Monday, August 24, 2009

And Yet a Dream Found

This is my new baby...

So I've always wanted a flute when I was young... and before a few days I finally got a silver one. It was a present from a charming French Lady and am almost quite sure it's quite an instrument. I hope to master it if just a little. it wasn't easy to play at first but I think I'm getting the hang of it.

Takes a lot of practice though.

III don't caree... what matters now's I got a fluuute...
so yeah.... where's C sharp again?? XD

One of the songs I plan to learn's down here.


Amarant said...

lol this whole anime thing is affecting you, 1st a flute, maybe next thing is tour getting a sword xD

TripleTee said...

really?... you wanna talk about obsessions BMW freak? lol

? who said that flutes came from anime? XD it's one of the oldest instruments ever made long before anime was ever created.... I just like the flute songs of anime.

besides... if I want to make anime movies then I better be obsessed with anime... it's my objective after all. It's more useful to me than your BMW designer pen or bedsheet. XD cuz I didnt ask for the flute for fun, I'm using it.

anyway... making anime and music and stories and arts are my hobbies. You're not obliged to look at them.
(yes it did heat me up... so before I eat you, reread your comments)

jack said...

Now this is cool ... you play other instruments too ... right?

TripleTee said...

yeah I play the piano a little.. mostly electric ones though (they've more sound varieties). Not that good yet. classical instruments are a lot harder to play But I'm content with the flute and piano, they're enough to make soundtracks and songs for my stories. lol