Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Soul of Art

The definition of art comes in variations. To me… art is seeing the beauty in everything. You cannot tell a person what beauty should look like. You cannot define beauty by mere words. Beauty lies only within those who see it to be. And those who don't would describe something else to be beautiful. Beauty is only beautiful when it is recognized.

Art is bringing out beauty to the eyes of those who didn't see it in its usual form. It awakens feelings, passions, emotions.

Since artists have different aspects that trigger their feelings, their arts come in different forms to correspond to that feeling, therefore no one whatsoever is eligible to tell an artist what his artwork should look like. Artists do not negotiate their feelings no more than they negotiate their art. Artists are their own masters in what they create.

Art has no rules. No boundaries.

The only boundary art has.. is the extent of your imagination.

^That's my definition of art.

No this image is not to the extent of my imagination... i can go further :p... it's just a start.
let's just say every artwork I draw is a start to something bigger. I can only hope I reach a point one day where I would say "yes, this is it!"


iamnasra said...

The beauty you seem to describe here is so crafted ...enjoyed reading about it ..Thanks ..I hope all is well with you ...

Stay well and beautiful

Meticulousness said...

Reading your post has evoked me to an article I’ve read a while back. It mentioned that anything with the ratio of 1.618 is found beautiful or pleasing to the eye. It also stated that these numbers are everywhere in nature, and on some basic, instinctive level, the human eye tends to find beauty in things that correspond with this ratio.

It is believed that every shot with a worth taken effort would turn out to be beautiful, but do you believe in that? I somehow find a child’s painting to be glamorous yet what do kids know about such ratios?

Artists do not negotiate their feelings no more than they negotiate their art. Artists are their own masters in what they create. *gives a round of applause*

Degoat said...

I am essentially a painter of the kind of still life composition that communicates a sense of tranquillity and privacy, moods which I have always valued above all else. (Quote from M.C. Escher)

My question is what moods do you value 3T?!


Nella said...

i like this entry ^_^

even though i suck when it comes to art, i love it!

my father is a poet, painter and a musician ..uum, an artist! but i obviously missed on those genes xD
if only i can translate my imagination into least words! sigh.. :(

oh well, you're improving a lot Tee, your work keeps getting better and better, i hope i'll be there when you say : "Yes! this is it!"
..coz i'd love to see ^_^

Anonymous said...

Art is indeed a unique type of beauty, but lots out there use their talents in attempt to harm others. I'm sure you know what i'm talking about. Anyways nice blog you got there, keep it up! Oh yeah I hope you contribute in the poetry contest (Start) in ES, since your a good poet and you have a talent in choosing your words wisely to express. Good luck!