Friday, April 12, 2013


   Not only has it been a while since I posted in this long-lived diary/journal, but a lot of things have changed since then. I remember the first time I started this blog was when I was around 18. Now I'm 26. Although the last 4 years were not active one may say. So what has changed?

   Well for one, the English Sabla died out *which was the forum that started me off blogging in the first place*, old members are gone and the new ones have no agendas to lead cyber wars against each other. In other words, it has underlined the definition of complete and utter boredom with the whole concept of forums. 

  For another, I've pretty much either forgotten my once well learned English or I've developed a new way of expressing myself , since studying other languages tends to have that effect on you. I guess the readers are the better judges, but do not be surprised if the writing style has developed in a most awkward way. I've been busying myself with German for the past year. 

   For yet another change, I've finally figured out how the world works out here. And believe me, living as an independent student abroad will show you a thing or two about life in general. And the more you experience the more you realize how vital it was to have experienced what you experienced. And the more you realize what a vital stage it was, the angrier it'll make you for not having had the chance to have experienced it earlier. Then the further you go with your chain of thoughts, the more you'll realize what your parents must have gone through to make your current lives possible. And that's where you just stop with an exclamation mark in that bubble above your head. 

   I've a few more minutes before I have to go... this was just a way to pass my waiting time. All in all, all's well here :) that is assuming there are still readers on this blog at all *highly doubt it* .. but it's nice to save such journals nonetheless, don't you agree?



Mazin Al-Bahrani said...

Glad to know you are doing well. Hope learning German is fun for you and yes, being independent and studying abroad does broaden your knowledge and let you see things in another manner.

Doesn't matter if you don't post in this blog anymore as long as you are doing well. All the best with your studies!

TripleTee said...

there are still readers!
I'm astounded. XD

Thanks for passing by :)

Anonymous said...

Finally, someone wrote again. I had stopped visiting as there were no writing since long. But after the finishing up of Europa league final, which ended at 3am here in India, I don't know why checked your blog and your post is here. It's worth a read as any of your previous posts.

Anonymous said...

ES is up and running again, needs members desperately though.


TripleTee said...

Really? there are still People who read my blog? I hope it isn't a spam