Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Soul of Art

The definition of art comes in variations. To me… art is seeing the beauty in everything. You cannot tell a person what beauty should look like. You cannot define beauty by mere words. Beauty lies only within those who see it to be. And those who don't would describe something else to be beautiful. Beauty is only beautiful when it is recognized.

Art is bringing out beauty to the eyes of those who didn't see it in its usual form. It awakens feelings, passions, emotions.

Since artists have different aspects that trigger their feelings, their arts come in different forms to correspond to that feeling, therefore no one whatsoever is eligible to tell an artist what his artwork should look like. Artists do not negotiate their feelings no more than they negotiate their art. Artists are their own masters in what they create.

Art has no rules. No boundaries.

The only boundary art has.. is the extent of your imagination.

^That's my definition of art.

No this image is not to the extent of my imagination... i can go further :p... it's just a start.
let's just say every artwork I draw is a start to something bigger. I can only hope I reach a point one day where I would say "yes, this is it!"