Friday, November 14, 2008

Find Me Back a Millenium

I wonder what to rant about this time. I'd consider this blog to be updated every once in a blue moon... and this time I just forced myself to bring it back to life once again...
so yeah... to update you on myself

- My next driving exam's on the 18th (national day...yeah... that better mean good luck)... actually come to think of it...wouldn't the policeman be pissed cuz he doesn't have a holiday like the rest???...I feel screwed.

- I keep hearing this dog bark outside... and it sounds damned annoying. (which has nothing to do with anything except that I felt like mentioning it)

- I feel a lot has changed in me... and in a way I like the changes... I've a dear friend to thank for that. Though I know I've undergone some times where I would experience changes in myself but this one was like from the bottom of the sea right up to the mountain top in a few months. That insecure me is gone... she simply disappeared XD... sorry? ..where to?... a black hole... who knows where she'll pop up in the other end.

-I know I kind of have less contact with some of my friends now a days... and I'm really sorry about that... but I will catch up with you guys some time soon. Do not think that you're forgotten. But I know you know that.

- I'm working on a surprise for The Exes fans out there... I'll say no more :p

- I am a moderator in EnglishSabla no longer... for those who were still wondering. Circumstances over there have not suited me and I decided leaving's the best thing to do. So yeah...being a mod is great and you're a star and wtever... but it about stops there... cuz anything behind the scenes is no big miracle I can assure you. Although patience and tolerance is required, even in that there's a limit. With uni and all, it was just not convenient. So good luck to all you future mods, do not be disheartened... it is fun while it lasts. (though between me and you... make sure your boss does not hold favours to others over others) cuz once that happens to you, working for someone like that would not be worth your efforts anymore) (and make sure you kick asses of those who deserve it... that's always fun :p )

- we have a new baby cat who's about as big as my fist. a black hairy ball. They called her Black Princess... I can't think of any worse name people come up with.

-Lastly, this is my last sketch... this girl here has a purpose mind you... you'll see her somewhere else sometime soon.

Hope you like it :)


Anonymous said...

I LOVE your sketch!!

How did the driving exam go?

TripleTee said...

trust meee... if it went well you woulda