Tuesday, March 06, 2007

An Old Tree

Through my days I've grown deep roots
Going down to ancient mines
Arrows, armors, scripts and flutes
Dating from beyond the times

Through those times I've lived to see
Streaks of endless history
I have seen what used to be
Secrets kept a mystery

I'm an old unheeded tree
Yet my age goes far beyond
Every day some pass by me
Unaware of times I bond

All the time such natures form
Full of signs and tracks of old
All this time those days once norm
Have become long tales untold

all rights reserved


Red Dragon said...


NiCe, nIcE, NiCe

Keep it up women!!! nice nice

Nella said...

i love it! ^_^ seriously..

ugh! i hate it when i can't find something to describe what i feel! annoying! XD

but really Tee..this piece is superb! it has this...well, seems like it won't come out :(

but you get that i love it right?

TripleTee said...

RD: thankss and welcome back :)

nella: lol... yeah, don't worry about it, I get what you mean perfectly well. Thanks hun :p

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