Saturday, September 19, 2009

Magical Orb Remade

Zorac's a character from my story, the 2nd sequel to The Exes. A book that happens to be about 2 races, namely humans and Exes ( a race of my imagination). According to the story's past history Zorac was the father of all Exes and Eleanor was the mother of all Humans. Of course the events in the first book will be further explained in the second. Things that seemed mysterious and puzzling to the readers will be explained in the second sequel. And the history of Zorac and Eleanor is where it all started.

I drew the first draft of Zorac 3 years ago. (displayed below)

Magical Orb by ~TripleTee on deviantART

This time I've done a remake of him. (below)

Magical Orb Remake by ~TripleTee on deviantART

I guess I'm content with the outcome and he happened to be easier to make than the last time.

Hope you like it :)


Anonymous said...

Wow TripleTee!
Amazing! =D

Make more drawings of him now!
I want to see! =(

TripleTee said...

XD I really hope it doesn't take me another three years to move my
trust me... there'll be more drawings and animations of this guy.

glad you liked him :D...

Kitten said...

The remake looks pretty cool. You got me interested, have you posted the story on here? Or should I wait till I get my copy? ;)

TripleTee said...

lol... kitten you'll find a copy of the first book in al-batra bookshop. markaz al-wadi.
it's called The Exes.

that's the book in amazon. wrote it when I was 16. so I guess my writing style back then was different from now but if you like fantasy stories you're gonna like it.

Kitten said...

Mashallah, didn't know your books were published. Would sure get it once I hit the bookshop.

Enigma said...

OMG you really improved a lot since last time I seen your graphic skills.

I love the Remake. Nice coloring.

TripleTee said...

Thanks enigma. I've a lot more up my sleeves but glad you liked this one :)