rest of it all ahead of me... Somehow unexpectedly SuGaR calls. I ask her to come over to my house. We had a great day which was somewhat educational to me since dear SuGaR (ma qasarat) tought me how to give a massage first... which I started doing... only she kept telling me I had to press harder since I was being too soft.... I'm truly a beginner I guess.... I tried so hard and the girl just wouldn't feeeel!!! I could swear I was about to .... ahh... No, I'm not weak... just not used to it! ... however, at least I learnt where the pressure points were...

Later we went down to the kitchen and I was helping under her instructions to make a certain dessert... most of the ingredients were in the box... and later when we were done we tried it... and somehow the bread it came with tasted something like petrol!!! And I really mean petrol.... in a car!! ... but for the rest I guess it was edible...
So yes, we spent some time doing that and now I guess I realized there are a lot of things I still need to learn :os :os even though these may not exactly be the most important things... learning them is essential.. honestly, and I've said this to SuGaR many times.... my last conclusion was.... "If I were a guy, I'd marry you!" :p :p

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Been Tagged..

Hmm... been tagged by dear Nabs... :)
Here goes:

-Last book you read: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. (Didn't get to read anythin after that yet)

-Last phone number you called: My parents.

-Last show you watched on TV: ahh... Haven't been watchin TV shows for a very long time... don't remember but I believe it was Oprah.

-Last thing you had to drink: Water

-Last thing you ate: Rice with maraq :p ... typical Omani...

-Last time you cried: ehh, for an honest answer.... Yesterday....:os ...

-Last time you smiled: A few seconds ago....

-Last person you hugged: SuGaR :) my friend.....

-Last person you talked to on the phone: My dad....

-Last thing you smelled: Perfume.... dunno which brand... but was nice!

-Last CD that you bought: Don't remember, lol.... was long ago.

-Last song you sang: Beatiful Soul by.... oh gosh.... ahhh... u know who :p

.-Last thing you laughed at: Hearing my maids argue....

-What's in your cd player: Celtic Moods.... they've got great soundtracks.

.-What time did you wake up today: 6:30.... was supposed to wake up 6 o'clock.... but the 30 mins somehow served me right.

-Current favorite article of clothing: ahh... none

.-Favorite place to be: Before the computer.... :D

.-Least favorite place: Can't think of any right now....

-Do you believe in an afterlife? Yah

.-In Heaven or Hell: most probably.....

.-How tall are you: 170 cm

.-Current favorite word: idiot.... dunno why.....

.-Favorite Book: Hmm... there are many.... countless.....

.-Random lyric: "u don't miss your water till the well runs dry".... still listen to it sometimes.... Craig David.

.-If I could be doing anything right now, I would be: Drawing

-Are you a daredevil? If I have to be

.-Have you ever told a secret you swore you'd never tell? Yes!!....Felt terrible :os ... never wanna have that feeling again....

-Do looks matter? Truly.... yup... they do!

.-How do you release your anger? Turnin the music loud/ pacing around the room/ or hitting a boxing sack

.-My second home is: English sabla.... believe it? :os

-One thing I have that I wish I didn't is: Lazinesss... it's pretty much a problem.

.-All you need is:
Physically: ehhhh.....Nutrition :os
Spiritually: Passion :p

-Something I want but I don't really need is: an ipod...

.-Something I need but I don't really want is: guess I got all I need so far

.-drink? nothin.... not thirsty

.-have a boyfriend/girlfriend? Nope

.-have a dream that keeps coming back? Yes.... all the time
.-believe there is life on other planets? Yes.... cuz I believe that if there are more than a million suns out in the universe... the probability of having another planet like earth is huge.... so yes....

.-read the newspaper? If I had nothin else to do... then maybe

.-consider yourself tolerant of others?. sometimes....

I tag Violet

Friday, August 26, 2005

~Deep Thoughts~

Here's a piece o' my mind for being advised to write poems again. I don't know if one could make any sense out of it but is my first since I've last written any... well... enjoy...

Time goes on and never waits for any tribe or race
Some have gone and said that they had times to be retraced
Some regreted doing things they hoped to be erased
Yet as hard as they have tried, their deeds were hard to face

So I sat just reminiscing words I heard before
Wise ones said one's true existance counts for what they bore
Wise ones said that nothing else is counted anymore
So it was that values made were less or else were more

Now I saw that backgrounds have completely disappeared
Now I saw that some high ways were not what they appeared
Goin on the hardest way was not the thing I feared
Just as long as getting there would mean my triumph neared


Thursday, August 25, 2005

The Past! (Ages ago)

As I was pacing around my room I found my old book lying around on the shelf. A story I never completed writing until today. I started writing it when I was about 13-14.... around 4-5 years ago. And since then I never set an eye on it after being busy with school and my recent book which is a completely simple story compared to this one. Yes, it may sound crazy that I wrote a more complex story when I was younger, however, as complicated as it was I needed some time off, and as school started getting more serious I had no time to think things through. But now that I got back to it, some things I wrote were more of a child's writing since I believe my writing improved and I realized that it needed to be completely renewed for it to be read. All in all my memories came back as to how much I loved writing it and how much I was so into the story that as a young girl I actually scared myself at night with the wild imagination and found it hard to sleep afterwards.
It's title was: "From Deep Within The Flow of Time (The Shadow)"
What I found were a group of pictures I made while writing the story. I was pretty amazed to see how I used to draw. Pretty similar to the way I draw now... except that it took me more time and somehow held a greater meaning.
I sadly haven't had Jay's assistance in this one... but as u know the story Jay Jay... if u suggest it's good and I should complete it, then I would. For the rest I hope u all enjoy watching my endless (and perhaps boring) drawings!

Elazul- Smokin in the Inn

In the forest

The Meeting

End of the fight

An old friend


In the hall

Healing House

Just a sketch

(Book Cover)

This is one of my fav. work. True it might've not been exactly the way I wanted it to be but it's what I could conjur for the sake of "The Exes". It has taken me a few hours with the coloring and all... using the same colors you see below which I could've made smoother with a brush... but after all I'm still quite happy with it...
Despite me being advised to use the covers from BookSurge, I still wanted something different that would reflect the storyline. Well this is what came to my mind in the end. Hope you like it!

Front cover:

Back Cover:

Another go!

I just felt like drawing anything today and kept looking back and forth at the differences... not sure what the picture's about or what made me draw it... probably just wanted to experiment with the colors again... well there u can judge what's better :p ... it's a good thing it didn't take me long to draw... maybe 20 mins... I'm not sure what I find disturbing though... hope it looks ok anyway....