Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Fruits of My Boredom and Lack of Respect

This is a poem I wrote during uni's most boring lecture given by the most boring professor.
Someone I recently lost respect for... why?
because I have a feeling I know more about the subject he's teaching than he does. All he ever did was read from the book and explain what he was reading in a very unprofessional and bad way. I actually believe some students would be able to explain things better than him.

As he was explaining something about the meaning of linguistic intuition. He only explained how linguistic intuition could be acquired... but he apparently couldn't explain or define what linguistic intuition was in the first place... I mean I KNEW what it was... but I wanted to see how he would explain it... so I asked. He answered with.... 'you get it after going through experience in a language'.... so I asked again by saying... I know how it's acquired... my question was... what IS it??
His answer then was.... 'This means you didn't read....'
Was asking for a simple definition too much to answer?? And perhaps people read but they don't understand?? Is it not his job to explain it?
It was obvious that he didn't know how to answer the question and went into something completely irrelevant. The other students realized that as well... since it was not the first time he blamed the students for not reading as an excuse for not having to answer the question.

Can I really learn from someone like that? Can I actually have any respect whatsoever towards him?
Unfortunately not...
to prove to you how easy answering that question is. linguistic intuition is having a feeling for a language after getting used to it. If someone used the wrong grammar in their sentences you would get a feeling that it sounds wrong even though you're not sure why. That's exactly what intuition for language is. And that's all it takes to explain it.

Anyway... I got bored... cuz I had no interest in reading through a book in class which I could read better by myself at home. So I wrote this poem to pass time instead

Here I sit and words fly by
Through one end and out the other
It's hard to hear those words that fly
They're more dull than rainy weather

I'm so bored, extremely bored
I may not wish to offend
Though he's writing on that board
I've no mind to comprehend

This is it, I've lost the will
To live and sit inside this room
I am going under hill
Bursting to escape this doom

I can't wait, but here I am
Counting seconds till the end
Finally I'm out and damn!
Now I know hell's latest trend!



Kitten said...

I can write few lines or complete a story I started with in a boring lesson, but not a POEM! Not to mention the fact that I've never tried to write one, in the first place.

What are you majoring in, if you don't mind me asking?

Oh, and good one ;)

TripleTee said...

heya kitten. I major in english translation and literature.
mostly translation though.
well boring classes are my best inspiration. I write or draw to escape the torture of having to listen. lol
glad you liked it.

Politics said...

I went through your blog , i keep reading unstoppably ,though i am not great reader of literature but i believe that you are gifted writer .

TripleTee said...

thanks for the complement politics. That's reassuring.

Zoarob said...

So that's what it's called. Back when my German was not good, someone explained Linguistic Intuition as Sprachlisches „Bauchgefühl,“ which translates to: linguistic stomach feeling.

The poem sucks, but was fun to read.

TripleTee said...

lol... also sie konnen jezt deutch sprechen?

I would've liked to ask if I knew you. But well despite my Bauchgefühl to wanna drop a hammer on you for the poem comment. I'm glad you enjoyed it and thanks for passing by :p

Zoarob said...

Ja nciht nur spreche ich jetzt Deutsch, sondern wohne ich auch in Deutschland. Ich wusste nicht, dass du Deutsch sprechen kanst.

Du kennst mich schon. Ich bin Snooky.

TripleTee said...

das ist ja neu... sehr schoen... ich bin beeindruckt. ja, Ich kann fast alles verstehen und auch noch sprechen. aber Ich muß immernoch mehr üben. Meine stiefmutter ist Deutch... das wegen.
wieso haben sie deutchland gewelt?

haha... das froet mich snooky.
ignore the spelling mistakes :P haven't spoken the language in a while. But that's good to know. lol

Anonymous said...

One of the things I wish to do is live somewhere far from the Arab world, at least for 10 years. I just know that this Arab world is not a healthy place for me to expand my knowledge and skills and everything that has to be improved. It's hell here... Hmm, can you understand what I want to say?

It was a well-written poem, by the way.

TripleTee said...

Your thoughts are as clear as crystal to me Princess. I feel the same way.

it is? hahaha.. well i'm glad it came out right. thanks