Sunday, July 26, 2009

Constructive Comments?

I don't think such a thing exists with kids. It never really mattered before cuz I only shared drawings for the heck of it. Lately I haven't been seeing my friends that often to work with so I wanted the public opinion to see if in their eyes my drawings have improved. That was a big mistake. All I ever got was... awww that's nice.. orr... good stuff. I could tell either they didn't mean it or those are not grown ups commenting. It never mattered when I didn't need it... but it's starting to get annoying. Every time I enter a thread hoping to hear something useful all I get is a routine of nices and good jobs (which I think most just write to be polite)... I've decided to stop sharing there.

I was gonna ask about which forum or place to visit in order to get constructive comments from those who know what they're talking about. Well if anyone knows plz share.

In case you were wondering what I was talking about. The drawings are here.
I know what I said up there would make you readers afraid to comment now... but feel free.. this is my blog.. wont be expecting constructive comments here XD... lol.. here I only share for memoirs as a diary.


Anonymous said...

If you are talking about the first picture then it is amazing! =D
the background goes well with the anime character.
Shows he is running but the background could have been better.

Is that how you want people to talk? =P
I just ask and never keep high hopes to get a response that helps. That way it doesn't bother me much. =)

TripleTee said...

lool...I was talking about both squints. I did the naruto one too.

but yesss that's the sort of comment I wanted.. thank you! lol

Yeaah i know about the BG thing...I agree.. was concentrating on the character more than that

yeah I'm learning my lesson. lol

Anonymous said...

Oh my god... =|
You actually did the naruto one?!

I thought it was from the anime!

* screams from the inside * xD

I love them both! =D
If this is you learning then you are REALLY good and going to be amazing soon to everyone inshallah! =D

Degoat said...

I can only see the Naruto one for some reason :(

I love it because i can tell who is who from a mile away.. I wouldn't remember it tomorrow, cause i still think u like emotions in ur drawing..

there are lil tricks u need to add in the background indicating tht they were in the move at this moment.. the air wasnt still or something.. plus on the characters u need to show tht some areas are darker, brighter and so on..

I am not dissing (i am one of ur fans) :P


TripleTee said...

rofl. well thanks for the constructive comment degoat.
I must disagree though since I was practicing from here which I failed to mention earlier.

glad you liked it however :p

Anonymous said...

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