Saturday, November 05, 2005

Randomly Speaking

In one way I'm just updating this boring blog, in another I want to share some thoughts I'm having

To give a general idea:

What once was green just blowed away
What once was good went bad
What once was pure is gone today
And now who's sane's gone mad

.....Nah! :p... just kiddin... though there's a bit of truth in it...
for translation... I am pretty amazed by the way people act around others now adays and there are a few things I learnt after joining an english forum this year. Discussions were led quite interestingly... yet some aspects got me thinking... are those people really what they claim to be?? or is it all just for show?
Today we had a few guests for lunch who sat there talking about different cultures in this country. Now sitting there and listening to one of them gave me the impression he was quite liberal and open-minded. Yet as we went along later I heard something which hinted at once that some do not exactly practice what they preach... it turns out to be, the person speaking was the complete opposite of what he was trying to show.
Then again I thought: If you were really satisfied with your own personality why would you try to show another?
That clears out the fact that people know what's right and yet act differently. It is not the first time one sees such things... but until now it still confuses me...
Apart from that I've tried not to be too judgemental... assumptions and ideas may keep you on your guard... but completely believing in them by words without actually witnessing or experiencing them yourself is complete foolishness...

well....just thoughts of the day :p... the rest'll follow


Dorland said...

You might consider it a good thing, that he actually wants to be someone else. What if someone is really a selfish pig and doesn't even try to hide it? You would assume that the person didn't even mind being a pig. ;)

I just came by and thought I'd put a comment. :)

TripleTee said...

LOL @ dorland... thanx for passing by... and regarding ur comment... as a matter of fact if you ask me, I guess I'd respect the honesty of those who reveal their true personalities ragardless of whether they were good or bad... :) at least then u know he's a pig :D

x~nezitiC said...

A person should not show that he is bad, a person can pretend or try to be good to spread/plant good thoughts in others, but if he acts the opposite then ADVISE him to be better but oh anyway men barely accept an advise nowadays especially from a younger girl! or a younger boy.

TripleTee said...

yo x... hmm... define bad :p... cuz maybe what's bad to u may seem normal to that other person... :D... still I agree one rarely takes advice from others... right u are :)

Samyah said...

You would be surprised at how much people lie online and which sort of people too. Sometimes you look up to someone so much and years later you discover who they really are! That happened to me with a good friend I had who also used to be in the ES (but left awhile back). She seemed awesome and I hung with her and refused to listen to anyone else who tried to warn me.. you gotta be careful who you befriend or choose to listen to. But thats life, online or offline.

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