Monday, May 25, 2009


So I apparently need anger management now. Why?... 2 incidents happened these few months...
both have to do with knowing how to deal with an insane sibling who finds pleasure in disturbing me. Contain my anger and manage it?... I'd rather manage him to be honest.
analyze this:

whenever you wake up in the morning and that sibling's around... you may be reading, watching a movie or studying (that's usually rare but during exams it's quite often)... but every time you do these things this sibling of yours (whenever he's around) would barge into the room and either walk around your desk to see what you're doing (which I usually never give him the chance)... or play with your things (whatever he gets his eyes on).. or simply stand there in front of you talking crap while you're not in the mood and trying to concentrate on something else... and if you don't give him a face or cuss him out.. he finds anything he could to blackmail you (in the hopes of teaching you a lesson to start respecting his sorry ass).
Now imagine telling him to leave you alone and he doesn't listen... then imagine moving up to the 2nd stage of telling him to butt off and he still doesn't listen. Take your imagination to the 3rd stage and think of this happening to you every day for a whole week...
I'm sorry what?... 6 years old?... no no... he's 23 years old... you heard me right...

what were the incidents that made my anger get out of control? once I gave him a zillion warnings to leave me alone and because I was not friendly to him, he cut off the internet from me using the excuse that I was not studying (which was never his business). I had to get him back somehow... and no one was around at home to show him his limits. The only thing I saw were a pair of shoes. His most expensive ones I guess. yes yes... I destroyed them... more like cut them. You think that's extreme? It gave me the results I wanted.
my dad wasn't happy about that but my bro was told to stop disturbing me ever since (1 incident)... the 2nd incident was yesterday... when I again gave him warnings and after a long time of stubbornness from his side I took anything I saw in the table and got ready to throw it at him. He knew I would do it so he walked away saying that he'd tell my dad about this.

I wonder if any of the readers have a brother like that... those who don't... I can only confess you're much better off without it.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Perfect World International

So I've been addicted to this online game for the past few months... Checking it out will show you why (the link's on the title)... everything in it is beautiful. Perhaps that's why it's called perfect world...

apparently many adults play it... I don't just mean highschool and university students but people over 30 years and 40 too XD... I'm not sure what to think of that... but there's a variety.
I think it's a Chinese company that made it... I was expecting Japanese...

And these images are not exaggerated... the game actually is as good as it looks. It's just hard to level up XD

These are my screenshots with the different Characters I made... my best one is Selabur.. only one that reached up to lvl 40 so far...

what I liked the most is the ability to alter almost everything in your character's appearance to make them look exactly the way you want them and almost make them look like yourself.

Was fooling around and posing for the screenshot here...

made a hot guy like this to see what it's like playing as a guy in the game. I must admit he did attract the girls XD

course there're a lot more things to show but I guess this gives the main idea... it's a hard thing not to get addicted to.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

You're Not Alone

Some edited FFIX video and song that a girl called Kate Covington wrote and displayed on Youtube... I sort of liked it and decided to share it here. The video quality is kind of low unfortunately... but her lyrics are staggering to me. Nice and simple.

P.S. Other FF female character are beautiful but I find Princess Garnet the cutest so far.

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Reality Vs Imagination (illustrator?)

Just how good is this program really?... or should I say that depends on the artist who uses it?

Here's a little example on tracing in illustrator that I tried... well it was supposed to be a tutorial but since I'm out of that phase I decided to post it here just to show.

One thing you should know about me that may either be good or bad... I hate copying or tracing anything from real life... it's not interesting enough for me... cuz it's right there... why have a painting of something that already exists in a much better form than you can ever paint it? Just take a picture....

It is good because I can go far with my imagination... but... what's bad about me thinking this way... is that my imagination does not become real enough... and to make it real and fitting.. I'm unfortunately forced to copy from life... otherwise my characters will turn out like this...

To sum it up... it is like looking through realism in order to carry on my fantasy... essential... because what gives a good art its quality... is when you make it look real and convincing.
This is one of the ways I was trying to get there:

Hope you like it =)

can anyone guess who it is btw? =p

Saturday, May 02, 2009

Update (New Leaf)

Well, here's the new layout to make up for the previous mess... I'm not gonna say I like the simplicity, the only reason I made it simple was cuz I'm not familiar with the complex codings... so this'll do for now :p

What I have to display today is nothing new... I haven't been drawing for a long while now... locked up in trying to animate instead... and every animated sequence I make ends up in the bin. The simplest of them all were these...

but to think that I have to draw 24 sequences to make a movie of one second... sounded demotivating... however... to everything a beginning eh?