Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Out of Bed

I am in a pissed mood today... I was not woken up the way I hoped to be... I am supposeto be leaving here 12... I get a call from my stepmum 8 am while I'm fast asleep asking me when I'm leaving (when I already bloody told her yesterday).
Mornings are the wrong time to call me... I couldn't think on the phone... I was like "uhh...I don't know, let me go check".... I go to my laptop.... check the timetable... try to call back from my mobile>> no credit. So I was forced to go all the way down just to call her (while in face she was just in her room)... and when I was done...I planned to go straight to sleep. I come back and find my bed being stripped off naked for cleaning.
Now here I am... and I am pissed :XD:

What's pissing me off even more now... is I couldn't find a decent picture to put in here from my usual deviantart cuz obviously anything to do with the word bed brings out nudity.


Red Dragon said...


what away to wake up!!! due to work my waking up habbits changed!! if u come in my room and say RD wake up thats enogh for me to all up and in a fresh mood!!!

Y didnt u take a pic of the bed!!!

sensation said...

So why are you pissed off again? :think: :p

Btw, you said bed will bring out nudity shots. What would naked bed bring out?
>> It was just a thought! (a)

And yeah, next time you need an image for a bed, go to google images. That should do the trick and make you less pissed off since there are plenty of bed images there ;) :P

TripleTee said...

lol @ sensation... alright

Dragon... i didn't have my camera at that moment... otherwise duuuh :P

Jeff said...

But isn't it, like, June or something?

TripleTee said...

this post was posted wayyyy before that jeffy.