Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Say Hi to my "Shadow"

I just had to take a shot at her when she came sneaking into my room before I went to sleep. That was some time ago. It was a pleasant surprise. She never used to spend the night with me anymore. But I guess that night she decided she wanted to come back.
Isn't she adorable? :p...
that's my Shadow :)

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Just a Dream

Just a Dream

Just a dream, it’s just a dream
Just a phantom of my trance
Visions of an unknown scheme
Cut it short from one long prance

Just a dream, it’s just a phase
Let my silence speak its words
All this time has left no trace
Like a nest left clear of birds

Just a dream, it’s just a thought
Left its owner out of spite
From the joy it could’ve brought
Took its faith out of my sight

Just a dream, that left some hope
That forever shined anew
Only I could never cope
With a weak uncertain view

Just a dream, it’s just a wish
That unlikely could come true
Just a dream, and now I wish
That my dreams dispose of you


Something I felt like writing also inspired by Sarah Brightman's soundtracks...
Hope you like it :)

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Unfinished Sketches (Too scared to color)

I've started a sketch that's taken me almost a whole day to complete... this is a brief shot of how I started out... I wanted to draw a ressemblance image to my second sequel of "The Exes" showing the characters and the main idea of the story... what you see in this pic is what the story's mostly revolved around. Compasses, maps, castles, shores... well... it's complete now... I'm just trying to figure out a good way to color it... I'm just a bit too scared to spoil what took me so long.

Well I guess I can only hope this turns out well...

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Mind Your Own Business & Let Me Mind Mine

It's interesting how some people show interest in other people's lives, so much interest that the gossips follow you right into Uni as well... apparently Grade 12 wasn't enough...
In Uni, you never hang out with one person for the rest of the day... you visit different classes at different times according to your schedule... so you never know who you run into...
I couldn't help but notice that some people who happened to land with me in uni started spreading rumours of me being careless and skipping classes. Apparently they couldn't find anything more offensive to say .... point is, who cares what classes I attend or whether one thinks I'm careless or not. Results always showed me better than the rest. Then again... maybe that's the reason? Jelousy?
Still I wondered. Why's that a matter that interests them?? Why would they even bother keeping an eye on me? I never understood that... They didn't have anything better to do.
although it's not logical since most of them don't even see me throughout the whole day... I don't know on what they based their assumptions...

Nevertheless, I was amused to hear some still asking about my daily routines even after school... how they waste so much time watching me and making me the soul of their conversations. I should be flattered. :p

I hoped the childish and useless habits would've found their way out of them all. But I guess I could dream on before any of that happens.

Bottomline is: I will miss or attend as many and any class I want as long as I want, where and whenever I want. As long's I'm better than you, you're the ones who should be ashamed that despite the classes you attend you couldn't beat me. That's carelessness for you...
and your gossips won't help you get better... sadly. Talk all you want for all I care... any source of amusement will entertain me here after all :p

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

It's Difficult

Difficult to Write

I had a poem in mind to write
About the gift of sight
Though pictures made, can slowly fade
Those thoughts were not yet bright

I had some thoughts in mind to mark
As empty as the dark
Those thoughts were slight, and barely right
To start another spark

I still had thoughts I could inscribe
Though pictures did the bribe
Attractive arts, laid low like darts
Were lost in just one vibe

And until now I could engrave
With marks I still enslave
Their deadliness, no more or less
Would still, my writings crave

Though still I wish those thoughts would stay
The words are hard to play
So throughout time, those words that rhyme
Won’t reach until this day

TripleTee 2006
All rights reserved

That mighta been hard to write all the same :p
Well it's how I constantly feel every now and then... ideas are crammed in my head... it's just so hard to implement them... but they're THERE, I

Ok it's just an update for now... saving time for my next... which will be a bit more intense and'll need me to be in the mood for it... as well as getting my readers to be in the mood to read it...

oh well... hope you liked the above :p

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Is Pencil Enough?

I've taken to drawing sketches now adays... I know I've almost mastered this technique long ago... but going back to it feels good... since I feel like my coloring needs improving still.
Well... it's never been enough for me... I always wanted my drawings colored... but for some odd reason my sketches always turn out better.
I'll need to take coloring courses...seriously... to be able to color the drawings without making them lose their quality.

well... the above's what I've done throughout this month... :) hope you like them.