Thursday, December 08, 2005

Lost Memories

A moment of sadness inspired this poem... I dedicate it's morals to my friend (Princess) at this present situation... (I hope you're doing well and in good health... ) ...
It says:

There's been a time when I would walk
Concealing thoughts I've held along
Then hearing voices tell and talk
Of memories, and talk for long

Recalling days of lasting youth
Or laughing faces singing songs
If one would try to see the truth
That day would fade where it belongs

The past it goes and here remains
The fragments of a lasting thought
Of memories that cause restrains
Or tears to flow for times I sought

Moments that would not return
Nor stay the same throughout our lives
Times will change and cause concern
No matter how a person strives

So still I walk not looking back
Or thinking of what happened last
I know I can't retrace my track
It's all just stories of the past

It is what either of us wish to do, though we know it's not as easy as it sounds... yet remember this... it was never your fault Princess... and I hope you get over it one day...

If ever there was a friend to recall, I wouldn't think twice... if it weren't for the present situation I'd fight every chance to see you again... let others scream before they know the true meaning of friendship... but never has anyone gone through what you have for me... and I thank you all the more for it... sorry to have been such a pain in the ass :D... you know me even more than myself...

on an extra notice: I am very proud to hear your ambitions in life and how much we have in common... wherever you got that inspiration from, I would be more than delighted to watch you follow it up to success... your ideas prove you capable and I believe every bit in you. Despite all the ordeals you encounter your persistance amazes me... you deserve every merit for being the friend you are... and I hope that one day I could give it to you...thanx

Love, Tee


Princess said...

Thank you is completely nothing..Having a best friend was always something to me..but it's my first time ever to have a best friend who really shows that she cares about me...I know i have to walk away from what ever bugged me..but some times when this thing keeps on growing with you in your heart it will never go unless some one was trying to help...and no one helped me to get it out of me..non of the crap...and this year I've really seen enough that I'm not ready to have anything more..Living all this it's something I've always wanted to fight against and thats why we have our abitions in common...I think if we made it this year and really get out.. everything we dreamed of is really going to come true..oh yah tee you were never pain in the ass =)...thank you so much..

TripleTee said...

Hiya Princess!! :) I'm glad my message was conveyed... thanx for the reply and yes, I know how hard it is to ignore such things... but move these obstacles aside and go your way... once you focus on your own ambitions you'll see that what others think won't matter to you anymore... and you'll be much happier and more cinfidant about remember I'm here... I see you're almost already reaching that stage :)... I agree with you all the way and am pretty sure we'll make it one way or another...
so wish you all the best girl... until we meet again :D