Saturday, March 08, 2008

Felix Diablus

I consider it my best yet. Felix Diablus... Main Character of The Exes. I've many other characters to illustrate almost in the same way... but this one took me around 12 hours to muster. The others will not appear to be any easier.

Btw... for some reason DeviantArt seems to be down with me... this sucks. My gallery's there... it better get back to normal soon.


Diablo said...

When i tried zooming in to check out the teeny weeny little details, from that i can tell how much work has been done here, really loved the engravment on felix's golden wrist plate. The flying leafs along with the wind are awasome. The coloring, the tree, his hair and the how the flute is held.. Seriously amazing.. Great work tee =D

TripleTee said...

thanks looadz doc. glad you liked it :D... I have another character in mind to draw... I think you'll recognize him when i'm done :p