Sunday, January 06, 2008

Behind The Screen

Friend: what're you doing?
Tee: updating my blog.
Friend: blog?.... that's such an old-timer.
Tee: tell me what's new.
Friend: facebook.
Tee: you realize facebook and blogging are two different concepts mate?
Friend:... not really.
Tee: don't worry, tyt. Difficult as it is to realize. *updates away*

Since I've been wanting to write about many things (which I forgot half of, and wasn't sure of a quarter of, and now have a quarter remaining)... wellll...

It seems some old comrades are back on the scene. Funny thing is, not mentioning them was due to a speculation that they were not likely to return. But it seems there are a lot more viewers behind those screens than I thought. That's an encouraging thought. Pretty darn good to know about it ...
note: welcome back 3anood, Red Dragon and Nella.

I know about other viewers...but I expect not to be viewed after so long a time of not updating. Then again, who knows... I always end up being taken by surprise. lol

welll welll... what've I got in mind for this post?

my last artwork for one...
I haven't colored traditionally for ages... for one reason... to develop digital coloring skills because the outcome's more effective.

Look at this digital coloring... colored in photoshop...

Come To Me by ~TripleTee on deviantART

and take a look at this traditional way of coloring... using water colors.

Samurai Warrior by ~TripleTee on deviantART

one could see the difference... I happen to be more skilled in traditional coloring... but which one would you consider better quality?the better outcome?.... happens to be the first, the digital one... now if you imagine my 2nd one to have been done the digital way (which I plan to reach)...if I can color it digitally the same way I color it traditionally (samurai warrior)...
then the outcome will be unbeatable... that's how I imagine it. Can you?
well... that's my plan, that's my current goal.

Other than that... moving to another topic...
I do have a few annoying thoughts to note down such as:

I've been to one before yesterday.... and this is what I observed.

the mother of the one who passed away was pretty sad... but didn't show or shed that many tears... what was surprising was how many other women came out of nowhere (who were not even related or acquainted with the one who passed away)...and they came crying like hell and making a scene.
somehow... it made me feel this is a matter of show. all those crying or pretending to be sad... one may say they're not pretending and they really are pretty sad... but I cannot grasp the idea of feeling that much of a remorse for someone you barely know... one may be sad... but to make a scene more than the mother herself... it just seemed so wrong... so.........fake.
moreover, all funerals here seem to be like this. listen... I have respect for the culture and believe it's good to share this sadness amongst everyone... but I'm against the pretending...

Oh well... more to come soon inshalla... I may have a thing or two to say after so long a time...

and a word of thanks once again to the all the unexpected viewers... it's a pleasure to have you back. I'll hopefully be more active in the coming weeks.
Yours truly.


Nella said...

it's been awhile since you've last updated too, so welcome back! =D

Charm said...

Tee your work rocks with the digital coloring, keep it up and welcome back 2 blogging ;p

TripleTee said...

thanks you two

Blogger said...

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