Sunday, May 06, 2007

Competition Has No Limits... Competition Has No Mercy

Let me explain the situation before I head into anything. I've been living with the students of the foundation year ever since I joined uni... and the foundation year students may well be consideres amatuers. But since this is my first year I had to join them. Now that I passed the tests of the foundation and moved straight to my major... I have the choice to live with the bigger girls.
Except that I was already settled where I was... but I had a problem and still do.

The foundation year girls are loud like any you ever meet. They're LOUD in their talk, loud in the night... loud in the afternoon. there's hardly a time they're not loud... and one day it got to the extent of me marching out of my room and going after them.

Tee: would you most awefully mind being quiet

Girls: (fall silent and turn their backs talking)


Girls: (stop in their tracks and all look at me.... dead silent)

one of the girls: There's no need to shout

Tee: is there not?

Girl: that's very disrespectful

Tee: and you shouting around the corridors is respectful surely.

(The bigger girls walk over to that girl and tell her to stop arguing with me... then they ask me to calm down... and I just walked into my room banging my door shut)

Now in that scenario I was as angry as ever....

I asked for the loud girls' names and told my stepmother I need to change dorms. She told me I've the possibility of moving in the other side of campus where the older girls are. i asked whether any rooms were free there, she answers:

mom: that doesn't matter.

Tee: so you'll kick any girl from there to give me a room? (shocked)

mom: Tee... it's honorable of you to think that way... but seriously... stop worrying about others... this is a competition... people take what they can get, not make way for others... you'll never get anywhere if you're like that.

Guys..... anyone reading this.... I think the title says it all... and I am still startled and confused. Is this the way it should be?


a7MeDiNo said...

Your stop mom just changed my view of life .. .thank her for me =)

TripleTee said...

really?... how?... I started thinking ... but until now I still didn't come up with a conclusion... except that perhaps she may have a point...

Red Dragon said...

Your step mom is wise!!!
She have my full respect as future mother in law ;)

you know if you keep shouting at them they will keep doing it,,, they are like kids, No they are kids,,, just ignore them there gona be time for revenge!!

BTW I could do the revenge for you!!! I will let them swim with the fishes,,,

Nella said...

she's most probably right..but I'd love to prove her'll satisfy me if i did ^_^

TripleTee said...

RD: future 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4rth mother in law?
oh i wish you would do me that revenge.

nella: I'm curious! why would proving her wrong satisfy you? :p

Nella said...

well, 'cause i hate the idea lol..put yourself in that girl's shoes..would you like it if you got kicked? i know i wont..and this whole principle everyone think is the way we should take in life is just hard for me to digest.

i know life is mean and unfair..but i refuse to be like life ^_^

I'll be nice and treat ppl the way i want to be treated..and hope i get to survive, which also means that if i did then i've proven your step mom wrong lol

and if i proved her wrong it'll really satisfy me..nothing personal xD

jack said...

How are you going to compete if you're not ... CRAMMING for EXAMING!

Get to work ... young lady (:

I wouldn't say this to you if I didn't think so highly of you.

I think you know that. ;)

TripleTee said...

nella: I seee... *curious*

jack: I so know.... sorry *shrinks*

Degoat said...

Your stepmom is not right.

There are alot of ppl that are like this and alot of ppl that have made it far in life like that.

But that doesn't mean they are right. I am starting off a company now and the competition out is getting harder on me by day.

I hear ppl using silly ass tricks to milk others when i am still humbly trying to milk other by doin it in the rightist way possible.

Alot of ppl care about money n living a rich life in this world.
I dont care bout life much as i care about..

When i die ppl will say I was the greatest guy around them. instead of the jerk tht cheated me. I will die with dignity..

I know ppl that dont associate with others because their persons were jerks.. U could be doin ur kids n family wrong more then u r doin ur self..


TripleTee said...

this is leaving a good memorial... and taking the hard road... innit?

thanks for the input D

Degoat said...

LoL yaa.. thats what Luffy taught me :)