Saturday, March 13, 2010

One of My First Lyrics (Time for You to Rise)

This song was meant for a manga/anime 'Alumni' that I'm trying to make.

I made up the words for 2 songs so far... All that's left is to turn them into ones which my friends and I will be working on. Here are the lyrics of the 2nd.
The first was a love melody 'I'm About to Fly'... I decided to share the second... it's a sort of combat music to which the Lyrics areee...

Do you feel the whisper in the air?
The melodies it sings
Get on your feet it says to you
Get on and spread your wings
These are the days for you to rise
And soar above the skies
It’s time for you to use your strength
And savour all your ties


As far up as mountains reach
You will climb the angles steep
As far down as oceans go
You will dive to bottoms low
It is time for you to rise
Time to savour all your ties
It is time and time won’t stop
Not until you reach the top
Let us wipe out all those lies
It is time for you to rise

Do you see the thunderstorm?
Do you sense the hurricane?
You will have to walk it through
Through the wind and through the rain
Get on your feet they say to you
Get back on and spread your wings


Thought I'd make it simple. Songs should be like that no? well when the music's done will post it here. :p


Hamdy Elgammal said...

I actually LOVE this...I think I'm gonna go on singing the thing for some time if I read it another time now =D

P.S: You been taaaagged

TripleTee said...

oh. been a while since I've been tagged. 7 things? ... bugger. >_>
You'll get your payback l8er.