Thursday, October 19, 2006

It's Fast, It's Wireless!

I think I can confess I learnt all about computers and wireless connections this year (though english literature is the field I'm there for)
I made a few discoveries that were new to me regarding wireless.
Since it is supposed to be the quickest and easiest net connection upto date, in some places like my uni, it tends to be really slow. Though it's speed is 54 Mbps... the performance is lower and sometimes takes ages just to open one page. A connection supposed to be for the usage of the whole university. The connection I have at home is a zillion times quicker.
Well aside from the speed, I'll tell you what I went through in order to GET the uni connection in the first place. I've been told the wireless in my laptop was not compatible with the university's. A phrase the guy in 1313 referred to as bullshit!
He said there's nothing called types of wireless. So I got back to get the D-Link CD and had the uni install it in order to become (so-called) compatible. And what was the compatibility all about? Security. Meaning I'm not allowed to visit any page I want. I'm not allowed to use messenger... I'm not allowed to enter DeviantArt. It's a lucky thing I'm allowed to visit sabla and my blog.

Well my second discovery was when I was in the car going to the farm. I was so bored I opened my laptop... and on the way I found that over the bridge near Al-Elam street there's a wireless connection. Only I wasn't able to use it cuz I needed a password. The system had that to avoid intruders... but I found that intriguing neverthesless.

Wireless seems to have a type of security in everything now adays which is getting on my last nerve. Perhaps I should go back to modems!


Degoat said...


Trust me you will hate modems as soon as u just try it again. the good thing about wireless is that it will always have you tryna use the latest fastest speed somehow.. cause u notice the difference in speed hurr n thurr..

there is much more to learn. dont stop now by saying I NOW KNOW ENOUGH..


TripleTee said...

that was a thought that'll never be... never gonna go to modems ever me...lool

so far my wireless is good :D
that was just the beginning I guess. I'm getting familiar with it.