Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Year's Eve

So another year has come and gone... and here I sit a year later, ever since I accumulated an online addiction. This was the year I learnt most out of, although there were many things I would've wished to turn differently, I do not regret having them as I do now. Who knows what the future holds?... and maybe what seems so disappointing now may be my way to success later.
I'm ready for a new year, with every intention to further develop myself as a person.

I will set no particular resolutions for this year except the fact that I want to complete writing my book and bring together a program to help me create the graphics and music I plan to create. It is not my profession, but merely a dream I plan to make come true. This may take more than a year to accomplish... however, this is the year I plan to start it and hopefully prevail.

So... things never take a strong hold as much as I would've expected them to. That is mainly because the ones involved do not possess the required strength to keep things going....
It seems every beautiful rose dries out one day. But the sun always remains shining...

So Happy New Year everyone. And hope this year'll be as good or even better than the previous one for you. I know it will for me... because with every dead rose sprints a new one. :)

Friday, December 29, 2006

No Humour

People who can't distinguish between someone earnest and someone who's just messing around.
It's not the first time someone mistakes my humour for deliberate offense... is this a lack of understanding? Or a lack of intelligence?
I can name 3 incidents:

1. I was on a grassy field shooting dummies 3 metres away. The bullets ran out and I wanted to open the next packet, only the cover wouldn't turn. So I asked someone to open it in an annoyed way. My joke here was cursing the packet for not opening.
He didn't find it so funny though... he took it like I was ordering him without saying please.

2. I was chatting to my friend on msn who studies abroad. She added a girl who was her new German friend. I said (talking to the German girl about my friend)
me:"How could you stand this girl?"
German Girl: "Because she's my friend" (in a serious tone)
inner me: *rolleyes* idiot!!!

3. I was joking in a forum about the guys who keep playing football every now and then. Inquiring whether they plan to be Oman's next team. I was given a red rep that it was a lame attempt of being wait.... huh?!... what was so insulting in what I said?

I fail to understand people now adays... not everyone tolerates humour. Mostly because they possess none of it themselves. I can't stand people who take everything so seriously or are over sensitive about things that were obviously not meant to be offensive.
But I guess it also gives me a sign whom to joke with and whom not to.

Thursday, December 28, 2006


Was Tagged by Red Dragon... :)
"list every single nickname and its variation that you have EVER been called in your ENTIRE life"

-The Devil

I don’t remember being called anything else before. I guess those about sum it up.

I tag SteLLa, Nabs, AP(Male), BM.... and whoever's in the mood and sees this.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

(Sawadi) Another Go on The Jetski

So I've grown accustomed to that water thing... in the past it's always been my dream and now twice my dear friend and her sisters made it come true. Was the day SteLLa got that huge Toblerone Chocolate as you can see on her blog. :p Sometimes I get the feeling she's addicted to buying them and stopping herself from eating them, and I'm addicted to eating them from her.

Well aside from that, I believe jetskis are the best thing about Sawadi... there was also the Banana Ride but I wasn't so sure what it was all about only that you got a bigger chance of toppling over ......which might not be a pleasant thing.

However, the voyage was really enjoyable and is always something to look forward to doing again and again.

Monday, December 11, 2006

First try in illustrator

"Enjoy what's there today, for it may not be there tomorrow"

I was pretty pleased with my last Illustration on Illustrator CS even though I knew I could've put more effort into blending the colors... but I guess it already took a lot of patience out of me to try a completely new program...
This artwork's taken me ages... and by ages I mean endless hours because I kept deleting and recoloring... I guess I finally got the hang of it in a way... so hope you like this one... :)

Saturday, December 02, 2006

So Tired...

I woke up so tired today even though I slept almost all day yesterday. In the morning on my way to the farm I slept in the car. After I reached the farm I slept for I don't know how many hours and I still felt tired when I woke up. After having lunch and playing cards with family and friends I had to go back to my dorm and there I slept till next morning... I woke up at 8:30 and went to uni. No one came to class... so I went to the library and I've been lazing around here ever since. I wanted to finish my assignments and look for books, I ended up finding books on graphics and hacking and took them instead... well... now I didn't even open these books that interest me... something's seriously wrong!!
I usually smile at girls who pass by but today I almost frowned or made no expression at all. A girl asked me to plug in her laptop for her and I just took the wire placed it in the socket and switched it on without a word.
I think I haven't spoken as much as 10 words today...

... so tired...

......I think it's the beginning of a fever.