Tuesday, September 07, 2010

To The Idiot

I have many things to say to that idiot who complained about my personal space online to my parents. How low can a person stoop to be bothered with other people's lives. Especially when that person is a stranger who neither knows nor cares about him. To be complained about for having what was deemed culturally inappropriate on FB. If the idiot is reading, he's the best example of Omani Jerks who've nothing better to do than gloat at other people's girls because their lives're full of uselessness.
I may have made the mistake of not privatizing my info to avoid such people which I now managed, but I ask myself what he was doing checking out my space in the first place, and how many things he would have on his own FB probably far worse than I ever thought of doing. But since he's given the freedom to do as he pleases no one's there to lekh him with a khaizaran (whip him with a stick) unlike most unfortunate girls in this country. This is the example of many Arab men who make themselves look like they're worth something over women. And usually the woman would be in a delicate situation if her family were not reasonable. Which is luckily not the case with me. I promise you an ass like that's been messing with the wrong person. Because unlike other women, I will not sit by and cower... I'll put you back to your stinking place whoever the hell you think you are.