Monday, February 26, 2007


Yess... I'm back in Uni and finally managed to find a way to update somehow. Sorry for the long delay. Still don't have my laptop but I'm doing fine I guess.

Let's see... since I've limited time I'll make this quick:
Recent Random Thoughts.
-Finished giving a presentation about the Reformation period before the Renaissance and the reign of Queen Elizabeth I... Basically talked about Martin Luther and King Henry VIII. (yes I'm showing off my Literature now)

-Getting used to the system here... I realized once you know your way around you've got further options as long's you know how to go by finding them. Somehow... I'm getting familiar with the phrase "There's no point of what you have if you don't know how to use it"

-I saw my mother in uni :o... no... the 2nd version of my mother in uni... a girl... her reactions, her personality, her jokes, her expressions..... are almost identical to my mom!!!!.... if I didn't know better and know my mom was still alive I woulda thought this girl's her reincarnation.

-I think I'm familiar with around over 100 girls now... all of which either live with me or come from outer space... hostels...
I met 3000 aliens>> which is just about the number of undergraduates and graduates we have here... since they're all alike... probably my group of friends and I are the aliens. Ironically.

-I'm learning how to cook Omani food... which the girls here are experienced in like they know their own names.

-I got a 3.4 GPA... due to me ditching one subject... it lowered my mark by 5... and no... I refrained from ditching any more... honest.

there's a lot more to say but I guess I'll leave it for later...
Bottomline is all's well my side...
hope all's well with you fine readers..


Alz said...

Good luck with your cooking! You should try that.. so in the future you can cook for yourself.. (I bet you know that already hah!)

Tripleee velcome back! Whatever happened to your laptop..
Man that should've been scary..=\

*Black Lolly..

iamnasra said...

are adjusting as it seems

Angel_Eyes said...

OH la la! look who's learning to cook!! wooow..*sings* the roof is on fire!!
LOL...ok i would like to order one take away please.I would like 1 biryani with salad and a chicken kebsa as well..On the double! So how much would that cost?

TripleTee said...

BL: oh yeah I'm a master in experimenting with cookery... just make sure I've got an antidote in case of any poisoning cases.

about the laptop... it just happened to switch off all of a sudden... it was more like... a silent moment of trying to comprehend what happened.
but it'll be fixed inshalla...
thanks for passing by hun and congrats on the new blog. :p

iamnasra: temporarily... trust me.

AE: that'll be 10 rials for the package and another 3 rials for delivery... biryanees here are replaced with grasshoppers since they taste the same and don't need a long journey to the sea to get it. I hope you're alright with that :p

Nella said...

"There's no point of what you have if you don't know how to use it" *nods* i agree

i know absolutely nothing about omani food! you should really take advantage and learn! ;)

hope urs get fixed soon hon..mine went through that switching itself phase and i ended up replacing some costy thing hehe =P

^_^ me love the music of this place!

angel_eyes said... are funny! Great music btw!

TripleTee said...

nellaa: Omani food's sometimes long to make and requires a few stages... but it could feed dozens man :os.

oh and I've news... my laptop can't be fixed they said...I have to by a new

chrono cross: dreams bordering bla bla bla...err... the name of the song's something of that sort.

AE: thanksss :D