Friday, February 01, 2008


Watch it, or be in it. Which is better in your opinion?
I'm the watch it type... barely meddle in unless called for. Hate being between things. But then again... that counts for everything else. I'm an observer in class just as I am an observer in life. Hardly socialize unless I had a specific task to do, then I socialize with those related. But if you leave me in the middle of a huge party with 100 people I don't know... I'll find it difficult to meddle in. But I won't mind observing, until someone actually walks up to me.
In class, once I just listened to the teacher explaining and asking the students to write down certain things and what not. I dunno why I just sat there listening and didn't take out my pen or do what the rest were doing. Most of the times I'm content just listening. I barely write unless it was something I don't count on myself to remember. Well... I was told off for acting like a guest rather than a part of the class. And well today nothing changed.

Behold my last digital coloring attempt:

quite proud of it if you ask me... but still have a loong way to go.

That's it for today. I've nothing more to add yet.


Pixie said...

You're really good with shade and use of colour. Keep it up ^_^

TripleTee said...

thanks youu :D

Degoat said...

i am redesignin my room. if u dont mind sharrrring ur stuff. I'd like this work frammed on the wall..

if its personal, im sorry fr asking