Thursday, August 25, 2005

The Past! (Ages ago)

As I was pacing around my room I found my old book lying around on the shelf. A story I never completed writing until today. I started writing it when I was about 13-14.... around 4-5 years ago. And since then I never set an eye on it after being busy with school and my recent book which is a completely simple story compared to this one. Yes, it may sound crazy that I wrote a more complex story when I was younger, however, as complicated as it was I needed some time off, and as school started getting more serious I had no time to think things through. But now that I got back to it, some things I wrote were more of a child's writing since I believe my writing improved and I realized that it needed to be completely renewed for it to be read. All in all my memories came back as to how much I loved writing it and how much I was so into the story that as a young girl I actually scared myself at night with the wild imagination and found it hard to sleep afterwards.
It's title was: "From Deep Within The Flow of Time (The Shadow)"
What I found were a group of pictures I made while writing the story. I was pretty amazed to see how I used to draw. Pretty similar to the way I draw now... except that it took me more time and somehow held a greater meaning.
I sadly haven't had Jay's assistance in this one... but as u know the story Jay Jay... if u suggest it's good and I should complete it, then I would. For the rest I hope u all enjoy watching my endless (and perhaps boring) drawings!

Elazul- Smokin in the Inn

In the forest

The Meeting

End of the fight

An old friend


In the hall

Healing House

Just a sketch


NaBHaN said...

they do look very similar to your current drawings , but you have improved alot now , I can see it from the lines and the way you used to color.

I have so many old stuff from 7th grade and on wards , I might post them when I go back to oman , that's if they're not too embarrasing.

TripleTee said...

ohh come on Nabs... bring it on... the more embarrassing they are the more I'll admire ur courage :p... also, to see the difference'll show a lot :D... I'll be lookin out for them...

yeah, looks like my drawings haven't changed a lot... but I was truly a bit careless with the coloring :p... thank u anyways sir :D

Violet83 said...

1st drawing: 5/10
2nd :4/10 (not clear)
3rd: 7/10
5th:6/10didn’t like the background
6th:6/10 (short hands+ coloring not very nice)
7th:8/10 didn’t like his cloths but overall good
8th:9/10 great cloths, but not background
9th:7/10 short hands +not very clear
10th:9/10 the best so far, I like the details on the guys chest ;)

TripleTee said...

wow... thanx for your ratings Vio!! Annd... ah... ur honest opinions :p I'll try to show more when I get the time inshalla... :)

Violet83 said...

welcom ;)