Saturday, May 20, 2006

Been a While...

Sooo I guess I'll have to update after all... somehow I'm too scared to change the template of this blog and lose all my data :os... I'm gonna have to figure out how exactly it's done before I get on with it...

well it's been a while since I uploaded any of my recent artworks...

Nope!... it doesn't end here... dear bro moomad felt like fiddling around with this piece some time ago :p... and I must say he's done quite a good job...

Would you look at that!! I guess I'll leave him to fiddle with whatever he likes then... I really liked the improvement there :p

For the rest it's:

Dunno but I just liked this one!!

annnd lastly... another character...

All of them are just trials I'm going through to improve my character for my next book... The Exes II... I want to take out the anime look somehow and make it look more realistic... that I hope to reach somehow... (I wish JayJay was here to give me her opinion :( :(... I highly value it!!!... so JayJay, if you're out there please show

Well... today I feel ....ok I guess... a bit preoccupied and ignoring it on one side... a bit moody on the other.... perhaps a mixture of feelings there... nothing specific...

well I hope you like what you see above :p...

exams are in a 2 weeks *panics*... (what in the world am I doing here?)

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

So that's it?... It's over?

Yes... Today was the last normal day of school... the last day I'll be carrying my bag full of books into that building again... the last time I'll be having lessons with my friends, the last time I'll be coming in the morning and leaving at 2 pm. The last time I wear this uniform!!!...
The last time I have to abide by certain school rules! ... it's the last breath of youth I have left...
now... I just feel different... and the difference I feel does not provide me with a peaceful state of mind...

Usually in school I knew the way I was to follow... simply cuz my job was to pass classes to reach where I am now!... and now that I've reached this stage... the road suddenly splits into several pathways I find hard to choose from.
I confess I am TERRIBLE in knowing my way... :(... I confess even more, I'm terrible in considering what others have to say about my way. So here I am... and for once, I don't want opinions or advices or lectures... I want information... I want to know where I stand now and what I'm supposed to do exactly... I want this laziness in me to go away and push me to figure out what I need to know to make my decisions and suit myself... I feel like a little chick trying to break off that egg-shell... the chances of it breaking depends on how much force the chick exerts on it... the force here would be reperesented by marks... the more marks I collect the greater the force there would be for me to break that shell... but breaking that shell would also mean a lot more... it would mean more challenging battles to fight regarding more difficult issues... that's when I remember some people saying... "I wish that having to study was the only problem I had"... making known that studying was supposed to be the least of problems... now I understand what they mean... and though I dread the future and the possibility of its outcome... I can just hope for the best and dwell on past memories I can cherish :)...

may all those who pass through the same stage next year find their way with less struggles and more achievements :)... cheers to everyone... and happy end of school day!!...

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Make the Effort

Sometimes I wonder through thoughts far away
About how my life turned out to be
And though I'm not sure what happened today
There're things I would still just like to see
And try to think what I'm meaning to say
About what goes on around the world and me
Try to follow and think what I say
That I feel too much for anyone to see
My thoughts keep coming and then drift away
About the things that most of all bother me
I'm a girl of persistance and yet if you may
You would see that it's not always true to be
That I fret from the worst and I think that I may
Be wrong all along throughout my way

I have played my part and did all that I could
To keep the music playing and keep playing around
Yet sometimes I sit thinking that it could or it would
Stop playing the tunes and just seize that great sound
Just as one part can play like the other part should
But one part alone will just flow underground
Cuz then all the rest of the puzzle's just wood
And the rest of its pieces would hardly be found
It is hard to keep going this way, it's no good
Two players should play if the game is then bound
Otherwise the outcome has not yet stood
The test that was given to pass the first round